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  1. My suggestion is to hide caches of the nature that you would enjoy finding. If you do a good enough job of it, you may find like-minded geocachers that will be inspired to follow your example.
  2. It makes you think the rest of the count from the person you referenced is a bunch of BS. It does boil down to integrity. This person obviously has none. The statistics quoted are the numbers of a personal friend. If you want to question integrity, start at the first line... these numbers were accumulated over 5 years, not 3. This cacher has attended the midwest geobashes, nearly every event he has been able to, and you will find his name on almost every log you open in SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois. I have seen days when he and his caching buddies would go out and score 30 or 40 finds for the day, Trudy & I have seen him on the trail and know there is no way we could keep up with him for even an hour. The cacher that has been singled out is very high energy and his integrity is beyond reproach. It might be advised to walk the trails with a fellow cacher before demeaning him. Better yet, don't demean the activities of your fellow cachers, it's their game.
  3. All who know him, recognize this as the signature line of Marc_54140. It translates to: I came, I saw, I joined the WGA... The language is Marcese.
  4. You folks don't see me here much any more. These forums are taken OT way too quickly without resolving any issues presented. Getting back to the issues at hand ~ 100 or more cache logs at one event? - show me The cachers pointed out have 100 event logs, but this is for a total of five events, take another look at their profile, page one lists only one of those events. Logging temporary caches? This is an issue that has no resolution. One of the cachers at the WGA event in question logged 65 caches for 20+ hours of caching at the event; cachers were on the trails Friday evening, all day Saturday, Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The park is over 1000 acres in size and boasts over 17 miles of hiking trails. There were about a half dozen caches available Friday, about fifty temporary caches available Saturday and about a dozen more available Saturday night. We used the entire park for the event, which was open to all comers. We frequently see cachers from Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and occasionally Texas at our Wisconsin events. The quality of the caches at these events rivals the permanent caches we have seen in the 14 states we have cached in. Some cachers logged every temp they found, some went home with only a count of one event attended. It was their choice. I would prefer to see only permanent caches in our game; I would prefer to see only ammo boxes, only unique locations, and only short walks on level terrain. These are my preferences. But, not all caches fit my preferences. I play the game as it is laid before me and create caches as I like to see them. Please correct me if I am critical of how others play this game, I would do nothing to take their fun from them.
  5. the beast 1961-1969 United States Army 1974-1992 United States Army Reserves 1992-2004 Missing it
  6. It was our 300th find that convinced us that we will all be newbies forever. Newbie isn't a yes/no deal. there are degrees of newbie as we continue to learn new ways to pursue our RASH, the degree of Newbie deminishes, but it never goes away. BTW we visited out 300th five times before we scored a find. ~tb
  7. We ordered a pair of C's. They arrived yesterday and my fingers have been as busy as those of a 6-year old with a scab on his knee. I didn't and still don't see any advantage to having an integrated compass, much less an altimeter. I didn't consider paying more (a bunch more) for features I have no use for. Our Suunto compass will get me within a degree of magnetic north and I can mentally correct to true with enough precision to find a cache within a dozen feet. If I had enough money to pursue every frill offered, I would probably be breeding pet rocks for a living.
  8. I thought that it would be less than appropriate for me to continue following the threads about this issue without voicing my support of the actions and positions taken by Steve as a land manager, Cachew as a cache owner, and Brian and Ken as representatives of the WGA. I find nothing in your words or actions that is not alltogether fitting and proper in this situation. I feel the indefensible flameing that appears on the boards should be ignored as it is not representative of our community. Steve, Brian, Ken, please keep up your vigalence in insure that our sport continues to be safe and fun. A vote of confidence, Ray Handley WGA Member of the Board Life is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy. A cache is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy. To cache is to live. What is life without caching?
  9. Several days ago I noticed Dan had posted notification that he was looking for someone to take over the pages. The notice appeared on his Stats Home Page. tb Life is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy. A cache is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy. To cache is to live. What is life without caching?
  10. To start, we discovered our logo.. a little girl with her cat. Trudy is a diminutive form of Helen's middle name which she prefers we do not disclose. The original logo was a bit crude, didn't look a lot like a cat. So we mulled it over, hashed it out, talked it through. We refined the drawing, enhanced it, and fixed it. We were all set to adopt it as our logo and we took it to our grand children for their opinions. They happened to watching some Disney film at the time. Not sure what it was, but it seemed to be about some chick with a beau having a bad hair day. I'm not sure which child it was, but one pointed at the logo and said "it's a little girl and her cat." And that's the story of our geoname Little girl and her cat. Life is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy. A cache is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy. To cache is to live. What is life without caching?
  11. Hello, My name is the beast, and I’m a cachaholic. It started innocently. At first it was a casual cache here and there. But, it didn’t take long and I was hooked. I was sneaking out for a quick cache after church, at family gatherings, weddings and funerals. To save time, I would skip packing a lunch for work so that I could use those few extra minutes of daylight before work to grab a quick cache. I began sneaking out of bed in the wee hours of night to study the work of Eule Gibbons so that I might skip any semblance of a lunch and just snack on my way between caches. I know I wasn’t eating right, I was in trouble. Soon the caches were getting further from home and work and caching was consuming more and more of my time and I was getting to fewer caches. So, I began placing caches close to home and work. Now if I wasn’t able to get to a new cache, I could at least do some cache maintenance with the time I had available. One day my boss caught me sneaking out during a break to check one of my nearby caches. He said “beast, we need to have a talk.” I thought I was finally going to get the help I needed. When he started to express his concerns, I realized that there was no use being defensive. So I explained what I was doing, and showed him the cache and my GPS. Soon he was hooked too. Now, we are taking two-hour lunch breaks together to cache. We are caching after work. I am getting home at a later hour every week. My family has all joined cacheanon and they are considering an intervention. Trudy has stopped fighting it and now joins me in the fields and woods every chance she gets. I think she is only doing it to save our marriage. I no longer believe I can stop caching. It is too late for me. I share my story in the hope that it may serve as an example. Perhaps some beginning cacher will see where these trips to WalMart, K-Mart, Target and the Dollar Store are leading. Please, young cachers, swap your GPS for a metal detector before it’s too late.
