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  1. Sorry those 2 didn't work out. I've never tried loading that many caches at the same time. Several hundred at most. That many ran slow. I would imagine 15K would really be slow. If you find a copy of Nuvi_GPX_V3.gsk would you please email me a copy too. I'll give it a try. Thanks much and good caching.
  2. When I first signed up for GSAK there was a macro titled "garmin-nuvi-exportgpx". I've had several different auto type GPS since then all Garmin. I'm currently using a Driversmart 55. This macro works great with all of the auto type GPS I've had. Load the caches you're interested in or a PQ into GSAK. Run the macro. Then load the file into your Driversmart using Garmin POI Loader. This macro works great for paperless caching. It will show all the same info that's on the cache page on geocaching.com. It will also show the last 5-20 logs. With all the info in the Driversmart I can see what caches are in my direction. I then click on the cache and the "I" where I can then read all about the cache. Then click on the go to and it will direct me to the cache by the route. Once I get to the cache location I use a handheld on foot. Altho you could use the Driversmart to hike it's just not as convenient. Unfortunately it does not appear that macro is still available. Masscache I've sent you a PM to your email listed on your profile. More info in that.
  3. Where in IL are you located? If near Springfield I and wife can help. There are several larger type caches that are easy to find.
  4. Several years ago I had a cache out that was found by a cacher with over 10,000 finds. The cache was a 3 terrain. I had in the description to replace the cache where it was originally placed. The cache was easily seen but the trick was figuring a way to get to it. The high round count finder said it was too hard for the average cacher therefore he rehid it where it would be easier for people to get to. I suspect the real reason he rehid it was because he didn't want to make the effort to rehide it in the original location.
  5. Or you could log a "note" and write that you were unable to remove the log sheet and plan to return.
  6. That picture was taken 20 years ago near Quincy IL. No way I would remember the GC code on a single cache from 20 years ago. Most likely that cache has long been archived.
  7. There use to be a cache not too far from me. The coords took you to the middle of an old cemetery that was almost 3 acres in size and surrounded by trees and trees within the cemetery. In the description the hider wrote the cache was not at the given coordinates but within 150 ft "in the usual hiding place". That meant it was anywhere within a 300 ft diameter circle. When brought to the attention of the reviewer it was immediately archived. The hider must have changed the description after the cache was approved. I can't see any reviewer who is doing their job approving such a cache. The reviewer for this area is pretty good so I can only guess the hider changed the cache after it was approved.
  8. People often don't read the description/narrative. Years ago my dad placed an off set mystery. The coords listed took you to the starting place. When you read the narrative it told you various distances using old surveying terms. The cache was at a historical site and had a connection to surveying methods 175 years ago. The actual cache was about 100 ft away from the given coords. If a person had read the narrative and researched the surveying terms they would have easily found the cache. It wasn't a difficult cache to find or figure out. But instead people would post 'needs archived' because the cache was missing at the starting point coords or that the coords were off by 100 ft. He got a lot more of those type posts than he did from those who read the narrative and played the game.
  9. And.... From the geocaching rules: No commercial content Cache pages perceived as commercial will not be published. Commercial content includes any of the following characteristics Overtones of advertising, marketing, or promotion Suggests or requires the finder do any of the following Go inside a business Interact with employees Purchase a product or service Name, links, or logos of the following Businesses Commercial products Competing games or cache listing services Links or logos of agencies and organizations (including nonprofit organizations), unless needed for permission
  10. Circled and circled for 20 minutes. Could not find it. Great story Helpful View Log No Finder 1 Premium Member 5383 Didn't find it 04/14/2021 No find. No trackable either that a previous cacher said they left. There's nothing even close by like the description. Gone. 7 DNF in a row for a 1.5/1.5 cache. Needs to be archived if the CO does not correct. Great story Helpful View / Edit Log / Images Upload Image No Finder 2 Premium Member 200 Didn't find it04/14/2021 Found critters but no geocache TFTC Great story Helpful View Log No Finder 3 Premium Member 3 Didn't find it 04/09/2021 Left a trackable where it should be ?‍♂️ Great story Helpful View Log BUT I'M OWED IT BECAUSE I LOOKED Premium Member 119 Found it 04/09/2021 Found it but didn’t really find... it’s obviously not there because several people have marked DNF. If you looked you’ve earned a find in my book. TFTC Great story Helpful View Log No Finder 4 Member 138 Didn't find it 04/08/2021 I can tell you where it isn't...lo Great story Helpful View Log No Finder 5 Premium Member 37 Didn't find it 03/20/2021 Didn't have long to search at a quick restarea stop and was unable to locate. =========================================== Same But I'm owed a find --- Premium Member 119 Found it04/08/2021 Ran past it. Construction, so it’s not there. Everyone else is marking as a find so TFTC. Great story Helpful
  11. The following post is on a local puzzle cache series. A total of 22 "art" caches. You have to figure the puzzles to get each cache and then the art map will be filled in with smilies. So did this cacher figure out the puzzles? Were the actual caches really missing? Are there now a string of geotrash placed out there? More throwdowns. At least they didn't claim 'finds' for their throwdowns. -------------------------------------------- Premium Member 2434 Didn't find it 10/25/2019 So (caching partner) and I have had our eyes on this geoart for a while. Today we finally made it. It included a tour of many gravel roads, crops and local farmers harvesting their crops today. We were disappointed that about half of this series were missing. We replaced as many containers and logs as we had with us, the rest we DNF'd. Most of the ones we found were wet and in poor shape. The whole series could use a little clean up. Nothing found here! Thanks for putting these out there and the smilies we did find!
