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  1. I just wanted to take a minute to give a special thanks to Go Left. A few weeks ago I was trying to make my avitar. I had the full concept, just not the experience with photoshop and illustrator to make it happen. I asked for help in the create an avatar section and Go left stepped up. It was absolutely wonderful seeing the concept become a reality. This design was also going to be used on my sig item that I'm working on. A few days ago, go left let me know he was coming through dalals and had a revised version that he had spent alot of time working on. He delivered it personally, and had even gone out of the way to make a special label for the cd, and put a wonderful personal message, and an excerpt from my mechanics hands story on it. I was floored. I just wanted to let everyone know about a fine member of the caching community we have and to give them a very public thanks. MH PS Happy anniversary Go Left hope you enjoyed the time off.
  2. I have done searches through the threads and found many posts about this but wanted to bring it up again. About a year ago I could have swon I saw a seperate icon that denotes mini/micro caches. (I very well could be wrong on this but thought I rememebr seeing a 35mm cannister icon) I know that you can open each cache page and see if its a micro etc. I know as a premium member I can filter out the micros. However, I find that I am frequently looking up caches from work or other places that I dont have access to my PQ file. My family doesnt like the mini/micro caches as my daughter loves to find treasure, not just a logbook. I'm not looking for a perfect system and everything be 100% accurate, just an easy way to filter through these listings as I'm looking at caches in various areas. To have to open each cache page log just to find out its a mini/micro is a huge waste of time, and makes the process tedious. Yes a micro cache is a traditional cache. However its still different with different skills and techniques at times to find the small ones. It is a different style of cache, that will attract or repel different types of cachers based on their preferences. For many of us, it would be the difference in hunting the cache with family, or by yourself because of the container type. A multi is a totally different story, and we should expect micro caches as stages on many of them. There would be no reason to place a new icon for a mini/micro container as part of a stage in a multi. The only time it would need a special icon next to it would be if the final cache was in and of itself a mini/micro. MH
  3. I asked the same question about a month ago and got alot of good feedback. I started using Magellan gps's so was leaning towards the Mei color. Thats until I compared the 60cs and the meri color side by side. I prefer units with the buttons on the bottm and the 60cs has a great feel. The detail and quality of the screens is lightyears apart. The 60cs has a far better display, and has a longer battery life. It took alot to break me away from the Mei color, but the 60cs did it. I even inquired about the memory capabilities, and it has not been an issue. I have a chunk of texas from austin in the south up to ok city in the north, west to midland and east to hot springs AR. It only took up about 48MB or so and thats with everything loaded. look at authorized garmin dealers in your area. I found a boating supply store that had one instock so I could compare. I have been impressed with the 60cs and am tickled that I got it over the Meri color. MH
  4. 1. in the top box next to the N put 41 into it. 2. In the box just below it put the 49.981 into it 3. next to the W put 111 into it 4. just blow that put the 35.660 into it and click search and poff there you go mh
  5. Hmm maybe you should go back and read much of what was posted on this topic. Co said clearly that it helps the approvers to know frequency in the area by logging finds online. Its not a requirement, Its a TOOL for them to use to make the process move along easily. If it couldnt be seen by finds in the area then it causes more work and needs clarification as to the true frequency in the area. especially when its such a long distance away, and opposite to other owned caches. Its obvious that this was discussed. Also, the spirit of the guidelines about temporary archiving caches for maintenance for not more than a few weeks would certainly apply to cache maintenance and approving. If a cache is in an area you dont normally go, or can't get to within a few weeks of finding out there is a problem with it, then the cache shoulkdnt be approved. It keeps coming back to being a reasonable responsible cache owner. It certainly appears this was brought to the forums FAR to prematurely. It should have been discussed in further emails. But it appears the a person didnt get what they wanted and didnt like the responses, and instead of further discussions, came here instead. The thing is we dont know the various communications back and forth between 360 and CO. And truly WE DONT need to know either. This was and should be between 360, CO and GC PERIOD. IMHO this topic is done and over with. To keep it going with questioning raises questions about motives. Let the topic be done with. Its been beat to death already. This was an unfortunate mess that never should have happened in the first place. MH
