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  1. I find it so peculiar that some eTrex owners have problems, and others don't . It's seems to be the same with the Oregon versions - some problems, others not. I uploaded 2.87 to my eTrex 30 right after it was released and have not experienced any problems whatsoever. I often wonder if it is because the units are so "customizable" (if that's a word) - owners can set many different functions/sequences/fields, in multiple profiles - the end result may be that the GPSr's respond differently based on those "different" settings (some combinations work, some not so much). I dunno, hopefully there will be a final version one day that works well for all. Bill
  2. Ever since I started geocaching...I place a found cache on my Watch List, once it's found again, off it comes - not exactly with a sigh of relief, but I know what you mean. I've only been LTF twice...and whether it was my fault or not - I did not like it. Bill
  3. That percentage of progress seems to be unique to the new eTrex units...I'm used to a blue "progress bar" on the Oregons. At least you're able to see something happening though -- better than staring at a screen that doesn't "move". Mine halted for a second or two at the "programming region 14" as well. This is only the second time I've upgraded the software on the eTrex 30...and I don't recall if the previous upgrade blanked the satellite data and compass calibration. (I have had that happen on the Oregon 450 and 550t in the past though). Bill
  4. Frequently...very frequently, and now that one's found log/date appears on the right side of found cache pages...it makes it really easy. Good fun & great memories. Bill
  5. Not sure about the answer to #2, but the answers to all the others is Yes! The following website will allow you to learn just about all there is to know about your Oregon. http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/ Bill
  6. I don't believe you'll encounter any problem retaining the Topo maps on your 62. Garmin Topo maps are not "locked" to an owner/GPS receiver. Bill
  7. Been caching for 10+ years, had 211 finds before hiding my first cache...a "slow starter?", maybe so - but that cache is still going strong. Bill
  8. Garmin Contact: Monday–Thursday: 8 AM–6 PM, Friday 8 AM–5 PM Central Time (closed holidays) U.S.: 913-397-8200 U.S. toll-free: 1-800-800-1020 Canada: 1-866-429-9296 Bill
  9. You may also edit your data fields on the Compass, Trip Computer, Map, etc,. pages to include the "Battery" level indicator. Bill
  10. If you call Garmin customer service...and "talk nice", odds are they will send you one free. I say call because calling usually has better results than e-mailing. In my experience, Garmin's customer service is beyond compare. Bill
  11. SamuraiTrapper - The 655t sounds like a very nice receiver...I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Yes, there can be a learning curve, especially because Garmin user manuals are historically "lacking". The Compass Screen works well for caching, you should be able to customize the display to include two "data fields"...I use Destination and Distance to Destination so the compass arrow will point to the cache, and the distance to the cache will count down as you view/walk to the cache. I've found that the Trip Computer page also works well, I have that customized as well so the data fields on that page show: Destination; Distance to Destination; Elevation; Time of Day; GPS Accuracy; Speed; Off Course; Pointer (the Pointer performs the same function as the Compass by pointing to the cache); Battery; and finally Trip Odometer. The more you use the receiver, the more you'll learn about it...and I'm sure you'll come up with your own customization. Good luck, and enjoy. Bill
  12. My wife and I frequently use our RINO 530HCx's. They work well for caching, and are extremely useful when leading groups of cachers (such as before, during, or after an event), bike-caching is also popular in my local area...and communicating while leading a group of cyclists is invaluable (one of us ride "lead" the other "sweep". They are also useful (some might even say comforting) when caching in deep woods and we go our own ways, or take different approaches to GZ. The 5W power does a good job...although you have to remember that they are "line-of-sight" radios. Peer positioning is a great feature, so is the ability to transmit/receive pre-programmed or customized text messages. The on-board L ion battery has great life, and the ability to use AA's in a pinch is nice. Actually, the only negative I have...now that we also own Oregons...is the smaller screen. Bill
  13. Take a look at the Garmin Oregon 450t, it pretty much covers everything you mentioned (pre-loaded USA Topo, stick in a CN microSD and you'll have North American road auto-routing, touch screen, and it's infinitely customizable with Profiles). I'd look for it to be had for between $350.00 and $400.00 (maybe cheaper) this upcoming holiday season. Good luck with your choice. Bill
  14. So far, so good I selected a number of caches (8) and went through the sequence of GO > LOG ATTEMPT > FOUND. All appeared as found in the Geocaching "Show Found" menu...powered down, up, down, up half a dozen times, and all 8 caches remained on the "Show Found" list. Hopefully the missing found caches problem is history. Then marked 4 new waypoints on my 550t (1,2,3,4), marked 4 new waypoints on a 450 (5,6,7,8) -- wirelessly sent those on the 550t to the 450, and those on the 450 to the 550t. No problems noted...fingers remained crossed. Bill
  15. Yup...5.20 fixed that problem - use WebUpdater to download and install. I wonder if the "missing Found caches" problem was fixed too, will have to play with it a bit to see. Bill
