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  1. I could see doing any of the four options if claiming a find I would justify it with one of these rationalizations that I have actually seen on various caches over the years: I'm a long way from home and won't be coming back this way so I'm claiming a find. The cache was too hard to get to so I left a replacement in an easier spot. Couldn 't log a dnf cuz it wasn't there to be found (my favorite) Just kidding! In this exact circumstance I would not have logged anything. But, then, I'm getting old and lazy...
  2. Here's another somewhat extreme solution: You can create a bookmark list called, "GARBAGE AND NEEDLES" or something and put this cache on the list. The CO cannot delete a bookmark list and it will show up anytime someone goes to the cache page.
  3. I've used fire tacks with good success. I think their use is declining simply because people aren't hiding long night caches much anymore. Can you point to anything in the guidelines that prohibits fire tacks? They have been used for years by hunters and other outdoors people and there is no evidence that a fire tack has ever hurt a tree.
  4. You guys are doing fine. No conflict. It's nice to see someone doing some responsible land management combined with geocaching. The preserve could have just banned geocaching completely. Some people just have too much time on their hands...
  5. in my 16 year experience I have found that "other" usually means "micro" hidden in an unusual way. I learned long ago that a "micro" might be inside a rock, lump of wood, fake spider or any number of other objects. Sometimes hiders list their hides as "other" simply because they don't want to admit that they are "micros". New players to the game are always going to miss some types of hides that they will find easily later. No need to protect them from mistakes by mislabeling hides as "other". They won't know what you're talking about anyway.
  6. This is one of the reasons I rarely look for a cache in someone's yard or within sight of office windows. If I do happen to be near one of these and don't find it immediately I will just walk away with no log of any kind. How I play the game is none of your business and I really don't like you passing judgment on people for how they respond to your cache.
  7. Actually, this has been pretty mild... but it sounds like you really do want to play the game so I've fixed your problem for the next year. Go find all the caches you want, fix up your current one and place some more. If I ever get to your location I'll be sure to hunt them down!
  8. Right. Because these are just a bunch of hippies living for free in the Ballard district of Seattle. How dare they ask for Mo*ey? In fact, they should be sending you reports on your travelers' adventures every week. It's the least they could do for the time and effort you put into it.
  9. It seems like folks are not answering the question you are asking. Looking at some of your recent finds, I think the real question is, what's a "fab bacon butty"? NO! wait, that's not it... It looks like someone actually wrote in their log that they moved it to match the D rating. And, no, they should not have moved it without checking with the owner. If it was out in the open you have to give it a little cover but if you don't know exactly where it was you should not move it "nearby." Your instincts were correct.
  10. not all derelict caches need help!
  11. I do it for the $100 bonus that headquarters gives you. You have to ask for it, though. If you were away for four years maybe you missed that. OK, just kidding! I have maybe a couple of dozen FTF's over the years, but only a few have been "jump up and run out of the house" events. Back when I started caches could actually go two or three days before the first find. In my home area the locals were not very competitive about this. There was a guy for a while who used to get FTF's and then taunt us that nobody could beat him. When he realized that nobody cared he left the game. This guy also used to not log online until someone else found it so he could gloat. Once I wrote this online log: "FTF!! I ripped out a bogus sig that must have been in the logbook from a previous use. Couldn't read it anyway." The guy went ballistic. Reported me to Groundspeak. That was fun once but I didn't do it again.
  12. I agree with this. (I hope that doesn't contradict something else I've said ) I don't use premium features as much as I used to, but I've never thought about downgrading.
  13. Seems like the insurance of having a premium membership would be cheaper than the cost of the cache. I think it would provide SOME measure of added security, but certainly no guarantee. Also, if it's a difficult mystery cache and a casual app user points his compass at it and finds it without knowing anything about the game, it IS likely to be broken in a month. I'd say spring for a one year premium and have fun!
