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  1. i admit.. i didn't read any of the posts.. but isn't that why the caches are ranked in difficulty... if they can't figure out that it's a difficult cache... that's their problem...
  2. I would say first read the book that came with the gps... i have the 60cs not csx... but i'm sure they are similar.... the easiest way to find them is go to the map screen... zoom out and you'll see them.. you can hit the page button til you get to the menu where the icon says goecache.... enter that one and there they are....
  3. Hey all you guys. Post up your Vote for me links here. I'll start... Vote for me at the link below http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?L...3a-da4411af47f4 Below is my pic
  4. Hey all you guys. Post up your Vote for me links here. I'll start... Vote for me please... http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?L...3a-da4411af47f4 Below is my pic
  5. so where is the most saturated area? post up a zipcode so i can do a search and check for myself....
  6. I thought pics weren't supposed to be edited....
  7. I too have been guilty of holding onto Jeep TB's too long...but I've always released them. What makes me feel bad is that the cache I found mine in.. I had allready found. I don't think it's wrong or bad to take a tb from a prevoiusly found cache.. espically since green jeep tb's are so hard to come by...
  8. Who won? Anybody we know? I discovered a jeep for this months contest... Adventure... that should be easy enough... Anyway.. the reason I started this thread is cause I did a search and nothing.. anyone know who won?
  9. you could always put some of you junk into the ammo cans to make space for more caches!
  10. There will always be thieves when there's nobody watching..... I just sent out 4 geocoins and am waiting to see how long they last. I wasn't going to send them out at first, but they were doing me no good sitting on my desk....
  11. There was no suggestions that anyone would put this in their mouth. In fact, not knowing what the substance was I would not even touch it. I used the bottom of my boot or a stick check post #3.. i wasn't talking to you!
  12. This one is really tough... Try hiking 12 miles and not finding one stage of the cache... Then hike back later to try to find it again... Yeah this cache is tough... Read some of the logs.... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...5c-5fbb38e5356f
  13. first of all.. if you don't know what it is.. why the hell would you put it in your mouth????
  14. WxGuesser

    Silly topic

    both great ideas.. why didn't i think of that.. i'll recaliberate it and go from there.. and yes garmin does have awesome customer service.. i wonder if they'd let me upgrade to a 60csx for cheaper.. i know.. whishful thinking....
  15. WxGuesser

    Silly topic

    well i just got some really super power magnets for micros and threw them in my bag. i didn't notice that they clung to my gps... they were hooked to the gps for a few days... now when i go caching.. or simply navigate to a cache in the offroad mode the red arrow always "sticks" and won't point in the correct direction... but the distance in feet/tenths of miles works fine...is it possible i jacked up my garmin? and yes i do have the latest firmware... maybe reinstall the firmware??
  16. I don't mean to stir the pot.. but if someone wants to make a coin and they do... they are entitled to sell their coin... there is no monopoly on geocoins!
  17. Yes, I agree; that is one of my more favorite scenarios. Of course, once you have launched first a lightweight fishing line over the top of the pylon and then used it to pull successively heavier and thicker lines over the top, followed by a length of 11 mmm climbing rope, you do not even need to scale the face of the pylon, as you can simply use ascenders to climb the rope, and then use a figure 8 or other rappel device for a speedy descent. steel or titanium deep sea fishing line would work fine...
  18. you could easily launch a rope over the top of that pylon and scale the side... having your belay man on the other side of the pylon... dosen't look too difficlult to me!
  19. Well i got word that one of my caches i left behind in korea got re-landscaped. so what should i do delete it or archive.. it's gone and i won't be replacing it...
  20. So can we assume you expressed your displeasure in your logs? The people who own these caches come on these boards... So they'll see my concerns.
  21. Ok.. a few things have been bothering me lately. I have been "fooled" by 2 caches lately. To find both of these cache you have to do things that you probably shouldn't do. Well actually there are 3 things... 1. Remove bark from a tree.. 2. Screw/nail into the tree.. 3. Climb on objects where you shouldn't be climbing.. ( there are no signs, but common sense says don't) For #1 I realize you can gently bend bark and look between the tree and bark. Now I concider myself eco friendly... so to find it I bent the bark softly so it wouldn't break and fall off. I wonder what other people would do? Strip the tree completely if they thought that is where the cache was hiding. For #2 I realize that there probably hundreds of thousands of treeforts that are being held togather by nails/screws... but when i saw that the cache was held to the tree by a screw i was alittle shocked... ( i'm not from california, but living here it kind of surprised me to see this) 3. I was stumped on a cache for the longest time ( 3 different days for 3-4 hrs each day until i found it) then I got so upset that I climbed a tower that I probably shouldn't have. And bingo there was the cache. Like I said there were no signs.. but common sense would tell me not to climb or place a cache on a building in a state park. Comments...
  22. somehow i don't think the one on the TOYOTA will win!
  23. I had almost the exact same thing happen. I got pulled over when I was helping a friend move. I was driving up a hill with a loaded 18 foot trailer and a state trooper pulled me over and said I was doing 75 in a 55 mph zone. After arguing with him a for a while about how there is no way a fully loaded SUV pulling a fully loaded trailer could be doing 75 up a hill I asked him to see the radar. It only showed 65. That was a little better but still faster than I had been going. Then I popped my Quest out of the craddle and showed him that according to my Quest with the roofmount antenna and 8 foot accuracy, my max speed had only been 57, and that there was no way my GPS could be off by 18mph. I think it made him mad, but he just left after that. Go Garmin! Robert I hate dishonest (liars) people... espically cops that are "dishonest". I know I know... the bad ones are only a drop in the bucket.. but they do make cops look bad regardless...
  24. Yeah but I've recently picked up another hobby... that is much more expensive than caching. i need more gear for this new hobby. I already have plenty of gear for caching, but not enough for my photography. check out some of the pics i've taken lately www.kevinchurch.smugmug.com
  25. This topic will be really awesome for me when I win my new 60cx... you know the jeep tb contest..
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