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  1. OK folks--Believe it or not, this is how I actually heard about this contest. I am stationed in Your US Armed Forces and was briefed on the Coke cans. All kidding aside, all electronic devices are prohibited in certain sensitive areas. Now for this story--this is a wee bit to the extreme. Common sense prevails my friends, but sometimes it doesn't. Be proud of your military and take it for what it is worth. National security is is something you should not bust on if you do not understand it.
  2. Found this cache before I got my GPSr http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...65-24f63abc46ca
  3. Greeting Fellow Cachers, Well the time has come for me to leave this wonderful country of Japan. Compass Rose and I have had the time of our lives out here and have explored about all we can explore for this time around. It has been a wonderful ride. Anyway, as we leave here, we plan on leaving many of the caches we have placed behind. We are finding cachers to "adopt these caches" so that when we settle in our new home in Utah, we can begin the process again. I need to ensure that we are in COMPLIANCE with the spirit and intent of the guidlines of Geocaching before I leave. Please check out an example of one of the caches already ADOPTED by a fellow cacher to ensure all on my bases are covered and I can continue on with geocaching when I get to Utah without any problems. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...87-8fe25766839a Any caches that are not adopted will be retreived and archieved, but I don't believe that will happen. Thanks for any input. Wanderingson
  4. You may need to get you one of these:
  5. I like my SPAM on toast. hehehehe This is funnier the the Sunday morning comics folks. WhipArtist--Don't you and TeamSpaz go back to March 2004, I seem to recall something about Ellis Lake near Concord? Thanks for the opportunity to educate the whole GC forum on SPAMMING rituals. We are a better society now. Now let's get out there and do a little caching.
  6. Count me in--I've got a collection of gadgets, but I always love to tinker with making hand made crafts as well. Heck, I even tried my hand at making a homemade alcohol burning stove out of pepsi cans.
  7. Dang my memory is slipping--Thought I already replied to this thread. Still serving in the Best dadgum Air Force in the Free World Entered active duty in 1980 Been all around the World Presently living in Japan Leaving Japan the end of July Moving to Hill AFB, Utah Deploying again in January Life is good God Bless the USA
  9. Some time ago, I hid my bicycle in the woods so no one would steal it while I went for a hike in the woods, when I returned, I found a note where I left it saying that if I wanted my bike, to contact this guy and he would give me my bike back. I had to walk home and call this guy and get my bike back. A short period later I hid it in a different spot thinking I was good to go for another short hike, when I returned this time, I found a note saying that if I wanted my bike back, to contact the police, I thought, Oh my God, someone kidnapped my bike. Next time, I parked my bike it disappeared completely. I guess my whole point is this--If I hide , stash, place, leave or otherwise put something in a location decided by me, why should anybody come along and decide to move it, safegaud it, protect it, or take in to their possesion without my consent? This discussion has become extremely entertaining--and we complain when someone loots our caches? Your act may have been noble, but it has caused you much grief my friend. I have been living in Japan for 2 and a half years and here they live by a code. If you leave something laying around, you know it will be there when you return. Aren't we leaving our caches in places expecting OTHER people outside of GEOCACHING to leave them alone?
  10. Tell me if I can spell this out any clearer? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...37-203fdcd876b7
  11. I guide trips into the mountains in Northern Japan and you would not believe some of the brilliant comments I have heard. Kinda makes ya sit back and say--some folks ought not to breed.
  12. I'm still playing it safe and breaking out the tin foil hat.
  13. Generally speaking, skeeters will avoid the actual smoke stream itself. Unless you can provide a continuous smoke stream in a 360 degree pattern, it would become usless to take up smoking to deter these pesky blood suckers. The next time you are at a campfire, try sittin down wind in the smoke stream of the fire, you may just find yourself with a few less sketter bites. You may also find it a little more difficult to breath, but you will find a few less sketters. Thats, why they too tend to avoid the smoke stream itself. They like to breath as well. You see they can fly around and avoid smoke patterns and adjust accordingly. Sneaky little boogers ain't they. The best deterent for sketters is bug dope with DEET and there are other long term treatments as well. Other pests can be treated with other solutions, but I won't get into those here. I've got pages in my book dedicated just to this subject alone. BTW--I would never get on a kick about the moral issue of smoking--I've been on the patch for just over a month now and doing just fine. Won't tell you how long it took me to put them things down.
  14. My goodness does that bring back a few memories. I couldn't recall what they name brand was and I don't recall either of these. In fact I think the stuf I had used many moons ago is probably banned these days, but you you seal anything in liquid form for ever. We found some pretty interesting things to seal up in our childhood. If I can find one I'll post a pic.
  15. Well I was really convinced by the outcome and I ran several surveys to ensure the data was correct, but then I was totally blown away when I scrolled to the bottom of the page and found this. These results come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
  16. I will be leaving Japan soon. Anyone got any advice on how to avoid this type of conflict before I move away from here? I have several caches in place right now. Shall I settle in with a bowl of corn flakes for this one?
  17. I'm not even going to touch that one because I would be really afraid of being accussed of going way off topic on this one. Nope ain't gonna go there.
  18. While Cruising Around Northern Japan--Funny it's not written in Japanese--Must be intended for us Americans. Sorry, Picture quality is too low. It says "DANGER this is an agricultural watr course".
  19. Fight dogs seized Liverpool Echo AN UNDERGROUND dog fighting club was smashed when police raided a terrace house in Kirkby. They seized three pit bull terriers which had been trained to kill, and a litter of pit bull terrier puppies. The animals will now be examined by RSPCA officers to see if they have to be put down. Dog fighting equipment, including a large wooden break stick used to separate pit bulls, was also taken away. Police describe yesterday's raid as the "tip of the iceberg" as they try to stop dog fighting on Merseyside. The RSPCA undercover unit today studied boxes of paperwork taken away from the house. A 38-year-old man from Kirkby arrested after the raid is on police bail pending further investigation. A shotgun, ammunition, cannabis and equipment used to cultivate cannabis was also found. The raid coincided with operations in London, Oxford, Barnsley, Leicester and Birmingham. Eleven other people were arrested and 70 other dogs seized. It came after a three-year nationwide under-cover operation involving RSPCA officer s and police. Merseyside RSPCA Inspector Ian Robertson said: "This is just the start of what we are doing to stop dog fighting. These dogs suffer a lot." Dog fights are usually organised in buildings in the countryside and thousands of pounds change hands on who will win. RSPCA Chief Inspector Mike Butcher, of the special operations unit, said: "It's astonishing there are still people who enjoy pitting one dog against another."
  20. I need to find me a little more time. I'm missing out on Life's more simple pleasures.
  21. Hey is that the same guy I paid my $200 annual geocaching membership fee to. Dang and I didn't even get a receipt. I think he said he had about 20 memebrs already.
  22. "That others May Live" Bravo my friend. Another save.
  23. Presently serving in Japan, not sure were Uncle Sam will send me next.
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