  12. If you can pull up these 2 archived caches. GC3TJBN and GC3TJAK. Both of these were set up by a junior college instructor and only for his class. If the way they are written was the way they were submitted for reviewer approval it's hard to believe they were ever approved and obviously should have never been approved. There were hints only provided to the class and no one else making it impossible for anyone else to find. The instructor intended to activate these caches only certain days during each semester. When legitimate cachers questioned these caches the cache owner sent private messages which were not at all professional. Finally a reviewer permanently archived both of them.
  13. Throwdown mom throws down a container at the one below. Then a few miles away at another cache Throwdown Mom found 2 containers at another cache location and complains because someone threw down a container when they couldn't find the original. ===================================== Throwdown mom Premium Member 827 Write note 11/29/2020 Since it has been a dnf for 8 months, we went ahead and replaced cache container, log and baggie. View Log throwdown junior Member 110 Found it 11/29/2020 TFTF! We left a new container but about froze are toes off. Replaced and ready to go ,thanks! View Log not there 1 Premium Member 2811 Didn't find it 09/05/2020 Gave it a good go, Nothing in the usual spots. Dug around a bit, no dice. View Log Not there 2 Member 7 Didn't find it 05/15/2020 Could not find was not there any more Looked for a while
  14. We found this cache in May 2006. This is not a great place in St Louis to hide a cache. Definitely not a place anyone would want to look for a cache after dark. I get to SLMO every other month or so. Next time I'm there and if no one has looked for the cache/TB I'll make a stop to see if it is still there.
  15. We (wife and I) got 202 in one day. It was an easy power trail. There was a match case at the base of every other power pole along a country road. No other traffic. I could pull up to the pole, jump out, sign the log, and the wife kept the record so I could log the website when we got home. It went for several miles up and down country roads. The only reason we did it was just to see how many we could log in a day. Honestly it wasn't fun and got to be very boring and tiring. Normally the goal is to find the cache. That day the goal was to log as many caches in a day. Our next highest daily count was 54. It too was a power trail in Louisiana. It was along a backwater road. It was more interesting since there all kinds of animals we saw along the trail. It was the same tho as the 202 day. A string of match cases tied to brush.
  16. "But We Tried So We Deserve a Smiley" cacher Premium Member 6749 Found it 05/02/2010 Note to owner and following cachers at this site: We stopped at this one with skepticism, knowing it hadn't been found for the past 1/2 year and a previous DNF and realizing its difficulty was a 1 1/2. With the box 1 & 2 teams, we thoroughly scoured the area, finding the "obvious" neat place where the container should be. We assumed it was muggled; therefore, we're logging it as a find to justify our time spent here. If the CO disagrees with this, please edit accordingly. Our apologies for not having a container to place here to help the situation. A virtual SL on this quiet little area.
  17. About 1/4 of Russia landmass is in Europe. About 80% of their population live in European Russia. The Urals are the dividing line between Europe and Asia. Yes the largest country in Europe is Russia by a considerable amount. European Russia is about 16 times the size of the UK. If I remember correctly Ukraine is the 2nd largest country in Europe. European Russia is about 6 or 7 times the size of Ukraine. Why would anyone think Seattle is in Asia? The Asia-North American dividing line is about 2000 miles from Seattle in the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia. Here's a bit more for your geographical education. Near Island which is the farthest western island of the Aleutians off the coast of Alaska is barely in Asia. Since you're worried about Seattle, Near Island is about 2800 miles from Seattle. Yes it is a matter of geography. One should study geography so they would know quite a bit of Russian land mass is European and most of their population are European.
  18. Don't like them and won't do them. We initially had this one on our list but when we drove by it was at someone's house. Nothing around the location appeared to relate to the name of the cache. We did find a location 1/4 mile away that related to the cache name but without accurate coordinates we couldn't look in the 2nd location. I posted our belief there were bad coords as a note and sent the CO a PM explaining why we thought the coords were off. Don't know if the cache owner ignored my PM and note or hadn't seen it yet but 3 days later another cacher posted this after he attempted to locate the cache:
  19. Rookie mistake? Four other of their finds logged as find with just a K in the notes that all had a string of no finds prior.
  20. Go to www.geocaching.com. At the top part of that page you'll see a box with the grayed words "city, state, coordinates, GC code..." Type in Florence, OR and click on the green button to the right. I show 373 caches within 10 miles of the center of Florence. There are caches all along the coast road. Good hunting and enjoy the hobby.
  21. Are you loading the caches directly from geocaching.com? Or using a program like GSAK? If using GSAK there's a way you can set it to drop the GC off of every cache listing. I haven't played with EasyGPS for a while so I don't recall if you can do the same with EasyGPS. If you're loading directing from geocaching.com I don't know if there's a way to drop the GC.
  22. This cache was initially posted with the wrong cords. They were about 1/4 mile off. This was the result posted by one cache hunter. Read the log dated 06/20/09 on GC1TQ3G . "Super bad coords!!! Farmer chased us off with a shot gun, looked like he was going nuts about people walking around his yard."
  23. Our best day was 202. It was a power trail with match stick containers at every other power pole. They weren't hard to find. It got to be where it wasn't that much fun and got really tiring. We did it because it was there and see how many we could get on the trail in 1 day. You don't have to cheat to get high numbers in a day. You don't have to 'forget to change the date' as another suggested. You don't have to group hunt and all log finds for each others finds. There are power trails all over the country. Some more interesting than others. With power trails high daily find count is really pretty simple process.
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