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  1. I've done that. If I come across an interesting puzzle on cache too far away for me to go find it, I will try my hand at solving it then email the owner with my solution to verify if I am correct. Just for fun.
  2. You can't delete an entire post, all you can do is edit the content. Under extreme circumstances, mods can delete posts or even whole topics but I personally have never seen them go to that length
  3. Place it directly into the latest news section on your profile edit page.
  4. You as the cache owner have absolute authority over what logs are and are not acceptable. You may allow or remove any log at your discretion.
  5. Let's not mention tht alo of cache reviewers and forum mods do just this.
  6. Whenever I hide a new cache, I always make it MO until after the FTF then I open it up to everyone. Just my little way of thanking those who support the site.
  7. Quiggle = The Leprechauns Almost at exactly the same time as quiggle mad his appearnace, Leprechauns stepped down as an OT mod so he could become a moderator and cache approver.
  8. You want numbers, here are 4 archived caches of mine. Please feel free to log as many finds as you want on them. Owl's Head Fuel Stop Oh When The Jeeps Come Rolling In Pirate Invasion Water Logged
  9. I believe Groundspeak accepts checks too. However, they will not activate your premium membership until the check clears.
  10. I believe that the GC is used to denote geocache, TB for travel bug, JP for jeep etc etc.
  11. True, the non-PM person can use the URL given below to access the logging page of any MOC. Simply change the GC code at the end of the URL to that of the MOC in question. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?WP=GCHMNV
  12. I don't think this is a bug since proximity rules do not apply to waymarks.
  13. I like refreshing MO cache pages repeatedly just to make the owner wonder why I've viewed their cache a couple hundred times.
  14. Add the following code to your profile page: <img src= "http://www.world66.com/myworld66/visitedStates/statemap?visited=CA"> The above code will give you a US map with California colored red because of the letters CA at the end. Simply replace the CA with all the initials of all the states you've cached in in any order.
  15. Check out this thread over in the Geocaching.com website forum.
  16. Sometimes, you run into a gray area where a cache could be classified as either a puzzle or a multi. This cache of mine per the guidelines is a multi. It's also a puzzle. The coordinates on the cache page do indeed take you to stage 1, but you have to solve a moderately difficult equation to find all the following stages.
  17. They sound cool to me, but there are those who will dislike them. No matter what you do, there will always be nay-sayers.
  18. WH

    Logon No Remembered

    Do you have cookies disabled?
  19. There is no geocaching policy that dictates how many times you can log an event. It's at the discretion of the event owner.
  20. I was once quite addicted to the FTF race and went to long lengths to try to get them, but the novelty wore off quickly. I don't even look at the newest cache pages anymore.
  21. It would appear that your IP address has been banned. It's possible that somehow, you got hold of an IP address that was once used by a troublemaker that got it banned from the site.
  22. WH

    Group Hunts?

    My best advice is to just get out and do it, that's how I got hooked, but if you want some nice and easy ones for your outing, look for caches that are a 2/2 or lower.
  23. It looks like cache-tech is the approver for your area or at least one of them.
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