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  1. Go ahead and close this thread since it has went way off topic. Thanks for playing.
  2. Wow! Imagine that. Not bad compared to the old system taking up to 6 weeks. Hopefully the new EC I submitted on Jan 27th will be activated soon.
  3. Thats what I thought, the forums was the place to find answers. However there are those who think other wise... No its not The forum is where the community ask community questions.
  4. Its an option to premium members, so why not.
  5. Can this be quantified in the current guidelines? You are correct. That is exactly what the guidelines mean. If you are not asking for specific non-site related content you can ask for a photo. If you ask for something in the photo that is not related to the educational logging task or the site, the photo must be optional and you can't delete a log based on the lack of photo alone.
  6. Are they updated to reflect whats been mentioned in this thread? I dont see any changes. The listing requirements are on the EarthCache website, here. Hope this helps!
  7. I see geocachers the same as the "Day after Thanksgiving" shopper; weather never stops them from getting out of the house . We are looking at mid-winter. It is possible that people aren't getting out as much and snow is covering the exposures. Me, I continue waiting for manager approval.
  8. If this was the early 1990"s, I probably could agree with this statement .
  9. Why not write up and submit a earthcache and show the world what "right" looks like. You seem to be the subject matter expert. Show us how its done .
  10. Thanks for the note touchstone, you always come through when least expected . However, considering the number of active EarthCachers prior to the change I was expecting to see more ECs especially in my home state of Kentucky. I then took a look across the entire lower 48, Alaska, and Hawaii. Not much happening now it seems. I do know things where active before the new changes took place. That is kind of suprising No doubt it takes a bit more effort to fashion a well thought out EC vs. an LPC, so maybe that has something to do with it.
  11. Since the new system has started, there has been a little over 40 new EC listings approved in the entire USA. I expected more new listings than that.
  12. I dont ever think I will have to worry about you finding any of my ECs. For one you will have to walk to many of the ECs I own and most of them require walking uphill . That means you cannot park your car next to the ECs I own. Control freak? Kinda strong words for not knowing who I am or what I'm wanting to do. My reason for posting a photo is proof of the visit and thats all. I have allowed logs without photos several times especially for folks like yourself who cannot afford a camera or cell phone. Judging by how many finds you have Im starting to think you dont even own a GPS. Now that you are annalizing the new rules, I can request a photo but I cannot ask for a face in the shot. Currently the old ECs, circa 2009 and before, are unaffected by the new rules. Can/will the rules change? Yes. Will I comply/concur? Yes. Until then I will support the current rules for the new ECs and old rules for my pre 2010 ECs. I own one new EC and it follows the new guidelines. Listing a EC is difficult at times and making the questions difficult will more than likely turn away visitors which in turn will drop the interest in ECs all together. Its happening now. I dont see that many new ECs being published with the new system. Someday someone will complain about an EC that requires the finder to hike a few miles and cry it's a bad idea. How dare the owner of the EC make the finder exercise... Enjoy!
  13. Here's a reminder for what geoaware wrote. You can request a photo but not of the finders face.
  14. What ever happened with this EC? Its easy to get permission.
  15. The whole point of the statement was that an signature is required for physical caches. Since you cannot sign a log at a EC, the picture is same as a signature. A picture ofthe finder is not a ALR. Wearing clown shoes, buying a testing kit, writting a poem, and standing on your head is a ALR. Anyway I'm done defending pictures at ECs. Groundspeak has final say so. Until then I will still require pictures of the finders at my old ECs and a picture at my new ECs. If they say remove it, then so be it. Regards. What an ironic statement coming from someone concerned with the logging of extremely difficult 5/5* caches I'm assuming I missed the in there somewhere. But to answer your question, because the Guidelines say so Of course, it's a free country.... I think they're right. My 0.02
  16. You are wrong... You miss the point entirely. Forcing people to take a picture with their faces in it is just plain silly and an ALR to boot. Not only that, it can be a pain in the butt if you're caching alone to get a good face picture. If an Earthcache is so weak that it necessitates a face picture to prove the finder was there, it needs to be retooled.
  17. This has nothing to do with this thread . Please take it somewhere else... Who are you and what have you done to Chuck? (I suspect I know the answers and I think it's pretty low of you if I am right.)
  19. Once you develope a EC that gets many visits you will understand what EC owners go through. I am not surprised about bogus finds (I also get some from time to time for my virtual cache), but do they really come along with correct and complete answers to your questions? If so, it'd rather guess that the answers to your questions can be found with google and that a visit of the location is not necessary. For two potential Earth caches locations, I refrained from setting up an Earth cache there just because I could not find any reasonable questions (for example, for some geology trails the texts of all signage boards can be found on the internet - that's a no go then for me). Cezanne
  20. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! You have answered my question 1. YES!!!! 2. Yes - but if you request any specific content (like a persons face), then the photo can only be optional!
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