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  1. Looking for an Autism Awareness ammocan coin for my grandson. Email thru profile please. Thanks. bgf
  2. Do they come in spice jars? You betcha! But the heavy duty stuff...the really good stuff... comes in containers strongly resembling PB jars. bgf
  3. I received one of these jewels in the mail several days ago. It was our average January day...8° , no sun, windy, & a few flurries. The usual mad dash out to the mailbox resulted in a day in which the coin made up for lack of sunshine. Thanks to Wildcat Kelly for the great surprise. My appreciation for all the "mystery" geocoins out there runs deep. bgf
  4. A Geocoin Bug coin! WooHoo! My thanks & gratitude to G. O'Coin B. U. G. Esquire bgf
  5. I realize this is the "normal" procedure. I know the system won't allow a member to place a subscriber only, but will it allow a member to adopt one already listed as subscriber only. Let's just say that someone sent an adoption request & forgot to mark it for everyone. If it could be adopted, but not viewed/edited by the member, that would leave the cache in limbo. bgf
  6. I couldn't find this anywhere else, so...... Can a subscriber only cache be adopted by a regular member? If so, can the member view/edit his/her cache afterwards? Thanks, bgf
  7. A 10 minute drive for me. I think I may be able to make it.
  8. WooHoo! I got a "Bit O Gold" yesterday. An excellent reward for a long day spent in the fields, not that the two are related. Just a great way to end a perfect day. My thanks to the Geo_Leprechaun! bgf
  9. I second this. All the photos are neat, but a jeep shown doing CITO work is in a class of it's own. A case of not all play, but can work too. I go for #6 also.
  10. After a long hiatus from exchanging wooden nickels/tokens, and from checking the forums in general, I'd like to get back into the midst of things. I've found a few of my wooden nickels hidden away in one of my caching bags and would love to swap with anyone that would wish to. I've also had problems with gmail, so I've changed that to another. Plus I found hundreds of gc.com mails hidden in there. If anyone has mailed me before, with no response from me, please resend. I will get back to you. Thanks Everyone, bgf
  11. Received one today... This will always be near & dear to me. Thank you very much. bgf
  12. Ditto! Great job. I agree. And that cache is on my "to do" list for in the very near future.... My compliments on the overall coin design. Well done. bgf
  13. This has been one of the most fun threads I've seen in awhile. I love It! Mark..... My log from GCRG75. September 4 by bluegillfisherman (1016 found) I've been following the travels of The Geocoin Fairy for two weeks now. I could only dream the travels would reach Indiana. Yeah, sure. Fairys don't exist, right? I fell very ill last night and spent the whole evening & night dragging around. So sometime in the middle, I checked out The Geocoin Fairys travels. Oooooo....a stop in Indiana, only a couple hundred miles away! Mind you, I've driven 700+ for a M10B coin, so a couple hundred would be a piece of cake......except, I should've been in the ER instead. Anyway, around dawn I started feeling good enough to finally fall asleep. I slept most of the day away, then got up and had another looksee to see if anyone had picked up The Geocoin Fairy's coin. Sure enough, they did, and seeing who it was, I know it will be well appreciated. But....how in the world did I not see the OTHER cache log, only 7 miles away? Here! In a stupor? Bleary eyes maybe? A quick ten minute drive and it's mine, except...will it still be there? Is it for real? After all, there are others nearby looking for one too. Off I go... Arriving at the cache, I didn't see any fresh footprints in the tall grass, knowing full well that any Fairy wouldn't leave any. (but cachers would) So my hopes jumped again. Could there really be a Geocoin Fairy? I grabbed the cache, and as I opened it, I dropped the whole thing. It couldn't have been anticipation, just a slippery container. All the contents spilled out, and the first thing I saw was this geocoin with a Fairy on it. WooHoo! Mine! Mine! All Mine! I vaguely recall signing the log and leaving a new Geocache Earth coin in exchange. I don't remember much about the drive home, as I was too busy looking at the coin, still in disbelief. Thanks to The Geocoin Fairy for a great coin! And I also must add, I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE! bgf
  14. Is this the first pay-to-cache policy implemented to GEOCACHE in INDIANA? bgf
  15. This is great! Thanks Moun10Bike, for sharing the information. An exceptional example of it not being all about the $$. A special thanks to twin Peaks for his generosity! bgf
  16. Hey! I was given one of those yesterday. It has a good home now. Ditto! bgf
  17. I'd like first shot at getting mine back. bgf
  18. CONGRATULATIONS TO RUPERT2 FOR HITTING #600 ON ISQ #495!! Awsome Ev's 600th find was attained at the MIDWEST GEOBASH !!!! Congratulations to Awsome Ev & Rupert2, both for their #600. How's about a race to #700? bgf
  19. I'd be looking for one. Thanks. bgf
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