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  1. If you can make it, I highly recommend requesting a visit to the mothership. I did a couple of years ago, the girls were wonderful.
  2. The Military doesn't use the L1 freq, they have their own they use. This was my thinking, the DoD doesn't care because they don't use L1. But it makes you wonder if the GPS tests the DoD is doing currently is related to this in some way? But do the airlines?
  3. Wow. $509 seems good for the 550T. Amazon has the 450T on pre-order for $499. I'd like to see if there are other retailers who will drop the price by $100 on the 450T since it doesnt have the camera. Maybe wishful thinking, but...
  4. The 400t has about 1G of space left over with the topo map loaded. With no experience with the newest version of CN, how large an area can be loaded in the 400t? (I only have experience with the now 3 year old version on my GPSMap60C, and I'm looking for a comparison) And while I'm at it, is the nearly $100 dollar difference between the 300 and 400t worth it?
  5. I've read through the posts, read several reviews. Sweet, but expensive little puppy. What I don't see is an external power source. I like my 60c with the DC power connector, it allows me to use it for driving too, especially at night with the screen on all the time. I didn't see a car mount or an external power source.
  6. Nope, I checked. Find by Name same as mine. We did solve the issue, although I don't know why. The next day were playing with it again, and he hit Find--> Find, which brings up all the recent finds. When we went back one screen, all the waypoints were listed. He didn't have to search by type any more. I don't understand what we did, but we're good! Thanks for the feedback.
  7. My buddy and I each have a GPSMap 60C. We have an operational difference that I'd like to understand. If I hit Find-->Waypoint, I get a list of all my waypoints and the keyboard shows up at the bottom to allow me to search alphabetically. If he hits Find-->Waypoint, he does not get all his waypoints listed. He has to hit Menu and search by Symbol type. I could not find a difference in our set up, so is there a way to change his to list all the waypoints alphabetically just like mine?
  8. Several folks at SEPAG (South East PA Geocachers) that are way smarter than me can provide links to bookmarks and loops in Philadelphia. Pop over there and introduce yourself.
  9. Come on over to our web page. We're South East PA Geocachers (SEPAG). Introduce yourself and you'll feel welcome. Lots of folks from all over the area that all have opinions on where the good caches are. Linky
  10. Um.....duh! Well that was embarrassing! Thanks AG!
  11. That's really wierd, I've never seen a web site do this before. I traded for 2 Yosemite coins. Both people I received the coins from were kind enbough to tape the activation web site, to wit: Activation Web site for Yosemite coin If someone can figure where the heck to get an activation code for the Yosemite or Grand Canyon coins, please please please post a little help.
  12. Looking for a new Nevada Have to trade: 2005 Mt. McKinley 2005 Mt Everest (silver) 2006 GOWT (Gold) 2006 GOWT (Pewter) Screw (Nickel) 2006 North Carolina 2006 Nielsen Clover 2006 Frozen Bone Groundhog Day 2005 Maine Hurrican Katrina 2005 North Dakota
  13. I understand the new policy, its not my company. But I was thinking about this with respect to the geocoin craze, but in reality I don't see personal geocoins being any different than Joe Cacher selling a Palm V in the Garage Sale forum, except perhaps in quantity. Maybe he's not selling 500 Palm V's, but if collects and repairs them, what's the difference? Is he not essentially a commercial endeavor?
  14. Now that the Yosemite coins are shipping, I need to ask for trades. I need 2, one for me one for a present for a new cacher. Here's what I have to trade: On Hand 2005 Mt. McKinley 2005 Mt Everest (silver) 2006 GOWT (Pewter) Screw (Nickel) 2006 North Carolina 2005 Christmas 2006 Nielsen Clover 2006 Frozen Bone On order: Groundhog's Day Long Island Lighthouse Grand Canyon VA Lighthouse
  15. If only the search function worked. Already addressed by Jeremy in August. Closing my thread.
  16. Seems to me we're running out of waypoint numbers for caches. GCTxxx is what we're up to now. What happens once GCZZZZ is used?
  17. The First to Find prize has to be a coupon for DoSiDo's (since you should keep food out of caches).
  18. Someone asked about the engraver I used. I went to Home Depot and bought a Dremel model 290-01 engraver. It was about $20. It vibrates, doesn't spin like a Dremel roto-type tool does. I have one of those as well but it gave me less control than the vibrating engraver. If you look closely around my shamrock, you can see how the rotating dremel cut, versus the outline of the letters which the vibrating engraver was used for. I wish I had a source for more blanks. I've sent the cacher in Mass. a note asking for more but haven't heard back. Mine is also very tall, I'm 6'3'' and it goes to ear level. I think I said this earlier, but I used a "bumber" that goes on the legs of wood chairs, a local hardware purchase. I considered wood burning, a google search yields tons of helpful web sites. I simply do not have an artistic touch, so I opted not to burn. I love the owl above. It was tough enough tracing the outline of the letters while lining them up straight.
  19. While waiting for the Bronze, I at least had the forethought to sign in. I think that saved me, and picked up 2!
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