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  1. who cares if they cheat. they can never say they found all of thier caches the same way you and I can (assuming you didnt "cheat" either). its just like that one dude said "their only cheating themselves"
  2. You forgot to mention all of the free time that comes along with it (it would take me an hour to type all of that)
  3. heck no. Hey Team Perks can you give me a link to the page with it though just so i can check out the logs of people who did (if anyone )
  4. Holy crap how many people have found all three?
  5. Whats the longest multi cache youve ever done? If this topic has already come and gone i apologize and will gladly read the previous thread
  6. it kind of sucks, I cant seem to find the courage to tell the person i love that i love her. it also brings up another valuable question do i jepordize our friendship and tell her that i love her or do i not tell her and have life suck. firends will come and go but freindships last a life time. im 16. i would pick her over geocaching any day any time any where.
  7. no but they would be awesome locations for a one though
  8. I usually just find a stick on my hike with a price range of 0$
  9. from my personal experience the only thing you can do is either stop caching or just replace the caches. anyone who has ever hid a cache probably knows exactly the problems you've been having. i know i do. so i guess the only thing you can do is grin and bear it 2 minutes to seal a cache? what kind of cache is it (just out of curiosity )
  10. LOL i guess thats one way i can get some good trade
  11. im planing on tying one of mine on to a bouy. i still need a little suplies and tests first to make sure it wont leak.
  12. you really should read the posts above your own. i already covered that. (i cant believe i had to post the same thing )
  13. i think he stated the best reply to a post like that
  14. NO dont mention micros. i did that once
  15. Thanks for the sarcasm i was just curious if you guys were suffering the same fate and what you more experienced geocachers did about it. thank you those of you who did answer seriously i guess ill just have to grin and bear it. if i have to replace contents so be it. i guess its just a responsibility of owning a cache.
  16. Thats it. Ive had enough. almost every cache i find has hardly any trade in them that is of value (when i do trade i trade up though). even my own caches are falling apart as far as the trade goes. i try to keep them up but people keep coming with junk. i think they cache with a trash bag (and I'm not talking about cache in trash out). its time to change. what can we do?
  17. Well my dad heard about it through a magazine and next thing you know im getting a gps for my birthday. we both love it and are tottaly hooked.
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