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  1. My greater concern, rather than broken glass, is copycats. New cachers tend to place caches which are similar to their first find(s). If they found an ammo box, they tend to place ammo boxes. If they found filmcan micros, they tend to place filmcan micros. This particular cache is very, very accessible and is likely to be a first find for many people, who might not realize that it isn't OK to go around burrying things (we all know how many of us actually read the rules before hiding caches).
  2. blazerfan: cache owner has been totally unresponsive to e-mails regarding his other caches, so I skipped him this time. hydee: thanks, waypoint sent.
  3. I contacted a local approver directly, who indicated that it wasn't OK and that he was dealing with it. This was a month ago though...
  4. If it was an existing hole, it was perfectly sized; the jar is in there pretty tight.
  5. So far as I can tell, nothing as actually been done about this (yes, I contacted an approver). So I'm posting here to see what you folks think and to whine that my will hasn't been imposed upon others yet. There is a multi-waypoint cache consisting of one waypoint and the final cache location here in Bend, Oregon. The waypoint is a glass container, burried in the ground in the middle of a green grass area at a park. Photo: http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/6b23a910-3...38ea40f7335.jpg The question: Is it appropriate to use this technique to place a waypoint? And if not, what should have been done to correct the situation?
  6. Anybody else have trouble with the following: 1. "Last Post By" link from forum view doesn't go to the last post, just a blank page. 2. After posting I get a blank page rather than getting taken to my post. I suspect its a redirection issue, and probably browser-related at some level... But the weird thing is: This only happens in the afternoon! I'm using Firefox 1.0.2. Maybe the forum hosting server load-balances later in the day, and I end up getting one that sends different redirect code that firefox doesn't enjoy?
  7. Played Magic: The Gathering, and Matrix Online... played with my cats... messed around with my rock tumbler (belt keeps slipping off). Beautiful weekend outside, but klove had homework to do from college.
  8. I rely on the electronic compass in my meridian platinum quite a bit. It lets me go in to the area and then turn around until the compass arrow is pointing at the waypoint, and then I know which direction to walk in very quickly. So when it says "30 feet" away, I know that its 30 feet behind me and I'm not playing a guessing game with numbers. Unfortunatly it feels loosely wired or something, because sometimes it will "lock up" and I have to bang the unit a few times to make it work again. Banging the unit causes the batteries to jiggle, and so it thinks it has low power. Another annoying thing that the compass sometimes does, is that sometimes no matter which direction I turn, the cache is never infront of me. The needle just flips back around to behind me when I turn towards where it said the cache was. But this is probably related to the looseness.
  9. "Disgusting" is rather subjective. And, are these men geocaching? If not, why are you posting this here?
  10. It depends on the yearly geocaching budget, and what the legislature decides upon.
  11. What if they are right in wanting to ban it in cemetaries? Are we all so self-righteous that we assume geocaching is appropriate everywhere? Geocaching takes us to places that we might not have visited otherwise. No matter the best intentions of the "group", there will always be people who are going to be disrespectful of these places. With geocaching, these people are going to be drawn to these places, and their disrespectful attitude isn't going to magically change just because they're holding a GPS.
  12. Your filter makes my butt look fatter than it actually is.
  13. Ah, but who better to know the ins, outs, and particulars of an area than somebody who caches in that area? I'd certainly prefer to have somebody local to central oregon doing approvals for this area (although the oregon approvers are top notch!) locals just know the area better, whats appropriate and what isn't. Its a diverse world we live in, and there are a LOT of differences.
  14. I just use some cheap Nevados boots from GI Joe's, but as for SOCKS, I *love* Wigwam's heavy hiker socks. Completely itch-free, can't feel a single seam inside, never gotten a blister from them. Completely awesome. They run about $14 a pair in my size, but its worth every penny.
  15. Where did he ask for your opinion?
  16. Now for ten or twenty other people to chime in with their opinions about locationless caches. Unless, of course, you lock your thread.
  17. I took one of those sand-filled lizard dolls. I still have it, sitting comfortably on my LCD monitor I actually have a box around somewhere with the "treasures" that I took from my first 50 or so caches, until I started TNLNSL for a while, and then usually TN, Left Token, SL THX BYE.
  18. I'll be in Astoria in July, let me know if nobody else has done this by then.
  19. That's the problem with this site. Mr. High and Mighty has deemed that geocides aren't family-friendly and so they can't be listed here. Pshaw! We should be able to list and log geocides! Boycott! Boycott!
  20. Its not quite a geocaching blog (yet) but I have photos of almost every cache I've done, along with statistics, in a database so that you can filter by cache type and container. http://geo.mrsnazz.com Date links to my photo journal, cache image links to the cache page at gc.com.
  21. I thought this was a geocaching forum? What do soccer moms have do to with this?
  22. Is it possible, or should it be possible, to ignore particular posters on the forums? Or maybe just a filter that replaces every sbell111 message with "I'm right and you're wrong"? Thanks!
  23. Try caching in central oregon without a high clearance vehicle.
  24. And in firefox, "File->Send Link..." will open up a new outgoing e-mail message with the URL in it.
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