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  1. These areas have recently become Wilderness Areas. While BLM does recognize Geocaching as a valid recreational use of BLM lands, they also manage several of these Wilderness Areas which do not allow *ANY* man made object to remain. Sorry, gotta let the wildlife win this one.
  2. I suggest Hampster caching. While usualy not waterproof or durable in the outdoors, they are large and can hold lots of cool stuff.
  3. I always try to log in sequence, so I log the find right away and send the email. If they don't like my answer then the log can be deleted.
  4. While this should have been more a 'trackables' or 'general geocaching' type topic, I will leave it here because the question was answered. Moving this could be counterproductivs, so I will just close it.
  5. Many many people attend their own events. The issue may be if you have an event daily from 9/25 to 9/28, the reviewer may view it as 'event stacking'.
  6. Dates are cool when you look through the cache's l;og book and see when your friends were there... or even yourself on a re-visit.
  7. If the line was drawn outside of your realm of comfort, then you would not allow your children to go geocaching. Perhaps your line is different than others, so the line is drawn towards the more restrictive to accomodate more people. It is also not drawn so far that way that Groudspeak appears to be PC extremists and folks can't have some harmless fun.
  8. I would have a bit of trouble publishing this series.
  9. You need to enter start and finish locations in the search boxes (city/state, address, coordinates, etc.). Once you have done this, the start and end markers will appear on the map and you can then drag them to adjust the route. I can creat/adjust a route, but once I leave the screen, I cannot go back and edit; at least not in the ways I used to do this. Is there a new way?
  10. There is no requirement for a special book, feel free to use any book that is opens flat and large enough for a fair size stamps (3x3 would accomodate most stamps). Available in your local stationary department or hobby store.
  11. There is a local smiley face coord.info/GC18PTM from 3/22/08. I believe there are a couple older though.
  12. Hi, There is no time or experience requirement to place a cache. If you feel you are ready, then go for it. If you need help, we can help but we do need to understand the details of what you are doing (which is why there are so many questions). Also, you can see if there are any local geocaching groups and maybe you can get some one-on-one assistance.
  13. There is no criteria, but caches need to be findable. If someone hides an evil cache, they need to check on it to be sure it is there that much more often. One never knows if DNF is because it is there or it is no longer there.
  14. If anyone is aware their reviewer is pulling FTF shenanigans, they should report it. Reviewers do not 'chase' FTF's like others unless the FTF prize exceeds $100.
  15. As fbhinga says... usually a Beta tester is a person present when the cache is placed. Since geocaching.com only allows one account to own the cache, this is how folks get credit for the cache and allowing other folks to be first. Keep in mind that this is one of many reasons FTF is not a sanctioned status because of the different variables. The only requirement is to visit the site, sign the log, share it online.
  16. No real harm, but the answer has been given so I will close this thread to prevent more people posting as to why it should be closed.
  17. I think Kris forgot the Las Vegas will be initiating a curfew... nobody out after 7:00 pm
  18. Yes, there are many mines in Nevada and other locations in the Southwestern US deserts. However, since it is illegal to enter an abandoned mine in the US, caches inside of mines (or quarries) cannot be published.
  19. We have numerous cachers coming to visit Qatar to find cachers only to find out that they cannot gain access to the caches on the US military installations here. Did I say there are caches on US bases in Bahrain and the UAE? I think not. Perhaps I misunderstood when you said "We have the same issues here in Qatar as do the guys in Bahrain and the UAE." And I offered it as a point of clarification, not of contention. My apologies if it came across wrong.
  20. I can't check on specifics at the moment, but I suugest patience. Sometines reviewers can get distracted for a few days for things like family, work (that pays). Also verify there is no notes on your cache page placed by the reviewer.
  21. I am not aware of any on US base caches in Bahrain or UAE; but that's a different topic. But.. depending on what my situation is (work hours mainly), I anticipate placing more off base caches in Kuwait.
  22. All well and good but EasyGPS isn't designed to show very darn much of the information found in a PQ. For the most part - there isn't a need to open it in any program if you just want the data on your GPS device. Sure there is... open, consolidate, filter, save track logs... the upgrade is OK too. ExpertGPS is 50 times better with maps and such, and GSAK is 1000 times better, but EasyGPS is free.
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