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  1. Another good idea is using magnets and a small cache container (micro) in public areas. It's evil because not only does one have to be careful in looking for it....but also in retrieving it.
  2. I guess the International Social is what's become known as "my baby". (I always had such good intentions too!! ) Anyway, I was thinking of our event maybe in March in the Upper Peninsula.....that way all the caches would be under 3 feet of snow and the difficulity for all them would be a 5! Only kidding.... I'm still reading this thread and will be getting back to our planning group.....
  3. It depends on what the definition of "is" is.....
  4. I've never had a problem getting permission to hide a cache from any county or city I've contacted. Most are not aware of the activity and are surprised when somebody acts responsibily and askes permission first. My suggestion is to print off the rules sheet to give to them.....and make up some handouts for them. Then call and set up an appointment and go. Offer to take them out on a geo-trip to a local cache. I now have the county I live in referring all requests to place caches in the parks directly to me......(boy was I ever surprised at that!!) By taking this step, you show your concern for any sensitive areas and they appreciate it. This is good for the sport.....go for it!!
  5. Been a very long time since I've been active in these forums....but I'll put my 2 cents worth in here. It seems to me that moving it around in the origional area is ok because we don't want to have a negative impact in the cache area. However, if it's been moved as far as you say, then the approvers need to know. It is essentially a new cache, in a new area. Sounds like the cache hider is trying to get around the approval process. Not trying to be a cache police or anything, but by carefully abiding by the rules is the only way to ensure our sport continues without harsh restrictions by land managers. We are despretately trying to hang on to thousands of acres of state land for caching without having to pay huge cache placement fees.......(like anyone will do that....) Abide by the rules.......
  6. Chuckle, snicker, and laugh. Yup, couldn't agree more!! I hadn't responded to this thread since April of 03......but I couldn't resist a comeback to that!
  7. We recently hosted an Geo-Caching social http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...67-b6b60684e5a4 social. One of the attendees was caching during the game I put out and fell and broke her arm. I think she logged it at the cache page. That's as close as we've come.......bummer to get hurt doing something as leisurly as caching.
  8. We don't take things from caches too much anymore. Here in MI, we tend to swap team cards and signature trade items........ Ours is a laser pen light...... and since our team name is Northern-Lights...it kinda fits. Many of the teams have their own signature trade item they leave in each cache along with a team card. If we find one we haven't seen before, we snag it and of course leave ours. I liked your idea of first aid kits in caches....hadn't thought of that. May now go out and add them to the ones I have out. Great thinking.
  9. Well, the big event ( http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...67-b6b60684e5a4 ) is tomorrow. The First International Geo-Caching social. I know there is a lot of interest in this...... I'm also hoping we get teams from not just Canada and Michigan, but also Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and others. It's looking like it's going to be a great time....hoping to see ya there!! The action can also be followed at: www.mi-geocaching.org , then go to the forums.
  10. We sorta had a similar experience.......mailed our re-newal check back in December.... Finally, yesterday (I know, I'm slow) I e-mailed Groundspeak with our question and not only put our name on it.......but our Team Name. Guess what....theyd had our check sitting there because we didn't put our team name on it and they said they didn't know whose account it was for. They activated our account immediately and now I'm back in business! I guess the moral of the story is to put your team name on the check too.
  11. Just giving this a bump. The Cache page is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=119903 in case your interested in coming. I've also got a new game to debute during this social..... Let me know if your comming and be prepared for loads of fun.
  12. Yup, this seems to be growing by the day..... Any cachers, especially those from Canada, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana may want to slip on over for this....we'll have fun for sure!!!
  13. Ok...while the pre-registration isn't set up yet....some of the details are comming together. The pavilion has been rented, the menu is starting to come together (we'll be cooking hotdogs at the pavilion), and there is loads of parking. Those of you that have put together things like this may have some ideas I could use. Please, if you can think of anything that would be fun to do....or something you think should be done....please say it. I've never done anything like this before, and while we have some great people helping......your ideas are very welcome!!! Thanks
  14. Brian makes a good point... However, I've had great luck with Danner (my favorite boot) Rocky (another good boot which is a bit more affordable) and Red Wing..(some are better than others...but usually very comfortable.
  15. Let me see what I can do.....that's something I hadn't thought of. How many would you have?
  16. That is an excellant idea.... As far as your signature item....we try to trade for them anywhere we go. As long as it's associated with the cacher, we trade for it. I think it's nice.
  17. Hi everyone. Myself and Hard Oiler from Sarnia Canada, have combined forces and are planning a first of a kind International Social Event to be held on May 22nd in Port Huron Michigan. (See Cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=119903 ) Anyway, the plan is to hold the event annually and alternate it between Canada and Port Huron. EVERYONE is invited. I'd like to get people for other countries as well. We will be having a pre-registration at the cache page if your interested, but will be keeping the cost way down as many will have to travel. There will be prizes, games and loads of food and fun. If you have ideas I can use or ponder, shoot me a message and let me know. Thanks..... By the way, maybe I can convince some of the PTB to attend? (Hint, Hint)
  18. Well, if he'd shot a few of them, it would have been worse, but, I'll bet it was tempting!!!
  19. Well, this question has been around before...but there are always new people and it's fun to read about everyone. We live in the North....and love watching the Northern Lights. We adopted it because we could easily do signature items around the name...it was fitting now, and after our kids leave....and it just seem to fit. So, that's us!!
  20. I agree that extreme can be in the eye of the beholder.....but, there is a cacher here in michigan (gunner226) that now has a cache named after him (are you gunner enough) because this guy stripped, and swam a river in november (in Michigan) just to be the first finder at a new cache! Now, I ask ya.....are YOU gunner enough!!?
  21. Hey, that's good..... Johnny Cache!!! (My second vote is for Stash!)
  22. I work at a retail store selling all kinds of GPS units and gadgets. I couldn't come up with an effective way of holding my Magellan Gold except in a pocket....that is if I had a pocket big enough. The idea of a lanyard struck me....I'd tried it before without success....but just maybe this time..... I looked around and found one of those rubber/plastic key ring things with the advertisement on it......and cut it in half to make the bottom square (the side with the split ring still attached). Then I used duct tape to tape it to the front of my Gold.... Hey, I know it doesn't look professional.....but after I'm done stomping through the mud, snow, whatever....I don't look professional either!! Anyway, it's about perfect for what I wanted...... Good luck...
  23. I'm not going to voice my "opinion" one way or another. We are a group of geocachers. However, on the topic of being intollerant.... there is no excuse for anyone in America to be ignorant of the facts. Check out .. http://www.prophetofdoom.net/ You'll get a quick education of what the world of unrest is REALLY all about......maybe we all should be a bit more intollerant.
  24. Ah yes.....and I found the other woman in America who likes caching!! Brian and I apparently got the only two from what I've read to far. Anyway, today was +3 F and snowing hard. Wife and I went out and waded through 14 inches of snow for 5 hours! Had a ball.....got wet, hungry, and cold.....but in the end, we both had smiles and memories. My wife is as rabid about it as I am....and loves the challenge. I only wish we had more time to do this together. It is definettly something we'll be doing together for a long time to come!
  25. A couple of things you may want to try is first making it a multi cache. Those that lurk to just get the coordinates and steal caches don't seem to like multi's....... Second, try making it a members only cache. If it still gets stolen.....then you aren't hiding it very well. We've been fortunate.....we've had caches found by non cachers.....but so far all they've done is log the cache....leave a cute note...and re-hide it. I thought that was quite nice of them!!
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