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  1. I've been out of touch with Geo Jeeping for awhile as a searcher, but still maintain 2 caches in SW Manitoba. I started Geo Jeeping in an 04 Liberty (the wife's) and then moved into an 05 Rubicon, new in 05. Here is a couple shots of our Jeeps... The former 04 Liberty now replaced w/ a *cough* Dodge Grand Caravan *cough*... My Rubi... My passenger is Teddy the Jeep Dog. He's a 15/mo old White Golden Retriever. Incedently, if any of you are heading towards the area of the International Peace Gardens (North Dakota/Manitoba) that's my territory, drop me a PM and maybe we can meet up and do some Geo Jeeping and/or perhaps run some of the local trails.
  2. I can try! It depends on melt, access, and whether or not I am working.
  3. I have looked into this for those concerned. The Turtle Island Festival is 4 months away and there is no current plans for a Geocaching or other GPS event. However, the TMCDC Officer here will be putting forth the idea to the Festival Committee this coming week for consideration. If there is interest in such a thing, I will work with him to plan and place a cache or two that will become active the first day of the Festival for those wishing to attend in this regard. If, on the other hand, there is no interest by the Festival Committee, we may still go ahead privately and place a cache on behalf of the TMCDC (Turtle Mountain Community Development Corporation) which will be activated also on the first day of the Festival. Therefore, the likelyhood of a cache becoming available during the Festival, either as a part thereof or as a private venture, is most likely something to look forward to. I will keep all those interested informed as I know more. PJ PS - I also have plans to set out two additional caches of my own in the next few months.
  4. With regard PQ / QC... I have always used the PQ designation. I believe it is the correct french way of doing it. It may not be official in lists, but it is used heavily in Quebec. I guess its one of those "bilingual things". Any mail I have sent with a PQ on it always gets to where it is inteded to go. Being the case; it is known, it is used, and is acceptable.
  5. That's because it is a work in progress. No poll is needed. 3jaze, this last summary seems to capture all of what this idea was meant to do. I am good with it. Thanks for everyone's efforts to help develop this search aid. PJ
  6. Wow this is all getting quite detailed with the potential for confusion when it comes to all these extra routes and designations. Simple as the letter & sign system may be it gets to be quite the muddle with all the variations and foriegners will not find this easy. Anytime two (or more) different things are referred to as one thing creates problems. I am going to have to play the devil's advocate and be a thorn in the side here for awhile. I looked around at the Yellowhead sight posted, I did not find any referance to "Northern Trans Canada". I am still of the mind that this should not be referred to in such a manner. In fact, I am of the opinion now, after seeing how complicated the system is becoming in order to accomodate these other highways, that they should not be attempted to be included at all. The Trans Canada is its own identity and should not be confused with other routes for the sake of "inclusion". These other routes can be dealt with as their own identities in just the same manner that we are dealing with the TCH. I propose that for the sake of clarity that the TCH route be singularily that. The original and current route as it always has been without add-ons and/or additions. And, that the Yellowhead route be simply that. These highways were never co-named or meant to be one until - apparently - recently. Technically the Yellowhead is not a trans Canada anything -- it is a Trans West highway. It begins in Manitoba and ends in BC. Since we already have the graphics for these routes individually, it is not a huge step to separate them as they should be and use singular indentifiers. It may be construed that I am just being nit-picky on this, but I see it as a more rational and logical way than trying to combine different things that don't belong together, and up until now have always held separate identities. I'm not trying to shoot down the enthusiasm or efforts being put in here, the idea is great, and will be exceptionally useful. I just think that it is not the way to go on this. What would be the harm in having them separate? TCH Cache Route and Yellowhead Cache Route? Do we absolutely need to include all these other previously non-TCH routes into the equation? Also keep in mind that this is a pride factor. Communities along on the Yellowhead are proud of the fact that they are Yellowhead towns and not "Northern Trans Canada" towns -- it even sounds secondary and unimportant. I hate to be the one to stand against the merger, but to me it is just not natural or sensible to try to pile together a bunch of different things into one inappropriate designation for the sake of ease of access. Just look at the Ontario highways issues now surfacing. Being a former Edmontonian/Yellowhead Highway city dweller, I have to declare myself as a Yellowhead booster and would like to hear from any cachers along the Yellowhead to see their point of view on this issue. It would be my guess that they would like to see a separate identifier. Now, with all that said, whatever happens will happen despite my objections. I just had to express my personal feelings in this matter, as I truly see this route merger as something designed out of a need for greatness than rational thought and process which would in my opinion lead one to avoid compounding things by adding un-related routes. Not everything needs to be included in this designation. It is ok to leave some things out or give them their own designations. The original Grand idea was to have a way to access caches alongs Canada's famous and wonderful coast to coast highway the Trans Canada. Why do we need to complicate that? In its simplicity it is marvelous, an expanded version will become a beast of burden and a bowl of confusion. My suggestion is KISS - Keep It Simple Silly! Trans Canada is one thing. Yellowhead is another. If they weren't they would have had the same name from the beginning. PJ - always the odd man out.
