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  1. Now that's a "hot" coin I too am a professional Fire-Medic and would like to purchase 2 (two) coins.
  2. Sent e-mail for 6 (six). Thanks, Bonnie
  3. Beautiful, beautiful...just PayPal'd for 1 of each.
  4. Neat coin, love the map motif - just PayPal'ed for two. Regards, MooseMaMa
  5. Good one...I figure I could make it to Iowa in about 18 hours driving hard That BIG thump your heard was half the folks that were on the order list hitting the floor in a dead faint Truth now...thanks for all the hard work put forth to make this coin a reality. PayPal'ed for my 4 a few minutes ago (the link worked perfectly. MooseMaMa
  6. Placed my order for 4, thanks.
  7. Rescue & Recovery work with VATF-1 (Virginia Task Force 1, FEMA/USAID Urban Search and Rescue Team. (Not daily use, but used extensively when deployed on a mission).
  8. 6 years in the Navy, 4 in the Air Force...finally found a better job and a better man....see above
  9. 2Wheel'in and I hunted and found Mission 7, Crab Creek yesterday - that is one of three remaining Project APE caches. I believe the other two are Mission 9, Tunnel of Light in Washington, and Mission 12, Blind Canal in Illinois. Truly unique containers and log books, and a nifty bit of geocaching history.
  10. Honor the Earth, and take responsibility for ones own actions. Unfortunately neither happens often enough.
  11. Firefighter/Paramedic Lt. with Fairfax County Fire & Rescue, also a team member of the FEMA/USAR Virginia Task Force 1. I don't spend a lot of time in the forums, it seems to take away from the little time I have for caching
  12. My muddy shoes, bug bites, cobwebbed face, and unclean house thank you for your support and salutations. See you on the trail...
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