  12. Now that we have completed a score of these, I can offer these observations. The series is a very worthy challenge. To be able to complete the series in less than a week is an admirable accomplishment. Trudy and I will do well to complete the series before the end of the month. The adventure is in the hunt. Each hunt has taken us to a new park and offered new challenges. Some have added new brusies, cuts, scratches, abbrasions and bites. Some are very easy to find and some have been very difficult. Several have been kid friendly and some dog friendly... yuck! I am not dissapointed, but rather surprised at the level of quality that Socko has built into these caches. I enjoy seeing the kind of growth brought to our sport by State of Mind, RPaske's Mother Goose and The Lil Otter's 52-Pickup. Keep them coming. tb Life is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy.
  13. quote:Originally posted by dasein:Speaking of nasty stuff, one thing that really bugs us is people leaving apparently used syringes/needles near--or even on--trails............ Is there a medical professional reading this who has advice on how to remove used needles and temporarily store them until they can be properly disposed of (or who can refer me to such a document or website?) BTW, I have access to a bio-hazard container at work. Most cachers we know carry bottled water on the trails. carefully pick up the syringe and needle, use a multi tool, tweesers, pliers, gloves to provide the level of protection you feel comfortable with. Place the offending item in an empty water bottle, cap it and cart it. Life is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy.
  14. Team 360 I work with Guests of the County on a daily basis. I really don't think you want to get involved at the level you suggest. A Local club might sponsor an event for newbies with or without GPSr. You might award a GPSr as a door prize. I think this is what Sissy-n-CR shook out of the cobwebs in my gray matter. In short, If you address the need over the activity, you may be disappointed with the result. JMHO - the beast So what is the speed of dark?
  15. Hum.... What if there were branched paths? Allow the fox to select a route.. Hounds would have to double back when on the wrong path... How about multiple fox?... Hounds have to capture both or all... my mind is a torrent... Hedley Lamar/Blazing Saddles
  16. Trudy & I havn't done more than the low teens on any one day. Our best days are days like today, we did two caches that I thought were tough for folks on the senior side of middle-aged. We find that once we get to double digit days, we have difficulty remembering each cache. While we have been accumulating some good numbers [we are about to top 300] we would prefer to enjoy the activity at a more moderate pace. If we were to race, we wouls surely lose. So what is the speed of dark?
  17. quote:Originally posted by RJFerret: Before flying off the handle, raising your blood pressure and souring your mood--why not step back and realize there are more significant issues in life? quote:Originally posted by Skigirl: I'd rather find the person and hang them up by their thumbs...but that's just me. Can I agree with both of you? Why not stay cool as we etract sweet revenge? So what is the speed of dark?
  18. quote:Originally posted by Rygel:That's another thing that bothers me, people who think just because they have more finds they are somehow better then others. The number of logs one has doesn't make you better than those with fewer. The issue is one of right or wrong. If an owner publishes criteria for an acceptable find and a finder meets those criteria, then the find should stand. If an owner deletes such a find, it is wrong. The cache owner is not playing by established rules, some of which he/she established. Resorting to counting finds/hides of those who post here to establish credibility is evading the original issue. There is no need to stoop to this level. So what is the speed of dark?
  19. In Wisconsin, we have a newbie - jstream - blazing a hot trail folks, 72 caches in 30 days. So what is the speed of dark?
  20. If you go out as a group and you don't find the cache, do you each log a not found? just wondering tb I once thought I had erred, but I was mistaken.
  21. After you have logged a sufficient number of caches, you will probably start doing your cache searches in another zip code. The unlogged cache will no longer be such a thorn in your side. You can learn to live with it since it will lose it;s significance. It only bothers you because you are still starting your cache searches from your home on outward. I once thought I had erred, but I was mistaken.
  22. What would Bret Favre do? Tape it up and play anyway. That toe is going to take 4-6 weeks to heal. can you wait it out that long? I once thought I had erred, but I was mistaken.
  23. quote:Originally posted by El Oso:I agree with Welch. I _always_ want to download the actual cache coordinates, and I may or may not want the parking coordinates. Since the coords in the cache definition are what gets downloaded, those need to be the actual cache location. El Oso and Welch make a very good argument... they are right. I have been inputting WPs mannually and hadn't considered the other side of the issue. I am sorry if this has caused any problems.. tb I once thought I had erred, but I was mistaken.
  24. quote:Originally posted by Higgins' Expeditionary Force:Does assigning coordinates assign them to the site you are logging, as you found them on your own GPS? The coordinates you enter when you log a find are only recorded in your log. I wouldn't use this feature unless there was a considerable difference between the data sets. It does not affect the coordinates given by the cache owner. By the way, If you intend to place a cache and wish to give parking coordinates, it may be preferable to give the parking coordinates in the cache definition and the actual cache location in the text of the cache description. I once thought I had erred, but I was mistaken. [This message was edited by Trudy & The Beast on February 01, 2003 at 08:31 AM.]
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