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How did you serve?

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Entering my 25th year as a Communications and Electronics tech in the Canadian Air force and still going. I am the son of an Air force Tech and as a military brat and serving member I have lived in every Province from Quebec west to BC for at least 4 years each, plus Germany for 4 years.


When someone asks me “where are you from” I always have to say “Well my dad was in the military so I have lived ….” :(

I consider this whole country my home.

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Joined the RCAF in 67 as an AFP (Air Force Police). Shorty after when it became the Canadian Armed Forces I had to trade my nice blue uniform for the ugly green uniform of the Triforces. They then called us MP's. Pulled the plug after 15 years due to it being detrimental to the family unit. I'm stilled married to the same lady for 25 yrs and plan to stay that way for the rest of my natural life :laughing:

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I did not have the opportunity to serve in the armed services due to a serious and disqualifying illness, although I tried and exhausted every opportunity. So, I would like to say:


God bless all of you veterans; active, reserve and guard. God protect you and yours and keep you and yours.


In behalf of one grateful citizen, thank you for your service.

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USN 1967-1971 Radio Operator (RM)

In the midst of the Viet Nam War I was a protester.

I believe demonstrations CAN bring peace.

I took pride in my job and did the best I could.

I NEVER criticized shipmates who felt differently than I did.

The Navy allowed me to express my views as long as I did nothing illegal and continued to do an excellent job. I even requested leave in 1970 to go to a war protest in Wash. D.C. and it was granted!

I can still send Morse Code at 40 WPM.

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Lets see, 88-91 Infantry in Ft Lewis, then, go out right after the war and went into national guard until 96. Got out, went back in in 2000, just got out on

Thanksgiving.. I've been to Cuba, England and Germany, and a few other areas not so nice to be in. got my vet status after the Gulf, even though I wasnt there at the time. Did anti terrorism stuff in NJ right after 9/11, got home, 8 months later was deployed to Cuba for a year. Got back from that, and am a civilian once again.




For now.

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Shouldn't this post be in the OFF TOPIC area????

I don't think so, for a number of reasons:


(1) Non-paying (read: poor) members like me don't have access to the off-topic forums, so we would be excluded from either reading or posting to this thread (and how unAmerican is that?).


(2) Vets are cool, and any chance the rest of us have to tell them so, front and center, we should do so (and if anyone reading this thread is in Infantry in Iraq and knows "little Chris" from Davenport,Iowa please pass on hugs from Solomon's mom....)


(3) As you can see from the thread, there is a common thread between military service, and interest in GPS, strategy games, search&rescue, etc. Knowing who your fellow members or gamers are, makes the game just that much more enjoyable.


(p.s. no, I'm not a Vet, but I firmly believe that every young American should serve some sort of conscripted service to their country for a few years after high school, even if it's just in "domestic service corps" like VISTA volunteers......nothing like a few dedicated years of selfless sacrifice and service to smack the self-centered smart right outta ya and help you get your priorities straight....)

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...Freedom Does Not Come, From Protests...

Freedom from tyranny always begins with protests.


There were years of protests in the colonies before Rhode Island finally declared its independence from Great Britain on May 4, 1776 (some other colonies followed 2 months later).


The reforms in Poland began when Solidarity stood up to the governement.


The reforms in China began with protests in Tianimen Square.


The end of British rule in India began with protests.


Throughout history, wherever despots have been taken down, it has started with protests.


Do you think we would be in Iraq now if it weren't for brave citizens who spoke out against their dictator?


Don't you think it might have been a good idea if a few more Germans protested in the 1930s?


Have you ever read about the Spanish Civil War? The French Revolution? Hungary in 1956? Czechoslovakia in 1968? The Chinese Nationalist movement? The Magna Carta?


Have you ever read any history at all? "Freedom Does Not Come, From Protests"--what rubbish!


A young Ho Chi Minh led protests during the Paris peace conference in 1919. He begged the American delegation to help him secure freedom for Viet Nam. Woodrow Wilson ignored the protests, and refused to meet with him. Ho turned to Lenin for help. Lenin listened. You know the rest of the story.


Protestors are not always right, and they don't always win. And sometimes, the replacement for tyranny is a different form of tyranny, but whenever freedom has won over tyranny, it has started with protests.

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USAF 1974-1978 as a medic

1983-86 Firefighter, 1986-1999 Flight Medic(Chief Enlisted Aircrew Badge)

1999-2003 Security Forces


Desert Storm, Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom(Avatar is picture of me on flight home in '02 from the Gulf)

2003 Retired in November


Had a blast! :blink:

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......nothing like a few dedicated years of selfless sacrifice and service to smack the self-centered smart right outta ya and help you get your priorities straight....)

Chuckle, snicker, and laugh. Yup, couldn't agree more!! I hadn't responded to this thread since April of 03......but I couldn't resist a comeback to that! :blink:

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Is there another one like this around? Thought I'd already replied!!




British Army - Royal Corps of Signals from '87-01.


Served in 1st Gulf War, Croatia & Bosnia. The last 2 were with a Nato Unit so I was working with people from every army from American to Ukranian......


Spent a couple of months at Navy & Marine Corps Intellignece Training Centre at Dam Neck in '99.


Closest I get to the green stuff now is as a Cadet Instructor......



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