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  1. Geocaching app for android. I keep getting this message today. The application geocaching (process com.Groundspeak) has stopped unexpectedly. FORCE CLOSING Yup so have not been able to use it today. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks Hyner I thought that would work made sense. Though this Samsung Vibrant, even with the card in "mount', does not take a file transfer. Beginning to think that there is a problem with the phone itself. I put a picture on the card but in the phone I still cannot access the SD card. This is an early Vibrant, where it has a 16gb memory and a 2gb sd card. Could it be that the information is in the RAM but GDAK cannot read it? Could not find where GDAK will do that?
  3. OK... so I must be stupid this weekend. I cannot seem to fathom how to work this Android App... First I purchased it today. Then if I had hair I would be pulling on it. So a few questions 1. Where are instructions to use this app? 2. Do not see a search feature, other than find nearest caches. 3. Since I entered username/password, I am logged into geocaching.com as a Visitor which can do squat. 4. How do you get the PQ downloaded to the phone? 5. GSAK/GDAK should work but do not load to my phone with usb cable is hooked up? This one I think has something to do with my phone.
  4. OK... this is probably simple.. but not figuring it out. Have GSAK and was quick to get back upto speed with it. Trying Smartphone apps for the first time. Have downloaded GDAK to phone. Cant seem to get gsak database to gdak in smartphone. Simple????
  5. LthrWrk

    Coming Back

    Coming back into the 'game'. Things certainly have changed since I kinda bowed out for a bit. I never had an unpleasant experience with geocaching. So time to get back upto speed. Are there any events being planned to meet n greet with local cachers near Mount Vernon? Hoping to get some face to face discussion about the latest things. I have a Magellan Meridian Gold, still works but I no longer have a serial port on laptop to connect the thing. Manual entry of course still works. Have a Samsung smart phone, Android, so curious how many of these app's are worth using. I do notice that reviews for most of them seem pretty wonky. 5 stars from some and 1 star from others for the same app. So if you would like to get together, have a cuppa something and chat for awhile, maybe even go find a cache. Send me a message. I have plenty of available time. Charles Mt Vernon
  6. OK... so I have searched but no luck. Unsubscribing from forum topics. Cannot seem to even find "My Controls"... help
  7. Hi ya Gearing up to return to caching. I thought I was set on a new Magellan to update from my olde TANK.. the meridean Gold. Well... not so fast. There have been so many significant changes to geocaching.com I am curious what is 'now' recommended? I had a pda with the tools.. I used to be able to download coordinates to the gold. Not capable of doing that it looks like. I am considering going to a DeLorme PN 40 or Garmin in similar price range. Do you need the other utility programs with those units? What do you carry in your kit when you go on the hunt? Thanks Charles
  8. Hi all Returning to geocaching after a bit more of a hiatus than I cared for. Purchased a Magaellan Triton 400 with Adventure Pack A good price and seems like a good unit to update from my olde tank, clunker but doable Magellan Meridian Gold. Many successful hunts and hilarious stories attached to the old Gold. But I wanted to upgrade to more whistles and bells. Taking everything out of the box.. doing the tedious.. well seems tedious getting it going thing. Software installs not so good. Map with the 400 not very pretty, just a basic outline no detail. So ok.. I jump thru the registration hoops. the NG Topo in the adventure pack looks like great will have good maps. WAIT hold on.. gotta go to the website topo.com from the topo desktop application. HUH wthell!!! It starts with a nice logo and loading thingy. Egads the dang thing wont get to the website. ACK... all attempts to access NG Topo support are silly. No phone number.. just a stupid Wiki thing that is useless to answering any questions. Just about ready to toss this whole kit n kaboodle into a hole or into the turbulent waters under Deception Pass. I am sure others have had a similar experience. Tell me it is something really easy to fix! Charles Mt Vernon WA twitter lthrwrk
  9. Hi all... OK so I got a bit of free time. the confluence of events and places and karma seem to have come together again. Going thru the frustration of finding a new gps, marveling at the geocaching.com site changes and upgrades. Look forward though to running into some of ya in the woods. Charles Mt Vernon WA
  10. Run vista in win xp compatibility mode. Thanks.... kewl... will try that... didnt know I had a tool to do it.
  11. ok so this great working Magellan Meri Gold has worked fine.... until .... I am tryn to get it to work with Win Vista... Magellan aint gonna support the Gold with Vista... Now what to do... NEW GPS after all. OK... I have liked the golds size... didnt make a difference with color but out performed a newer Garmin with color that DorothyMacaw was using ... well most of the time. So I should upgrade or does someone have work arounds... I seem to be doing that alot with this dadgum Vista. IF going to upgrade to a new GPS one feature that would come in handy is an external antenna jack. Any Recommendations to do this? What of these larger screen formats for going to the trails? Charles A slightly furrowed browed Vista user.
  12. Hi Gang... Thanks to all of you with your suggestions. I think my problem is somewhere in the folder where you set the default programs for opening files. Seems to be resolved now... Thanks again to everyone..... Wont be long and I can git out n play.
  13. I have Vista and GSAK and can do PQ with no problem. What is happening when you try to open the PQ in Gsak? When you download the PQ from the email, do you get an option to "Open With', and if you are , are you choosing GSAK? Have you tried right-clicking the zip file and choosing "open with Gsak"? I open the email that has the PQ attachment. Clik on the atch and it gives me the chance to save or open... I select Open but it does not allow me to select a program to open it with. So I save to file.... under Documents: WOOWOOOOOOOHOOOOO long way around.. OK.. I have to save PQ to Documents. dbl clik the PQ and it wants to open with a GSAK Macro and that aint been working. So I put GSAK on desktop.... Select Open With then point to GSAK on the desktop voila it WORKS But this method seems like a long work around???
  14. The latest since I downloaded it Saturday....
  15. LthrWrk