  16. I don't have my Oregon handy in order to check, but I seem to recall that there are options to select which color track log you prefer...one of them was "Clear" - it records, but nothing appears on the map. If that's so...and if later you wish to actually see the track log, you can change it to a viewable color. I have not experience the "return to Lock on Road" anomaly you're getting. Bill
  17. That's fantastic...sure sounds like a wonderful place to work - CONGRATULATIONS Groundspeak! Bill
  18. I'm afraid this isn't going to help you much...at least I can't think of a solution for you; however, since I couldn't remember if I actually had a PQ w/child waypoints loaded when I tested this previously...I tried it again (whew, that's a long sentence)!. I loaded a PQ with 744 caches, and 193 child waypoints. I then ran the Reset - "Delete All Waypoints" option on my Oregon - it did not respond as quickly as it does when I select "Delete Current Track" or "Delete Trip Data, Timers, Averages, etc." BUT after about a 1 second delay, it did delete all waypoints without locking up. I reloaded and tried it 3 more times...in each case there was a slight delay, but waypoints were deleted without locking up. Maybe it's the number of child waypoints you have loaded, or possibly the way you have your Oregon "customized". I still think that they (the Oregons) can be configured in so many different ways by the owner...that it is possible one particular combination of settings can cause problems for that owner, but not others (because they haven't set up their Oregons that specific way)...that's just my theory though. I do hope you can find a solution. Bill
  19. myotis - I held my breath and tried the Reset/Delete Waypoints on both an Oregon 450, and 550t - worked fine, no lock ups. Got bold and loaded waypoints back into both units and tried it twice more....again - no lock ups. Bill
  20. Just a thought (especially if you're viewing on the map page)...set your tracking preference to "Track Up" and not "North Up"...that might be the culprit. Bill
  21. Readily admit that I cannot help you with the technical problem, but when I had a problem with one of the first Chirp™ beacons I purchased...Garmin didn't have a real answer. I purchased 4 shortly after they were released (I've deployed 3 with no problem), but one came "bad" right out of the package. When I went to program it...there was already a "jibberish" (random characters and spaces) message on the Chirp™, and there was nothing I could do to get it to respond to a programming attempt. It wanted the PIN...and I had no idea what that PIN could have been. Queried Garmin, who had no answer except to say "Return to where purchased". Which is what I did. For a few moments I thought "Hey, what if someone familiar with the new Chirp™ technology was programming them at random while they were in shipment"? Then realized that they ship without the battery installed. If you are able to return it to where you purchased it...I'd go that route. In any event...I'll be watching this topic to see what you get as a response from Garmin. Good luck. Bill
  22. That looks like the old style "serial" connector. They are available from Garmin, on the auction sites, or you can make your own with parts from pfranc.com. Bill
  23. Just a note to answer jefro and to follow up on my previous post regarding the on/off/on power up problem. Jefro, I do not notice any new waypoint icons on the 530HCx....in fact, being used to the icons on my 60CS, there are many that are on the 60CS that do not appear on the 530HCx...and I don't see room or the capability for adding "custom icons" on the 530HCx either. I'm basing the no new icons on the fact that I only compared them to my 120 and 130...I don't know what the non-HCx versions of the 520 & 530 had. Does anyone know if it is possible to add custom icons to the 530HCx? To stay on topic...I am happy to report that Garmin did respond to my e-mail about the problem of powering the 530HCx back up after turning it off while the radio was disabled. They said they were not aware of that problem, but suggested a "hard reset" (as I suspected). I did perform a hard reset and the power up problem has not raised its ugly head again. I've "field tested" the unit extensively over the course of the past week and couldn't be more pleased. It acquires quickly, maintains a solid lock as advertised (even under heavy canopy or among tall buildings), battery life is adequate (I did purchase the additional AA battery pack just in case) radio reception is clear, and the 5W transmit power seems to have extended the range considerably. The face and side buttons have a soft touch and tactile feel, the screen is bright and easily readable, and I installed a SanDisk 1GB micro card and uploaded maps (both road and topo) to cover most of everything east of the Mississippi...with plenty of room left for custom POI's. AutoRouting works well. Menu selection is slightly different from what I'm used to, but it's not cumbersome and I'm getting familiar with it. In short...I'm very pleased with the unit. Bill algotube - I wish I had a real suggestion for you to try...my 530HCx's have been working flawlessly for the last 3 years. Never experienced the power on/off problem since way back in 2007. One thing to make sure of...and that is that you are completely depressing the on/off button...it's in a very peculiar spot because it is so close (sandwiched in) between the quadhelix antenna, and the radio antenna. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Bill
  24. Just outside of DC, the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization (NoVAGO) just click this: NoVAGO Bill
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