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  1. Any NASEMSO member at Conference caching while in Little Rock? See "the man from MO" if you are.
  2. Three bucks a month and I'm elitist? WOW, I have arrived. By the way, PETA called. The dead horse needs to be turned to glue
  3. All that money the AF spends on golf courses and new uniforms.
  4. I was going to accept a contracting job in the middle east, and I knew I'd need a GPS. While up in the middle of the night surfing the net, somehow came across the website. Things changed, no trip to the sand and the rest is boring.
  5. Put the cache down, step away and nobody gets hurt
  6. Glad to be in a group that is not in the lead. Some of us may not be in the best shape, but we have grown old with stubborness, "orneryness", and angina pectoris. I tried to make an age appropriate rhyme. Post midnight silliness.
  7. Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer. Led an Explorer Post at my Fire Department, Tiger Cub Den Leader then Assistant Cub Master, and now a Webelo Den Leader with my youngest son. Have been involved off and on for 5 decades.Yep, the 60's 70's, 80's, 90's and the 21st century. Gee, I'm old. Plan to keep going and working with my son through Boy Scouts.
  8. Wow, I guess if an ammo box isn't rainbow, how would I know (or care) what the orientation is. Being a membership driven group, with rules that are established, isn't this settled on the first page. As far as agendas, the ASPCA or PETA may get on us for kicking that horse again, and again, and again... Let's not ruin fun with agendas or politics. I have enough of both on a daily basis.
  9. A week ago I was waiting in a park like area to photograph my daughter before homecoming. A man, his wife, and child were there. They were walking aroung the area, dad looking at his phone and mom and child wandering around. soon they got in there car. I just walked over and asked, "are you geocaching?" The look on their faces was precious. No one else noticed the type of behavior. Having found 2 caches in the same spot, of course I knew. They had found it, but didn't want to attract attention. Good call. I went over and looked at the cache, all around me were oblivious to what I was doing. Stealth is good if radar is working. Dullards may never notice anything if they are preoccupied. My $.02
  10. I think it was Nietzsche that said, "there is your way, there is my way, there is no THE way". Sorry, I couldn't resist. How many time can you use that. Just have fun. Life's too short to worry about the small stuff and what others think. laissez les bon temps rouler
  11. I have 3 packs I use; A Blachawk Phoenix (1st Gen) for the winter for extra gear, a Mountain hardware for longer Spring summer with a CamelBak system; and a CamelBak MULE for shorter hunts/hike close to home. Remember the old saw, "if it looks stupid and it works, it isn't stupid". Fashion shows and style don't keep you warm, dry and fed. But, I could be wrong
  12. Savoy 6


    52-growing older, not up
  13. Buck Rogers, circa 1978?? (I watched for Erin Gray)No one else answered
  14. I bought my GPS in October 2004 in anticipation of a contract job in Iraq.(didn't come to be, my choice). Up surfing the net for "how-to" info, found Geocaching.com, and started from there. My activity was limited to available time. Had a personal loss and stopped. I'm back hunting again. I have found cachers without looking, came up in conversation about hobbies, GPS, mapping. I incorporate GPS, mapping, and waypoints into my work. Geocaching pays off, I guess.
  15. Career government employee. Or as my brother likes to think, "a lackey of the man". For me, my 2 government pensions will support me and caching into my golden years.
  16. Just my 2 cents. Being the owner of 2 long term time shares(plots), one occupied by a loved one and the other waiting for me, find another spot. We have not run out of land to the point that cemetaries are the last frontier. It literally is "over the top". Also, haven't we kicked this dead horse before, in another thread?? Let's find another horse and ride off into the sunset.
  17. mmmmmmmm love the smell of diesel exhaust and Jet-A in the morning - quite the rush, hmmmm I think I need some more drivers training. going off topic, sorry, does Fireboy trade patches? Send a PM if so and I'll see if I can dig one up Been in EMS 33 years, Paramedic for 27. I'm an EMS bureau-cat
  18. *mental note... do not invite these folks to use your cabin when they visit Sweden... Somebody find my duffel bag?- Sture Bergwall
  19. I also use a Palm M505 with cachemate. Works just fine for me and you can get them pretty cheap on ebay. Treo 650-comes in handy when papers left in truck(yeah, I know) can hit web in woods. Uber-geek
  20. I loved Izmir and am planning a 30th year return. Am loooking for caches in the Izmir area, as well as mapping software for a Garmin. Any help would be appreciate
  21. Caching dog- IKE, I miss that dog photos in my profile
  22. Gore tex Vasque. Wore a pair of all leather Vasque hikers for 20 years, threw them away. New technology of boots is amazing. Vasque may be pricey, but having had bunions and other foot ailments, quality is worth it. The internet is an amazing place for value/comparitive shopping
  23. This occurs more frequently in less hostile climates than folks may or may not be aware. in '99 in USAF Basic training it was fatal, another time at a State police training academy had students suffer kidney failure from dehydration are just 2 that come off the top of my head immediately. There is so much good info on hydration for folks, Camelbak's site has some good research for heat as well as cold climates, the "forgotten" cause of dehydration. I've treated dehydrated patients in both types of climates. Like heat exhaustion in January. I spent a summer in the "Gulf" a few years back, nobody on my watch had a heat related problem.Had an eye on them and made sure they watched themselves. A good cause for pause for cachers and pertinent to the forums. Pretend you're a baby; drink, pee, poop. Good signs of hydration. Hydration 101. Always have a litre of H20 in my camelbak. never know when you may need it. like a cell phone, it's a bad thing if you need it and it's in your car. Camelbak and other foks now have tabs to add electrolytes and flavor to the tube taste. But hey, I've been wrong before.
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