  7. No worries. If I had been around a bit more than I have recently I would have known about it and submitted something. It's my own fault
  8. Nice job wavector How about posting your html code so others can just cut and paste? Also I'm assuming that this would be for the the "Northern TransCanada" too? If so a Hwy16 sign would be nice. Yeah that looks great. The sign is perfect. Well done! Side note: I have never heard of Highway 16 referred to as the "Northern Trans-Canada". I have always known it as #16, Yellowhead Highway, or "the Yellowhead Route". For the sake of clarity I would not deviate from its proper name and designation by using the term "Northern Trans-Canada" (which in some cases can refer to an actual route of the TCH that bypasses a city or town &c). Just my opinion on the matter.
  9. Thanks for the "Peg" information. I'll see what I can fit in and figure out. As it turns out I have an errand to run for a friend which will take me in through #52 north from the perimiter road. So I will be going right past the Forks. And I'll probably get lost trying to find the Airport road from the other direct LOL! (It would be so nice if one of the airlines flew into Brandon) As to the MBGA; I registered. Thanks for the link. I share Junglehair's concern as to logo designs in one regard. I am not too concerned with the one she points out, I actually like that one, it is clean and simple. The one using the Provincial Coat of Arms is my concern and may be a problem -- to the best of my knowledge it is illegal to utilise, deface or otherwise tamper with or display Government Heraldic arms. I am sure I have read such rules in past research. You might want to look into this if this logo gets past stage 1 voting. I think that the best way to approach this logo is to utilise well recognised symbols without actually copying them or infringing upon ownership. The 4 colours and corners of geocaching, The Gx symbol which has been approved for general public use, and the bison/buffalo come to mind. Simple is best as it allows for longer unchanging use, Technology changes, therefore the use of existing tools would become out of sorts down the road as gps units change &c. I wish I would have known of this contest prior to yesterday as I would have loved to be part of it. Quick idea based n the items above: a Gx branded bison standing within a compass rose of the four geocaching colours, and perhaps a small scroll with MBGA at the bottom. Oh well, maybe another time. Manitoban Geocachers -- please don't forget to register with the MBGA and vote for a logo. Best regards to the Association for the future, PJ
  10. I like this idea also. I have no caches at present along that route, but do travel it many times in a year. Being a trucker, this designation would make for easier identification of roadside or potential truck friendly caches. At least something to look for along the way that might be a nice little stop for a break. Us big rigs need lots of room to park, turn around, and/or get over off the road. An idea for a logo identifier would be to use the existing TCH sign and place the Gx thing in the Maple Leaf. A step further could include a small truck under it to signify Truck Friendly location. Keep up the good ideas, PJ
  11. My apologies for the tardy response, I have been occupied with other things of last few months and have not made it a point to check on forums as regular as previous. I will have to check when this year's TM Festival is. I am usually busy working (agriculture industry) and have never been able to attend. I will check on this in the coming week for you all. According to the information I have, the GPS event was only held the first year and due to a lack of participation was not continued. However, this was before caching was as widely known/practiced as it is today. I will also perhaps try to convince TMCDC to consider this again. Maybe with my help in set-up they will be more open to the idea. No promises but I will talk to "the man" and see what he thinks. I think that any idea that brings people into the community would be a welcomed thing. On a side note; I will be heading to the "Peg" Saturday the 26th to pick up my daughter at the airport. I would be very interested in knowing or having directions to Princess auto, the local army surplus store, and if there is a Scottish store around, that too. All I know of Winnipeg is how to get in to the airport (from #3 and Perimeter 101) and back out again. Even then I have to follow the very poor signage, so any directions provided should be pretty basic and clear and hopefully from along my route (Portage Ave) somewhere. PS: My search skills are somewhat lacking in the cached plotting dept. Suggestions/recommendations of caches along Hwy #2 West or #3 South would be appreciated if anyone would mind providing the names in a short list. Ill look them up from the list for the details. Thanks, I'll look into the TM Festival information. PJ
