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  1. Have you found a solution at all? I am thinking about getting the 8300 Curve unit.
  2. May all the kids in the world have a chocolate egg to find.
  3. not true. Lets be honest about this. PQ can take 2 minutes and they can take hours to generate. Sometimes it misses the day all together.
  4. Our local caching group have a couple moving caches that we just track in our forums. I am in the process of creating some php code in conjunction with MySQL to establish a database that a google map API can refer to everytime the cache is found and hidden and reference them on the map. Before I get into it too far, has anyone done this already and want to share their code? Cheers, Mike
  5. Get the CD and you can use it on your computer and upload to the unit. If you just get he Pre loaded SD card, only the unit can see it.
  6. For a one time prize for a FTF I cannot see an issue with it. Heck I have been that FTF and received the coords as a "special mission". However, to do that for everyone that ever does the cache can be cumbersome. As noted before... what if you go on vacation, lose interest, get sick, etc. Everyone going for the cache can't do it anymore. It's useless and is geotrash. Don't take it so hard. They just want to ensure the cache is available 24/7. And as much as it sucks, previous cache placements do not establish a precedent for future cache placements.
  7. As it stands a user can write anything they want in for the two digit prefix for a child waypoint. A child waypoint being an additional waypoint on the page for parking, trailheads or clues. Most of the time the users will put in PK for parking and TH for trailhead and it makes sense. You also get other variations as well - TR for trailhead, PP for parking. Just wondering if Gc.com will come up with a default standard for the most common types of additional wapoint prefixes. TH = Trailhead PK = Parking CL = Clue QA = Question to Answer RP = Reference Point etc. So if you select 'Parking Area' as the type of waypoint the prefix is automatically PK, etc for the ones above. An exception would be the 'Stage of a Multicache' selection, the first letter of the prefix could be fixed at S and the user chooses a number to represent that stage. eg. S1, S2, etc. Why am I asking this? I think it would just make it easier to follow and create a standard that people would instantly recognize. As it stands I could give a prefix of WW for parking or BB for trailhead. Just my rambling thoughts. Hope it gets considered. mrking
  8. I'll be in Ontario in May. Low and behold this cache is just over 1km from my brother in laws place. Too cool.
  9. mrking


    I have a travel bug coming your way from western Canada. Whomever fulfils the goals gets an unactivated 2006 BC Geocoin as a thank you. CHOP Travel Bug - TBHYQ4 I hope it makes it's way there. mrking
  10. We have updated the LMGA site quite a bit this last month and have some very good info in the news area. We added a new gallery section where members can store their geocaching photos and share them with others. And through 2007 we are having a photo contest every month (one entry per member per month) where you can win geocaching swag. So, if you are in BC, specifically the lower mainland, drop by the LMGA. Cheers, Michael
  11. CDN Benchmarks on GC.com have my vote.
  12. Well, I have to put my hat in say Landsharkz.ca have excellent service, quality and price for their coin manufacturing.
  13. FANTASTIC! Makes me wish I was in Manitoba. Good luck everyone!
  14. Let me guess... was this in Central Park in Burnaby? I found a small bag of about 10 needles stuck in a tree root. Thanks god all of them were capped otherwise I would have poked myself when I pulled the bag out. &%*&*%^ Druggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. It would be great to have CDN Benchmarks part of GC.com instead of Waymarking as it is now.
  16. I have to put in a good word for www.gpscentral.com. Best service all around.
  17. How about... "How to hide my meth from my parents using GPS" OK, a little cynical....
  18. Since this user has two posts, I would say it is a troll to advertise.
  19. You Americans get all the best deals.
  20. Very cool. Now if Garmin would only come out with a unit like that that uses an SD card. Man, that would be great.
  21. Google Earth You'll have to bring them into MapSource first then export them to a GPX or KML file then bring them into google earth
  22. If you live here, you know, marijuana is legal for medical use. You may also apply for a license to grow personal marijuana, And no you don't need a doctors note. And Yes it is very tolerated on all other acount.. They are busting grow ops like mad because of the fire hazard involved with wiring the lights, most grow ops do not wire to code. You can like I said get a permit (inspection of wire must be preformed) and it will solve these issues. Please people, from now on, keep this topic clear of personal opinions.. My question is not "who hates this idea and wants to argue with me about it?" it is "Who is interested in a coin like this?". IF you are interested in a coin like this, then please reply. If not, you are not helping anything. Please do not reply. Being 'legal' and 'legal for medical use' are not the same. Sorry. Yes, you can use it and grow it and sell it if you have all the papers that make it legal. Heck you can even posses a small amount without getting arrested even without a doctors script. However, it is far from legal for public use. I can see you having the leaf and the medical symbol on the coin, that would be neat, and it would promote the proven medical properties of marajuana. PS. I don't buy your statement that they bust grow ops due to the danger of it. It's because it is illegal to grow and sell without written permission. Period. Personally, I'd love to see it legalized. I would love to see how much more revenue the gov't can make off taxes.
  23. Honestly, the yellow's suck at geocaching unless you are strictly in an urban setting. if you have caches in the woods or you take it hiking, it will lose signal, guaranteed. However, I agree with the garmin brand, just look at a different model than the basic yellow.
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