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  1. here Wow, thanks that was way too easy
  2. I thought you gave up collecting. I can't imagine having that many I have 215 not including traders. I am lucky enough to have some of the rarest including Moun10bike ver 1, 2 and 3
  3. Back in the early days of geocoins (almost) all coins were non-trackable. There was no "discover" and few seperate icons. So when I got trackable coins I usually did not activate them. I've talked about it before... but I need to get serious and sell some of my coins. If I didn't save the activation codes how can I get them? Is there still a market for "non-trackable" coins?
  4. I think the post office just keeps that stuff for themselves. I know they have a handful of wooden nickles and a couple of hand turned wood wands that were sent to me.
  5. How many do you want and how much do you want to spend?
  6. I would recommend them also. I had them make my wooden nickels and they did a nice job on both.
  7. The most famous geocacher of all time is Peanuthead. He's even had his picture in the newspaper, sadly the caption said it was me.
  8. Just before Christmas I purchased a Sony Webbie camcorder (silver) to document my geocaching adventures. I have decided its not the right camera for me. It is a nice little video cam though and will film HD up to 1080p. I have a few vids on youtube I made with it. These vids were made in Standard setting not HD I'd like $120 for it. I'll include a 8GB memory card since the camera didn't come with one. And free shipping in the US. I like this camera. I went with this one because it had an optical 5x zoom which makes for clear images zoomed it. However I decided that I don't like the little flip screen (it just seems fragile for the purpose I bought it for) This camera would work great especially on a tripod for sporting events or family moments. It is good for geocaching as well, but I'm just picky I suppose. I still have the box and software. If it had any editing software I never used it... I downloaded a trial version of Sony Vegas Movie Studio to edit the second video I did. I can send pictures of it if desired. It does have a small scuff on the flip screen hinge. It was on it when I got it new out of the box. It didn't bother me any, but I thought I should mention it.
  9. Tell the truth... its funny how good the truth will work. I was approuched by a security guard just last weekend while I searched for a cache outside his fenced area. I told him and he stuck around to help us find it. He enjoyed the whole idea and even helped more finders the same day. In contrast I was in a residential area a couple years ago. Cache placed on private property under a bushy tree... probably without permission. I grabbed the cache and was standing beside the road when I was muggled by people from a nearby house. I decided to use the "just stopped to make a phone call excuse" holding my gps. Their response was "from the bushes?" at that point I just had to explain myself. Which would have been much less embarassing if I had just told the truth the first time.
  10. Whats wrong with wanting to make a buck? That's the American way. I wonder if my ultra rare second issue of Today's Cacher is worth any money?
  11. I hardly ever chase a FTF but I still brag a little when I get one. I decided to pre-subscibe... its not the first or second geocaching magazine I have given a chance to. I do hope that one of them eventually catches on. Magazines are perhaps becoming a bit obsolete, but I do feel they have their place. I look at a computer screen all day... I like to sit in my easy chair and read something non-Electronic when I can. I subscribe to another magazine with a total distribution of about 500 and it is printed monthly since 2001 so I know that even with a small number of subscribers a magazine can work.
  12. Hahahahahahahahaha... I almost fell out of my chair reading this. Non-trackable coins are the foundation of the hobby. Every personal coin made before late 2005 or so (with the exception of Moun10Bike) is non-trackable because it just wasn't an option. Many of them were tracked on personal websites or other sites... but most not at all. They were considered the ultimate trade item. If you were lucky enough to find a blazerfan geocoin in the wild you had to work for it. Accusing non-trackable geocoins of being fake is like accusing the Mona Lisa of not being a real painting because it isn't on canvas.
  13. I quit collecting geocoins back in 2006, but I am seriously considering a trip down for this event. I have come up with 2 options both leaving Friday the 9th and returning Monday the 12th: Option 1: I fly to and stay in Las Vegas making a second flight to SLC just for the 10th flying back to LV that night. This option costs me $300 total including room, airfare, registration and taxes. Plus unknown taxi, food and gambling losses. Option 2: I fly direct to SLC stay 3 nights at the Marriott. That way I could take the Cache Bus and attempt the TRAX challenge. This option costs me $700 total including room, airfare, registration and taxes. Plus food hotel shuttle and an unknown variety of Utah entertainment expenses. I might have to sell some coins to finance the trip. I know several cachers have asked me for a list of what I'd sell... but everytime I look at all my coins the thought of trying to type them up seems like a giant undertaking.
