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  1. Both the official geocaching app and geobeagle will allow you to load a pocket query to the tablet. The official app also allows to look up a cache on the tablet and save it for offline viewing. I haven't used either with a tablet, but have used both with my phone. The save for offline viewing in the official app is nice when you want to quickly go look for one and have the information available to you.
  2. A night cache has special requirements to find, you can't find them (or at least they are not intended to be found) during the day. A multi has no special requirement other than the fact that it is a multi. A multi type cache can be found at any time of day.
  3. Groundspeak already offers a way for your found logs to be automatically posted on facebook. It requires a twitter acct. and a few minutes to set up. For those not wishing to see your found logs, they would have to block twitter or unfriend you. My found logs are posted on facebook and I haven't heard any complaints, I don't find many caches in a day though, nor do I cache everyday. You don't need a smart phone for it to work, however if you use the Groundspeak app, it will post to facebook. If you want to try it visit http://coord.info/textmark.aspx for the instructions on how to set it up.
  4. I'll guess it's a copy of Mr. Gray's drivers license.
  5. I don't care for all the your stuff, I can get use to it though. The rest of the page doesn't bother me either on the computer or the phone.
  6. I would like my profile back. I don't need to be told who's it is, I know it's mine. Same as my gps devices, and my trackables. If you're going to insist on calling it yours. Could you also edit the url, so that it says geocaching.com/your instead of geocaching.com/my. You also may as well change the link so that it says your public profile, instead of my public profile.
  7. You can set up notifications that will inform you when a cache is published. You will get emails shortly after each cache is published with in a given radius. Another way is to set up a pocket query for caches that have not been found. Once you set up the pocket query don't run it, instead view the results online and book mark the results page. Around here most caches are found with in the first day after it's been published, many are found with in the first hour depending on when they were published. For that reason the notifications can be helpful if your email is time stamped. After a week you may notice that your local reviewer publishes the caches during a certain time period and that would be the time you would most likely get the first to find. The bookmarked pocket query is helpful as well since it allows you to view all unfound caches in your area.
  8. Is it a bobble head, or part of a bobble head pen?
  9. 182 oz in weight, receipt was 6.5 inches
  10. I have a G1 from tmobile that I enjoy using. You can find apps for it in the Marketplace that do a decent of locating nearby caches, and I have had no problems with connectivity. The only problem I have with a smart phone is that I like to hike and have found myself in areas with out a cell signal, on multiple carriers. I know some people that had a htc touch * (I'm uncertain of the version though it was from sprint), after trying both a Iphone and a G1, they chose a G1. The Iphone has a very nice user interface, touch screen, lot's of applications in their store, and I don't think it could be beat for music playing. The G1 has a very nice user interface, touch screen, and more applications then I could ever use in their marketplace. It's a bit bulkier as it also has a slide out keyboard, music is available from amazon directly to the phone, however I've never used that part of it. This is just my opinion of the two. If you have no problem with waiting a bit. Sprint will soon be carrying the Pre. A new device from Palm that will be running a new OS. I believe it will have touch screen, and it has been getting a lot of very positive hype. I believe T-mobile will also be selling a G2 this year, similar in design to the G1 from pictures I have seen, however it will be keyboard free. In the past I had blackberry pearl that I wasn't happy with, however other than that one phone, I haven't any experience with Blackberry's.
  11. After taking the kids trick or treating last night, I came home and saw that there might be a coin in a cache not to far away. Though it was late I decided to go for it. Found a coin and traded for a unactivated one. Got back home about a half hour before the clouds really opened up. It's a beautiful coin, and made for a fun midnight adventure.
  12. The first coin posted in this thread might contain some possible innuendo. Some people may see something inappropriate while others may not, that's the point of innuendo. The only way to block a coin containing any type of innuendo would be to have it reviewed by several people. This would most likely slow down the approval process, use much more time (if each person fears approving the coin it will take them much longer to pass it on) and create a backlog of coins to review. I imagine the people that review artwork have more to their job then looking at coins all day. I think a certain amount of coins that offend will continue to be produced as you can't please everyone. Some may be about subjects that offend, while others will contain innuendo that some may find offensive. I don't see how it could be otherwise and still remain a business. You most likely will see some coins produced that are ugly or offensive, others will find it beautiful and/or inoffensive. The swiss army knife coin was brought up earlier in the discussion. It was used as a example of coin that may have been inappropriate to produce. And the question asked why the coin, if the knife itself is not allowed in a cache. My understanding of the subject about knives in caches is that it pertained to the states, not children. In different states justice systems will sentence people to community service, there are also Jail/Prison work programs. Certain jurisdictions brought up the subject, as they did not want these people to find a cache and have ready access to knife. Also in other country's many if not all knives have been banned. The Swiss Army Knife coin does still pertain to caching, as many people do in fact carry a knife while caching. I see it, my wife did not. I'm shutting up now.
  13. I received my coin on the 10th, sorry it took so long to post. I wanted to get a picture of it with a kid near a cache. Thank you for the coin, and the opportunity to get one GSA.
  14. After reading this thread and looking at The Wishing Coin's profile, I decided in late june to find a cache. I found Along The Trail, in Roseville, Ca. And there was still a coupon in it for The Wishing Coin. I left a unactivated coin, and emailed the requested info. Yesterday I received a coin. I had to wait a day to get a photo with a kid. Here is Caleb with our coin. Thank you The Wishing Coin.
  15. I received a message earlier informing me that I would be receiving a V2 coin. I wish now that I had a video camera ready , as seeing Momiji's happy dance when I told her expressed our excitement quite well . Thank You Geocoin Secret Agent.
  16. Well I forgot to write the date on the sign, and the pics aren't me ( I hate getting photographed). However the first photo is of my wife (momiji) and daughter (kusakids) (with a dog (Geo!)) getting booted out of starbucks (she was trying to lock the door). The second photo is of my daughter (and the dog) taken while waiting. The second was taken a bit before midnight, the first was taken at midnight.
  17. Recreatiecentrum Ter Spegelt B.V Postelseweg 88,5521 RD Eersel, Netherlands
  18. I received my feather today. It's beautiful. Thank you Crowsfeat30
  19. I'll guess 6,434.4 and 6,686.7 miles. Thanks for the cointest
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