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  1. This is one of those stupid decisions that will change what some cachers enjoy. But if we are creative they can still be used to hide caches
  2. I use UTM's on many of my back country caches. They work so well for projections. And if UTM's are useless then why does Geocaching.Com put them on the cache page.
  3. I know the two cachers who have done the Jasmer Challenge FOUR TIMES. And one of them is my caching cohort. Congratulations to those two dudes.
  4. Lonelycache.com explore it for there is a lot of info there.
  5. Just curious as to when did Charter Memberships started. I have been told that they started in the very beginning. And I would just like to clarify the subject.
  6. Go to the Local Police Station, they have an amazing cache. Look up the Ahern Clan for advise up there.
  7. Yep someone crying about their exposure to world. Nothing about the Maker Madness per say.
  8. Back in '01 I hid my first cache a decent 4 x 4 multi. Then I went and found my first cache about a month later. Finding caches should not be a pre requisite to hiding them.
  9. Use any numbers that may be on a bench mark, or do something in UTM's. I have one cache where the cords are just cords in a designated wilderness area, then they use the clues to find out where to go. Then finish it with some GPS & map skills.
  10. I've hidden many a complicated multi, the GPS is used on some stages, maps & compasses for the others, read the sign and do the brain work are all part of a good multi. Some have told me that if I use a map and compass then it should be a puzzle. Well my answer to them was it's not puzzling to me, so go learn how to use these old fashioned tools of the trade so you won't be puzzled when your batteries go dead.
  11. I know #4 Mondou2, and despite all of his finds he stays away from most of mine. Awesome cacher he is.
  12. Yes its been a long long trail and a lot of changes, some good, some bad, since '01. And I still cache by a phrase that was around in CO many years ago. Quality over Quantity. And if my memory is correct I think the Rambler is in this documentary from the past.
  13. Look up near Loveland CO. There are caches in the Red Feathers Area, Homestead Meadows Area. Ahh I found the link I was looking for. And go find some of my caches.
  14. My first hide was a 4 x 4 and guess what I still had not found a cache before I hid it.
  15. Thanks for sharing the site information I looked it up and found the Colorado Cannibal
  16. Back in '01 I needed a new GPS and found about the game, I've been here since then.
  17. In CO they have the Spirit Quest Caches, and I have used several old cemeterys for a stage in a very early virtual about 10 years ago. And back in '05 a memorial is used to gain numbers for a 5 x 5 multi cache in CO. They can be quite interesting.
  18. And that is a problem in a local park that I volunteer for. There are several caches where the owners have been absent for three years, and according to the park authorities they are going to remove the caches in the near future just because of lack of owner involvement.
  19. I just use a legend HCX and it hides some good caches. My son has an Oregon 550 and just too many bells and whistles.
  20. I'm me and enjoy it the way that suits me. First preference is to do backcountry hides, after that if the whim strikes I will look for some.
  21. Haven't found any, but I have hidden a few of them. Did the first 5 x 5 in Co on 5/5/05 Here is a list
  22. Northern CO = From urban to some tough backcountry caches
  23. I've been associated with CO for 11 years. No charter for me. And why the search for caches by charter members, are they supposed to be better or part of some unknown challenge.
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