  6. After only a month? Gee, and some people think 8 months is too quick. LOL mopar, guess people are to intent on being a part of the problem, and criticizing, when they should be spending their time having fun caching. Hmmm Go figure MH
  7. Definitely sounds like a proper archival, if nothing else due to poor/non existant maintenance. Guess some people always have to find something to complain about. Common people lets use some common sence and spend our time having fun caching, not criticizing GC or others here. You dont like it or think you can do better, then by all means DO SO. Until then stop being a part of the problem with all the second guessing and complaining. MH
  8. lottle OT though Jaybee OREGON ROCKS!! to bad I havent seen it in 6 years after bein there 22 years grrrrr. But yeah I love the 60cs and glad I asked alot of questions before making the final decision. I know I made a good one and the more I use the 60cs the more impressed I am with it. MH
  9. If their topo software is anything like city select, you can also save a file of various maps, for instance all of colorado for you as your primary. Then if you are going to go on a trip, load up the maps for your trip. When you come back, simply open your primary map file you saved and uplaod and be done in about 2 minutes. It makes it very handy and saves some work too. congrats on the purchase I'm sure you'll enjoy it. MH
  10. I don't think it was just the one word. It was the entire derogatory, condescending tone of his post (many words slung together) that most are finding to be insulting. Dead on sparky........ If you take one little peice of a post, its easy to be out of context. However if you look at the complete post it just adds up and paints a clear picture. MH
  11. Wow thanks sparky its really appreciated and humbling. MH
  12. Cant people jsut show simple respect and courtesy? Common now is it really that hard. Or do people like being jerks just to be jerks? ju66l3r I read your original post adn was amazed you had the gall to make the comments you did. TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR and very DISRESPECTFUL IMHO. I have never read the AS thread, not really interested in it. But for you to make comments like those we just downright uncalled for, and intentionally nasty. Although I didnt fall into the group you were insulting, I was insulted that you insulted so many others of this community. No need for it at all. Sadly when I read the post I was like "oh here we go again this is goin to get nasty" Sure enough it headed that way. Isnt there enough hate and discontent in the realworld to deal with, without bringing it here? Why do people have to insist on insulting, slamming or attacking people. Oh thats right, because its so much easier to do that from behind a computer screen. Oh they're just words who cares. Most people would have been knocked on the butt and holding their teeth in their hands if they said even a small portion the the thigns they say here in teh forum, if they said them face to face. Last time I checked there were real people with real feelings behind every computer. Lets keep that in mind. If you cant show some respect, cant stop finding any excuse to attack or insult a moderator, if you cant fight the urge to stir garbage up, then take the keys off your keyboard, I'm sure we could find many willing volunteers to help do that. "Stop the madness" Stop the anger and disrespect. Lets get back to talking about geocaching and the wonderful hobby we all enjoy. If you have so much time to say such nasty things, you are not geocaching enough. It will help clear the mind MH edit: forgot the "not" in the last sentence
  13. From the main geocache page, on the upper right it has the grey search box. Near the bottom of it it has the "advanced search" link just under select country. Click on that, then the next page will be "searching for." Open the list that starts with postal code in it, and "select by coordinate" enter the coordinate and boom you should have it. I just tried it at 8am central and it worked just fine. Hope this helps. MH
  14. Mustard, When you first come into the Travel bug section of the forum, look up at the top and you'll see 3 "Pinned" threads. The second one down is Snoogans travel bug longevity clinic. Its very helpful and thats the thread bigredmed was reffering too. Alot of times in each forum section important info or frequently asked things are Pinned at the top for eacy acess and reference. MH