  12. A new locationless cache Congrats!!
  13. I had to laugh when I read that Gorak. Its that old double standard that's so famous again, eh! Well spoken 1Q4J Bravo! I'm with you on that. PJ
  14. South Western Manitobans now have their very own Moving Cache. I was out today and placed what may be the first MB moving cache! No this is not a GC.com approved or listed cache, this is through Movingcache.com, a Canadian entity out of BC providing an outlet for this alternate caching activity. For those of you interested in seeking this cache please see Caskus134 at MC.com. For general interest in other moving caches, please see MovingCache.com Best wishes for the New Year everyone, PJ
  15. You just gave away their secret!!!!! So there is now two people in Sask, that is amazing, when did this happen???!!!??? I bet you can see each other no matter where you are standing Seriously........Sask has some really good cache sites. I've only been to one so far (Cannington) but am familiar with the areas of others and those close to the MB border. Don't knock SK it can be a beautiful place.... Even if there is nothing to see but miles and miles and miles of emptiness We call it "the Gap" in MB!
  16. Or this time of year it is known as "Needle in a Haystack in a Snowpile"
  17. Eight Geocoins........ seven sets of batteries, Six ammo boxes, five caches along a trail, four sat signals, three spare pencils, two travel bugs, and coords to (a cache in) an evergreen tree! On the Ninth day of Caching my true love gave to me....
  18. ...spare pencils, two travel bugs, and coords to (a cache in) an evergreen tree!
  19. ...Travel bugs, and coords to a cache in an evergreen tree!
  20. Hello Manitoba Cachers! Two very good name ideas for our own organisation have come to light as of late. I think perhaps it is time for a poll (but GC won't let me make a poll -- I tried -- it said "You cannot make a poll") so I will just ask for opinions to be posted here. MANGO or G-MAN is the question... MANGO = MANitoba Geocachers Organisation, G-MAN = Geocachers of MANitoba... Both have a "ring" to them IMO. But which do you prefer?
  21. I must say that today has been a very odd and discouraging day for me on the forums. I have never seen so many locked threads in one place The amount of "big brother" type actions of admin and mods in numerous unrelated and related threads, as well as the member squabbling over what seems to be a very juvenile disagreement/conflict between two web sites has become quite distasteful. That is just one example that seems to be forefront at the moment. Get over it or get on with it please! It doesent sound like somthing very difficult to solve -- if anyone truly wants to solve it! All of you whom partake in these types of discussions are making this site a place I (and probably others) want to avoid rather than participate in. You are showing us that you are intolerant, self absorbed, and very single minded about this sport. If this sort of interaction, squabbling and overall restrictive controlling behavior does not cease, many folks are going to quit this site for the bad taste you are all giving them. I know after today I sure don't feel like coming here to be faced with this kind of thing. I wonder how many folks have stepped back a few paces to do their caching alone away from the online community due to this sort of atmosphere? Can we not just enjoy the reasons we come here instead of trying to ruin it? I don't see this as being very helathy for GC.com. Not at all. Of course (and this is my PC disclaimer) this is just my opinion and nothing more. But I doubt I am alone in it.
  22. OMG 1Qa4J that was hillarious. I'm printing that and taking it to work on Monday. As for G-Man.........I like that one too. How are we going to choose now that are TWO MOST EXCELLENT NAMES put forward? Cheers! PJ
  23. ....Coordinates to a cache in an evergreen tree!
  24. Wow! and it even comes with a free theme song. OK guys, should we? Anyone wanna MANGO tango?
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