  14. Are these threads you're starting for a school project or new you tube channel or something?
  15. What does krispe24 say? BTW, you should change your log on the multi to a note until you actually find it.
  16. Today I looked for a cache that had several DNF's and an old log that said, "Accidentally dropped it in the water." I wanted to log either a "needs maintenance" or "should be archived" but when I clicked the dropdown list I could only choose found it, did not find it, or write note. When I clicked on "go back to the old way" I was able to choose the other options. I don't recall this being discussed but before COVID-19 days I would sometimes go a long time without looking at the forums. Is this old news?
  17. I've had two interesting logging events happen in the past week. Someone logged a find on one of my caches, "Found but didn't sign due to CV" On a cache that I found that required a strenuous climb up a hill with a fantastic view, someone had logged a find describing the effort needed, the view, the surroundings. But they didn't sign the log. There was only one sig, the FTF. I was the third to find, the second to log. What did I do about these logs? Well, I thought about messaging the finder of my cache asking him to change it to a note. I thought about messaging the last finder of the difficult cache to go back and sign the log, or to write a note to the cache owner describing what I found. In the end... I did nothing on either of them. Folks, these are weird times. If people get a little relief from geocaching, that's a good thing. I'm not going to expend any energy on making them feel bad about how they've chosen to deal with things during this stressful time. This is supposed to be a fun distraction! We don't need cache police shaming people for not doing it the "right" way. I agree that my examples are both examples of NOT doing it the "right" way. But so what? As an aside, my hides are being logged in numbers I haven't seen in years, and I personally have more finds in the past 3 months than I did in all of 2019. This despite being in two of the highest risk groups for CV. But that's another topic...
  18. point taken. I would love to go caching around where you live!
  19. I wish that i had kept track of my LTF's in GSAK. I've been LTF on a number of caches: At least twice I've picked up a bunch of caches at owner's request because they wanted to archive them. At least once I dropped a match box through a hole in some rocks and the owner didn't want to replace it. At least once I was confronted by security in a parking lot and the cache was missing the next day. At least twice I've trashed out broken, soggy messes with absentee owners and suggested archiving (in my early years) Several others I've just noticed that I was LTF and don't know what happened. As I read through this thread, I realized that I'm in favor of just about anything that thins the herd a bit. I wouldn't shed a tear if all powertrails disappeared. I would just yawn and go back to sleep if I woke up and all the parking lot skirtlifters had met their demise. And I've always thought that when a cacher leaves the game and there is a problem with his/her cache, just let it die and let someone else have the space if it's worthy. I do like finding old caches. I've logged a few replacements as finds. But it can get ridiculous. Traveling through New Mexico I looked for the oldest active cache and was excited to see that it was very near Albuquerque. But then I started reading the logs and saw that it had disappeared many years earlier but not archived. People were still reverently posting pictures of a pile of rocks where it had been and claiming a find on the OLDEST ACTIVE CACHE IN NEW MEXICO! Eventually someone did put a replacement container there but to my mind this was a travesty and I didn't bother to go look. I've been thinking lately that nature is trying to tell us we've just gone way too far in a lot of areas. Too many people Too many cars Too many Starbucks And maybe, too many geocaches
  20. Funny how my attitude has changed over the years. Unless it's blatantly obvious that they were never at the cache, I'll let it go. On the other hand, the logs I'd LIKE to delete are the obnoxious block cut-and-pastes, especially the ones that start out, "sorry in advance for the cut-and-paste log" and then a long paragraph about events in their life. Or, "I'd like to thank all the cache owners for taking the time and trouble..." but they can't take half a minute to write a real log. As long as I'm drifting off topic, let me add this: You're not going to catch Corona Virus from touching a cache. You have to ALSO take no precautions. Don't wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Don't wear a mask or use gloves. Then touch your nose or mouth. The point is, fear of catching CV as a reason for not signing is really not even legitimate.
  21. Here's something not everyone knows: When you are doing your cache page, where it says "a cache by..." you can make up a name. If you click on it it will take you to the account owner, but in the meantime you could list each cache as "by" individual scouts. That's if you prefer to keep them all under one account but still give individuals credit. At least once I have made up a name for a cache hidden on April Fools Day.
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