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  1. Memory-Map Navigator, of course. In my opinion, the most versatile software out there.
  2. The manual for the Legend Cx specifically mentions downloading maps to the unit, but I have not tried it yet.
  3. "it's built into the system"??? Not anymore. If you have a good receiver (SiRF III) and a good view of the sky, you should be within 10 feet "most" of the time. When I am marking things on the property, I am often amazed at how accurate this lines up with the aerial photos I use. The Selective Availability (built-in error) has not been present since 2000.
  4. I am not sure specifically what unit you are talking about, but... The Forerunner line does have lap times (as it is specifically geared toward racers). The Legend Cx has lap capability, but only shows last and current lap. The SiRF chipset has a static navigation mode, which removes the "hunting", but also delays the position update. It is a trade-off that is determined by what you are doing with it. I don't know if you can enable/disable this in the Garmin models, but other receivers have the capability, so it is possible. The Legend Cx certainly has alarm functions (both alarm clock and proximity alarms).
  5. Erwast, The Dog GPS, like many of the other suggestions, requires a cell phone network. I have hunted in the same area he is talking about for many years. You can forget cell phone coverage. I use Memory-Map Navigator, which (with the Pro upgrade) I could use along with a satellite phone to report positions. (The Coast Guard uses this on some of their small rescue boats.) But, even the satellite phones need some reasonable view of the sky and this option gets pricey quick. Those ravines can get pretty deep and those hills pretty steep. A smart man would climb to a high spot to give his position, but then again a smart man wouldn't get lost!
  6. Actually, in reference to #1, I have used a SecondSight unit with my PDA for about two years now (off and on). It is a head mounted display for one eye and allows you to view the screen without having a hand occupied. (Similar to the HUD units the Army is using right now.)
  7. I tip my hat to each and every one of you. Thank you for your service. May the angels keep you safe and keep up the good work.
  8. Flowerswife, I am not oblivious to your post, but based on this statement alone, I have to question the ability of the OP to make a sound determination of what proper use of the parking lot would be. Hanging out, drinking beer in the parking lot? No wonder he was cited five times.
  9. The USGS Seamless Site is a great source for maps. I use them with Memory-Map, but you can use them as paper maps, as well. USAPhotoMaps is also a great source.
  10. I use my units all of the time (Axim x50v, Axim X30, Axim X5 and Holux GPSmile 60). Not one broken or damaged yet. (Knock on wood.) For light duty, I use an Aquapac. For more rugged use, I use an Otterbox hard case. Both work great, keep my PDA dry and dirt free, and let me use the unit without opening the case. We have damaged a few units in the office or in the car over the years, but never in the field.
  11. The Holux GPSmile 60 is a sweet unit. I have been testing one for a couple weeks now. It keeps a fix like nothing else I have used and has better battery life than my Axim. I love these SiRF III receivers.
  12. The delay you are talking about comes from the static navigation feature. The device tries to prevent "hunting" by not updating at very slow speeds (like walking speed or approaching a red light). Many new units have this capability. Some come with it enabled, some disabled. If you unit has static navigation enabled and you use it for walking, it will be VERY sluggish. Turn it off, and it works just fine.
  13. As far as I know, this is not possible at this time. GPS units pair to a device and only communicate with that device. (Treated very similar to a standard serial connection.) Although it would be very easy to create a BT GPS unit that has the ability to pair with multiple devices, I know of none on the market right now that contains the hardware to do that. Sorry, oneeyesquare is correct about the Emtac BTGPS II Trine. It can connect to up to four devices. Just not a lot of demand for this, so most GPS manufacturers don't bother.
  14. JohnnyVegas, I hate to say this, but you are just plain wrong. Maybe the Garmin tech needs to get his butt out of the office and use these things a bit. I have been using SiRF III chipset GPS units for months now. They are FAR more responsive than anything I have used in the past. (At least anything less than $1000.) I can pick up 3D fixes with the unit UNDER my seat in the car, in my basement, and under all kinds of tree cover. I just can't believe how much better these units maintain a signal. I am just impressed as all get out. Of course, that is just my humble opinion. BTW, this is not intended to question your knowledge level, JV. I have always found your posts informative and accurate.
  15. I like Memory-Map for all of my off-road stuff. It is very versitile and lets my use lots of different types of maps. Right now you can get a special on the Discoverer (with all of the topo maps for a given state, the elevation data for 3D and a seachable database of places) for less than $75. Not a bad deal.
  16. The intent is to establish levels of accuracy with the basic signal you get today being a free service, but all higher accuracy signals will be a paid service (not to mention, needing new hardware). I am curious what they will charge for the subscription.
  17. This is not really new. This has been in the works for about 10 years. The system will work in conjunction with the US satellites (so won't be totally independent). The standard signals will be a free service, but the intent is to have the high precision signals be a paid service (subsciber-type) eventually. I wonder what it will cost?
  18. Cemetaries are about the sensitivities of the living, not the comfort of the departed. My grandmother doesn't give two woots about who visits the cemetary and whether they eat a pastrami on rye while doing so. That said, private property is subject to the rules of the owner. If I paid money to have a loved one buried there, that entitles ME to some consideration for entering the property, but doesn't give me the right to authorize others to do so.
  19. Well, before this spins into the most obvious direction, I wanna know a couple things: 1. Why do you shoot your brother's Keltec? 2. Was it badly injured? 3. How does it feel about being with you after you shot it? Now you may continue with the serious business of this thread.
  20. It IS about the numbers. (And mine is 63. Since they are serving 18, I am gonna sit back down and shut up.)
  21. Although I appreciate a good debate from time to time. As has been stated previously, REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU INTERPRET THE GUIDELINES, the reviewer has the responsibility of approving the cache and ensuring it reflects properly on the activity. Hence, if they tell you you can't use a purple container, then you can't use a purple container and it really doesn't matter why. I think this is a wonderful location. I think I would approve at least one of the caches. But, I am NOT a reviewer. (And my hat is of to those who are.)
  22. This is a slippery slope you are walking. When it comes to DVDs, some drives like certain types of media, some drives like certain formats. It is not uncommon to find a DVD or format that works great on some machines and then won't work at all on another machine. The best you can do is use quality media and a -R format. That should give you the best results.
  23. Hmmmm.....maybe that should tell you something? Just kidding. Do they still make Macs?
  24. Wow, ParrotRob, you must be a very important person. Since it is YOUR company, why don't you put another half dozen of those things up today. Seriously, good job. Keep up the good work! (I seem to remember having their name on my resume once, as well.)
  25. I know in Memory-Map, you can attach any file to a waypoint / mark. Then, if you double-click on the point, the file opens. This can be video, an image, audio, a program, a website, etc.
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