  14. Good idea as I have many older coins that I'm thinking about selling for the "send blazerfan to geo-woodstock" fund. I'm going anyway, but it wouldn't hurt to have some gas money. I quit collecting January 2006 so except for a few rare trades all my coins date from before then. Personally I always thought some of the prices were outragous. I remember a common Georgia coin selling for over $30 on ebay when I believe you could still by them from the source at $4. There is something about the process of bidding that makes people lose common sense.
  15. I have to admit to being an abuser of the site. I love stats If I had it all to do over again I would go back to school to major in statistics. I love the maps... color coded... with counties I love the finds broken down by year and month I do wish it told more then just my best day of finds... top 10 most finds in a day would be nice, but I suppose its not a good time to ask for extra features. The maps are my favorite though... if you can keep the maps I can live without most everything else
  16. My first 5 caches back in 2003 were 1) film canister in a tree 2) film canister under a rock 3) key holder under a bench 4) small jar under a brick 5) bucket labled "Steer Manure" left in the landscaping of a community college building Nearly five years and one thousand three hundred and sixty caches later I'm still finding them. Obviously I've found better caches then these since, but even newbies should quickly get the idea "this cache is in the woods" and "this cache is in the wal-mart parking lot" and be able to draw their own conclusions. I think people quit mainly because it can be hard. When you are new to the game the first 30 or so finds can be tough. The first lampost cache I ever saw frustrated me to no end. I probably had more "no finds" in my first 100 caches then in my next thousand. Bad coords, missing containers and lack of experience... unless you have caught the geocaching bug these factors will probably make you loose interest the fastest. I myself probably just had a lack of hobbies at the time.
  17. I bet Lazyboy would be pretty happy that his cache machine keeps popping up. Last I knew the cache machine was still in place... I bet good money that the logbook and trade items are still inside (and wasp nests... that was a problem)
  18. Hmmm after reading in the Triton forum and the post above I think I'll just stick to my 60Csx for now and hope that the problems get solved or Garmin comes out with something equal. I guess I'll just have to keep my packpack filled with multiple gadgets... but it would be so nice to just pack one gadget that does it all.
  19. 50 stages for only one smiley face? No Thanks. The most I have done is a 10 stage... only 2 cachers have found it and we did it together. Now if you hid 50 caches each with a clue to the next cache where each stage was a find then I'd go for that I've done one of those 20 long.
  20. When I go geocaching it is often an ordeal. I can't count how many times I've been standing on a shakey rock trying to steady myself with one hand while holding my gps in the other and thinking to myself that if I fall I'll smash the camera in my pocket (or my PDA). Other times I just forget to pack my camera. Then I see the Triton 2000 and I thought my problems could be over. Built in camera and flashlight... I need these things. I'm a Garmin person though... I have a legend and a 60Csx (I haven't had the csx very log either). So are the problems with the Triton series so bad that I should not even consider it? Why can't Garmin just make a better one? I suppose this is more of a rant but I'd appriciated hearing the good and bad of a triton 2000 I didn't find too much searching
  21. Southern Oregon Geocaching is a website for everyone who is interested in geocaching in Southern Oregon. There is a local forum and photo gallery which members are invited to contribute to. While we're not truely an organization our group does try to hold monthly events. Feel free to sign up and join in.
  22. My Dad has a Yamaha Grizzly 700 and it works great for those out of the way caches. I've seriously thought about buying one, but I think I'd rather have a Yamaha Rhino 660 side x side.
  23. Wow did you dig up an old topic. Its a shame you live so far away... since Lazy quit caching the old Cache Machine has been offered up for free (you haul) This was a pretty cool cache the old ATM was just the outside shell... all the electronics were remove. The front was padlocked and once you found the key it just folded down and he had a couple tupperware containers inside. The only problem with hauling it away is that I think he set it in a ton of concrete.
  24. Just a few months before I found out about geocaching I had been offered an older GPS. I played with it for a bit but decided to let the guy donate it to a charity auction rather then to me (I think it only brought in like $20)... when I learned about geocaching I cursed myself because I really wanted to try it... a few months later I found my first cache without a GPS then I broke down and bought a new Garmin Legend.
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