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  1. It helps to be able to fly...there are no parking problems. Watch out for the draw bridge in the up position. That's a real beak-bender.
  2. This is the first "Challenge" cache I've completed (as in Challenge with a capital "C"). Every cache is a challenge and this selection of caches has been especially so. Thanks, Jester for the posting and the monitoring. There is a great deal of fun in watching the progress.
  3. I just noticed this thread and it appears that I need to say that I walked up the road, and was in possession of no matches, cigaret lighters or accelerants at the time. There were many other foot prints leading into the area so we proceeded up the trail. Nice cache and a nice view. Thanks.
  4. Goat Rock...dropped? Oh. man! One step forward, two steps back.
  5. I'm about 99% sure that the answer is "never". The response so far has been lukewarm at best; people seem to be burnt out on challenge caches. Don't say that. I'm just getting started. I'l do as many of the highest caches I can, "because they're there", and the challenge will be for myself.
  6. Mighty nice of Utah State Parks to take an active hand in geocaching. Putting out 47 is really a feat. Other states should take note.
  7. Do people still want to see a Highest Challenge? Like Bull Moose, I appreciate the 100 highest bookmark list. Doing any of the challenges gives me a sense of accomplishment. After climbing to Camp Muir, I know I'll never summit Rainier again, but I like the challenge of a tough hike. If it counts for something, so much the better. If it takes me somewhere I wouldn't have otherwise gone, that's good too. Even if it never is a challenge cache, I'll make a note whenever I log one.
  8. It's really light out by 4:30. I'm sure you'll be awake. As for long strides, I remember barely getting a 3 inch stride toward the summit. This hike is a test for me to see if I might want to try and summit again.
  9. I'll be staying at the Forty-n-eight campsite...#32. So I'll stir around a bit. It's plenty light at five these days. I summited 11 years ago on the 30th of June. So, I've been to Muir too, but I'm older now. I glad there is some interest in the earlier start.
  10. I've managed a kitchen pass for this and will be there but have to start early (5:00 AMish) so I can arrive on Bainbridge Island by 4:00 PM for a family thing. Sigh. What we won't do for a cache. If anyone else can't sleep, I'd enjoy the company.
  11. A big congrats to hydnsek for capping this one off today. Nice work.
  12. I have a grand total of 2 at this time but I hope to double it within the week.
  13. Great list. I was just thinking of a bunch of rules to throw on the cache challenge, but in realizing who is thinking of making the challenge, figured he'd have it well in hand. What difference does it make anyway? Just get outside, climb that mountain and find a cache.
  14. Two of each for me, please. Thanks for the hard work.
  15. I enjoy the diversity of all types of caches. Keeps the brain cells active. Puzzles? Can I solve them all? No Way. But I don't know if I like the puzzle, the hide or the location until I go there. I'm more tired of skirt-lifters in park and rides. But, I go get them. Some things are for the numbers and some caches are for the hike and some are for a certain satisfaction in working through a puzzle cace. You can have your own reasons for caching. I enjoy all of mine.
  16. WTG Rockitbiker, Jaded and Nolenator! W000H000!!
  17. Nice job, cowboy. Going for a grand.
  18. So how and to whom do we apply the word "greedy" considering, for example, today's posts.
  19. Thanks, Cowboy, And congrats to L&R, WD, Funnynose, FrodoB, Puppers and everyone else who enjoyes this as much as I do.
  20. One of our favorite hikes with falls is near Salem. Oregon. Two rivers, 14 falls as high as 177 feet in some old growth forest. Take a look at Silver Falls State Park. There are even a few caches in the park.
  21. I've got an afternoon lookie-looo appt. Maybe I can get this one early. Follow the muddy tracks.
  22. I'd try and make that if an unknown work issue doesn't raise it's ugly head.
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