    Coming Back

    Thanks Totem... I did get an adapter cable and it works, Kewl Now when I figure out how to get a PQ.zip file to talk to GSAK using Win Vista I am ready to go.
  16. Hi not a lurker.... but returning to be active again. I like how the website has changed... hmmm.... and Jeremy is still using that geocacher secret signal??? Reapplied as premium member again, working with a new computer... with windows vista and dang something do not work right yet. Look for me to be out n about soon to stumblilng on the trails.... loosing my gps down big critter holes, doing those long walks when the cache is 10 feet to one side... but 800 feet up a steep trail. Yikes geocaching is so much fun. Charles Mt Vernon WA
  17. Got my first PQ since making my return to being active again. Technically challenged and have a problem with what is not working. Tools I am using. Windows Vista Home Premium GSAK Got the email with the zip file from Geocaching. Saved the zip file to file folder. But I cannot open the zip file into gsak????? Does someone have a figure around this bit of a delema? Charles Mt Vernon
  18. Hi Gang....New Years resolution to git out n about more this year on my feet. I been away for awhile so to speak. Would like some recommendations that might have this stuff working again. Here is what I currently have to work with. Trusty old Magellan Gold.... it has been known to get arms length deep in a big critter hole but still works just fine. Have converted it from serial port to usb so that works, than ks to a suggestion from a Forum member. Installed an older MapSend Topo... egads it actually installed to a Win Vista computer. Upgraded to Premium Member again... Downloading the latest of CacheMate. Have a Palm Tungsten E2 and... downloading the latest GSAK also All of that and a little relearning might have be back on the track?!?!?!? Any hot new things that you are using with geek toys... programs... or to help make this game more geeky? Charles Mt Vernon WA
  19. LthrWrk

    Coming Back

    Before posting this took a quick look around and see a lot of nicks I remember. After the first of the year going to have some new stuff and get back to caching. Need to upgrade from my Magellan Gold, still a great handheld. Only drawback with it is a serial cable. New computer aint gonna like that. So need one with usb connection. Checked the event calendar,,,, seems no meetings anytime soon. Hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas... or holiday... and a great New Year.
  20. Hi everyone, Has been a while since I've been out geocaching. I have an older Magellan Gold, this used a serial cable work with a computer. I will be purchasing a new handheld gps. Of course one with a USB cable What can you tell me about working with vista in these new program. I do like using topo maps. Charles Mount Vernon Washington
  21. The zire 31 is great. 16 mb, Goto Palmone.com. Checkout the Outlet or Factory Store. I got my zire for under $80. with the free upgrade to mp3 a huge bargain. The zire 21 is discontinued with the small difference in price among a consideration. Add documents to go and a couple other addins and is a terriffic tool for under $100. Color, ability to read/transfer documents, double the memory, SD card slot, and you can view webpages. If there is one negative... difficult to read in bright sunshine still sorting out which color scheme is easiest to read outside.
  22. I am using GSAK and Cachemate. When I had a Palm IIIxe it took 8-10 minutes to load it from GSAK. Now I have a Zire 31.. totally happy.. with usb connection.. only about 2 minutes from opening pqs to having it on the Zire. So it does not take that long GSAK loading up to the GPS,, a merigold.. takes a couple minutes. I been loading between 300 and 400 caches every morning I go out caching. So I dont see loading from PDA to GPS is a big deal if your working with GSAK for pqs.
  23. Themed Multis. With interesting puzzles to solve. Not too simple but not too mind bending.
  24. My free opinion. Kicked once.... ok.. let em back in.. no reprieve for second round. Out they go. IF a person is being "harrased" especially thru the email system out out out dadgum spot. No reprieves. Messing with the teacup by carpping in it.. well can be washed once. The break the thing into thousand of pieces.
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