  15. I currently work at DFW airport as an airline aircraft mechanic for over 7 years. When I first heard about people placing caches inside the airport, or on airport property I nearly jumped outta my skin. The same basic guidelines apply to all airports, especially those carrying passengers. If we see something suspicious or a container or bag left unattended, we are to immediately notify, the Police, and often challenge people who are acting suspicous. If we dont and we're discovered, then we could loose our airport security badge, and therefore our jobs. This is a serious issue. Yes it might be a convenient way to move TB's distances, BUT if its on airport property without prior explicit permission, its ILLEGAL. This also include the easements for the runway approaches which extend out many miles. After the events of 9-11 this is not a joking matter and they will show little leeway. Its great that you are working with the local airport police in order to see this happen. Thats the way it should be done. However, most owners couldnt bother and it would be a way to give geocaching a bigtime blackeye by intentionally violating airport security. When discovered or caught, most people wont care one bit about an explanation of geocaching. They will simply remind you of the regulations and security measures in place that are very well public knowledge and they remind you contantly in the airports about. In our excitement and passion for our wonderful hobby, lets not forget to use common sence and be away of the area around us and the atmosphere. Caches on or near airport property should be STRONGLY advised against. Yeah I know its convienient but lets not loose site of the big picture. If soemone wanted to get really nasty, I could see them visiting GC and ask why they condoned, and approved a cache at such a location. MH
  16. A very big congrats. And forget what others said about girls. I am so glad we had our daughter first I absolutely adore her and glad we got the 3 years to ourselves. I wouldnt trade having our daughter first for anything. And of course our son is getting into caching at 4 months old. Our daughter keeps talking about going treasure hunting and leaving mom and brother home. Cant beat that :-) MH
  17. Yep I was there done that Got the pics and the log entry LOL. I was with the first find on this. GPSPathfinder couldnt find it the first day he went out so he grabbed me to help. We had his Sporttrack pro and his 315 and finally found it. Finally gave up on the gps's and did a systematic wide area search. Then we go the correct coors for it. Thankfully it was alot better for others as we gave alot of tips and the owner was pretty cool and listened. If you happened to see the airplanes to the west of the cache (the freeway to the left, then I worked on all those. 50 planes total and Boy am I glad to be away from them LOL. 140 degree temps were common as most of the ac's didnt work but they had to be run. Step outside in 100 degree temps and felt like a refridgerator. Go into an office felt like a freezer LOL. Yeah the pagescan be spoilers, but some wonderful memories. Cacheous was a team effort FtF so I dont really count it as my personal FtF. I have one of those. Got my only DnF on it then came back the next day as I'll be darned if a cache was goin to beat me LOL. Ran into another cacher on the first attempt and we couldnt find it. went back out the next day after emailing the owner to make sure we were in the right spot. Hopefully tomororw we will get 4 FtF that 9key put out. 350 mile round trip but should be sweet. Everyone brags about 9key's caches so guess we will find out first hand. Whoops way off topic sooorrry LOL Glad ya enjoyed the pages. had to brag on the Mrs since she put in so much work into them and they look so nice. MH
  18. I think its wonderful how there is such a community of people here that care and show kindness to each other and go out of their way to help others. Especially those with outstanding creative talents that I myself lack. Thank you Go left, Dino and so many others I cant begin to name them all, (my apologies to those I left out) that help with the avatars and help bring a little something personal and identifying while we enjoy talking with friends. Thanks again MH
  19. Wow go left thats perfect THANK YOU Its really appreciated. MH
  20. Love the overall design WOW. Bad memories of cessna's. I have a copy of the erj in my pic with no background if that might help. I will also look for a better pic of an ERJ or the CRJ, Bombardier's site might have something too. Everything else is absolutely wonderful though. I appreciate the help. Once done would it be to much to ask for a copy emailed to me with the layers so that when I am ready to do the sig coin etc it will be easier to have that done. Thanks again its really appreciated.
  21. This is what I have so far. This is am EMB 145 rejional jet which I currently work on. I also work on the CRJ 200's. I am trying to find a way to wrap text evenly around the top and bottom of the circle. The text would be "A Mechanics Hands" across the top and "The heart of an Aircraft Mechanic" around the bottom. I'm hoping once this is done to transform this into a button, coin or token to use as a signature item along with the plastic cards (I read about them in the garage sale section) with the mechanics hands story printed on them. What do you think? Tips Ideas suggestions? Thanks MH
  22. Sorry pandy, not I. Guess I'm still on the lower tech end of things. I just rely on the notes we take on the cache sheet for reference then the Scrapbook pages my Mrs does for each cache. I finally got them into my gallery, be forewarned many are spoilers as its to preserve a memory for us. For us the scrapbook pages and the little log we keep keep each cache preserved and bring back alot of memoires, and isnt alot of work. Well the scrapbook pages take some time but the Mrs loves it and it keeps the entire hobby fun. MH
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