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Checking Interest In Minting An Alaska Geocoin

Ladybug Kids

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The topic of minting an Alaska Geocoin is on the agenda for Interior Alaska Cachers Anonymous Meeting #1. I'm posting this tread to test the level of grassroot interest in proceeding with designing and minting an Alaska geocoin. I will summarize this thread and provide a report at the Event Cache.


Costs per coin are variable depending on the design complexity, number of colors, and number of coins minted. The range I've seen quoted in the various threads about geocoins is $2-$4/coin.


For those unfamiliar with state geocoins, click on the Search icon at the top of the forum page, enter "geocoins" in the Seach By Keyword Field, and choose "Geocaching Groups by Region/State" in the Search Where field.


Please express your interest in having an Alaska geocoin minted by posting to this thread. If you live in Alaska, please state whether you want to help with design and/or distribution of the coin. Cachers in- and outside of Alaska should indicate how many coins they would purchase so we get a sense of how many coins would be minted in order to establish the cost per coin.


If the decision is made to move forward with this project, a new thread will be opened with instructions on how to order your coin(s). I realize there is a lot involved in getting through the design phase, ordering the coins, deciding whether to make the coins trackable (and if so, how to track them?), filling cachers' orders (use PayPal or not?), etc., so please be patient as I move forward on this.


I welcome feedback from anyone who has been involved in coordinating creation of a state geocoin regarding what worked well, what didn't work, how you are tracking the coins, is it worth tracking the coins, how did you handle orders and distribution, etc.

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Wow...expressed interest in more than 125 coins in only eight hours!!! Looks like this project will fly.


I've sent an e-mail note to Alaskan cachers soliciting design ideas and will keep this thread posted on our progress.


Keep those posts coming so we can get a feel for how large to make the initial mint. We'll sort out formal order, payment and distribution details during the upcoming weeks.

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This is a bit of shameless self-promotion, but if you do mint an Alaska Geocoin, I will host your tracking for free at my new tracking site http://log4.us. I've been hosting the Oregon Geocoins since they started, and its worked pretty well. ;)


To make them trackable, have the coin manufacturer stamp a serial number on each coin, and include the tracking URL somewhere on the coin. The Oregon coin's url wasn't ready in time for minting, so usually its on a sticker on the coin bag. That works too. If you do go with log4.us, the url would be log4.us/alaska and/or log4.us/ak, whichever fits best.


FYI for people who have used the oregon tracking site; The oregon tracking code was stagnant and ugly for a while, but migrating to the new codebase, and working directly on the oregon setup over the next week, will make things a lot nicer to use. ;)

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We're up around 250 without hearing much from the Alaskan contingent, so it looks like going for 500 first-run coins is a shoe-in.


I have a request for proposal out to several mints for 500 coins, so we'll see what they come back with.


Thanks to all for the early interest, especially since we don't even have a design to show you yet. Given all the subject matter to draw from up here, the coin should be a worthy keepsake or trade item.


Keep those posts coming as they will help us establish a good first-run number without having too many people feel left out, but without "flooding" the market.

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