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  1. My Garmin 60CSx "disappeared" and I'm looking to replace it. Please contact me by e-mail if you have one in good shape that you'd like to sell. My e-mail is tobyATtheasplins dot com Looks like they're going anywhere from $160 - $200 on here recently. I'm OK with that price range - based on condition. Don't need topo maps or Micro-SD cards. Somehow, that stuff didn't disappear. Thanks, Toby
  2. We have stocked out of the 1.8 ml vials and are unable to get any more in at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, our "evil micro's" are, as a result, no longer available. We do still have magnets, matchstick canister micro's and our full line of shirts, hats, stickers, buttons, etc. Thanks for all your support!
  3. Thanks for mentioning that. We've been having some problems with our host lately. It should be fixed in a few hours.
  4. Just a note to say thank you to everyone who made our Christmas merry. We look forward to serving you in 2006!
  5. Unfortunately, it appears that we are unable to get the 1.2 ml vials. Sorry!
  6. I'll check with our supplier and try to let you know tomorrow.
  7. New "micro" containers just in. These are waterproof and made of high-impact plastic and just a little longer than a wooden matchstick. They will be available on our website today at http://geocaching.theasplins.com/products.htm Keep on cachin'
  8. Just a bump for Christmas. Order now and your merchandise will make it in time for the 25th!
  9. Try this one: Micro Cache Log I modified the document from the Hide & Seek a Cache page to a two page document with the Geocaching information on one side and a log on the other side. Just run the pages through your printer twice. Enjoy!
  10. Just to add a little angst to this post (Doesn't every post need some?) ... I feel the dog banner photos are discriminitory and not representative of the dog caching public. The bulk of the dogs in the banners posted above appear to be of the same breed with only one "token" dog of another breed. As an example, the Rat Terrier is a very intelligent dog and an excellent cacheing companion. Ours is alwasy on the alert for cache containers, or places to poop - as the case may be, and tolerant of both cacheing kids and kittens as evidenced by the photo below. "Where is the diversity?" I cry.
  11. JUST RELEASED ... a complete new line of items based on a Keep on Cachin' theme! For those of you who remember the Keep on Truckin' slogan and character from the 70's, we've developed a line of geocaching supplies (shirts, buttons, magnets, mugs, tote bags, etc.) based on the character from the Keep on Truckin' theme. Our character is definitely very geocaching-specific and we think you will enjoy these items! We won't spoil the surprise by posting item samples here. You'll want to see the whole line of items by clicking here. On a somewhat related note, we were recently contacted by a fellow geocacher who was interested in purchasing some of our items for door prizes for an event cache. If you would like to purchase several of a single item (more than 15), discounts are available. Contact me via PM or e-mail for pricing. Keep on Cachin'
  12. Back on eBay again - didn't sell the first time out. The SupplyNet Part #: 150072I. Interfaces Garmin eTrex, eMap, Geko 201/301 to the iPAQ H1700, H2200, H3000, RX3100, H3800, H3900, H4100, H4300, HX4700, H5400, H5500, H6300 series. I purchased this cable new from www.thesupplynet.com for $59.95 about four months ago to allow me to upload/download data to/from my Garmin eTrex and Compaq iPaq 3835. I also used this cable to do in-vehicle auto-routing with turn-by-turn audio instructions using Mapopolis software on my PDA. Combined with an inexpensive eTrex yellow GPS, this is arguably the cheapest in-vehicle auto-routing, turn-by-turn audio instructions solution on the market. Auction Link
  13. OK, this stuff is going on eBay. I'll post up the links when I get it on there.
  14. Already have it ... It's had a few modifictions since this pic but the GC-specific mods are: 1. Laptop mount 2. GPS mount 3. Bluetooth wireless adapter for GPS 4. PDA mount 5. Winch (should have had this when I went caching with the NevaP)
  15. Nobody? How about if I throw in an iPaq 3835 for another $100? It has two charging cradles, the plastic cover, a thumb keyboard (like a Blackberry keyboard), the original box, software and manuals and two styli. There are no scratches on the screen but the backlight does turn off occasionally. You can still see the screen unless you're in the dark.
  16. I purchased this cable about six months ago from thesupplynet.com for $59.95 + shipping. It is part #150072I-GPS. I used it about 4-5 times and decided to upgrade both my PDA and GPS to Bluetooth so no longer have a need for the cable. This cable will allow you to connect your Garmin GPS (see models in Topic Title) to any HP or iPaq PDA in the following model series: 3800, 3900, 4100, 4300, 5100, 5400, 5500. The cable also has a car charger attachment to allow you to charge your GPS in your vehicle. With the appropriate PDA mapping software, this setup can be used for in-vehicle auto-routing and voice prompt directions as well as for transferring data between your GPS and PDA for paperless caching and other activities. Below is a picture of the cable connecting an iPaq and eTrex Yellow. I would like $49.00 shipped to any location in the U.S. I will not ship outside of the U.S. Thanks for looking.
  17. Just a note to let folks know that we've added some new shirt colors. Happy caching!
  18. You ain't gonna put real ones around the the fake one to make the cache harder to find are you? Nah, I was thinking more along these lines for a perimiter defense: I think that might bring the difficulty level up to a 4 or so.
  19. I think these would make FUN cache containers. Be sure to let cachers know that they have to pull the pin to find out what's inside!
  20. Hmmm, how about something along these lines Or go here and see more options
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