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  1. *cheerful wave* buh-bye! It's c-------s like you who are driving away newbies and giving this forum a bad reputation. Yes I'm a newbie, been caching and visiting these forums for just a week. If the way some of you act here on the forums is any indication of what you are like 'in the flesh' I have no desire to be associated with you or in meeting you. (Unless I'm carrying a 45 caliber baseball bat) There are no doubt a few genuinely nice people here but they seem to be a very small minority I don't seem to be one of them. This is another case of a bunch of people who think because they were here longer, have more post, more 'finds', etc they own the place. They sure don't make newbies welcome, in fact they go out of there way to be rude and demeaning. I'm seriously considering giving up the 'sport' completely. Sorry, had to do a bit of editing for ya. That's how we are around here, super helpful, like a family. A dysfunctional family...makes me feel right at home.
  2. Yes, I don't know why they didn't have one. If I heard correctly, they were AT the REI store in Portland which DOES rent them. Perhaps they were out of the rentals. We will probably never know at this point.
  3. I'm a back country back packer and will not use my gps for it. I only use my gps for geocaching. I do get out there to get away from gadgets among other things. If I can't find my way using a map and compass then I have no business going to the places I go. GPSs are not dependable, they can get wet, batteries go dead, they can get dropped on the rocks, etc. Yes, I can drop my compass on the rocks but with my water resistant topo map, I can always orient myself using only that and at least find my way back out. Cell phones work in a small portion of this state so even if I had coordinates, I wouldn't be able to call and tell anyone. I also go out there to challenge myself. To use a gps would feel like I was cheating myself. Eh, call me a purist.
  4. Because they weren't lost, they were stormed in with an injured member. Rescue personel couldn't get to them if they could have given coordinates.
  5. If I change it to the opposite directions I DO get on the other side of the world. I am near the Arctic Circle, they put me near the Antarctic Circle.
  6. Well I DID read the thread but it seems all the idiocy er, excitment is over. Pictures of your hunny in a kilt are always appriciated lol.
  7. Too true Ambrosia. I've been away for a while and it was such a nice welcome back.
  8. Thankfully it seems, I always return to the board to a nice kilt thread. Thanks lol.
  9. Thanks, and I agree that the TPTB do a good job here. I typically would just blow it off, but when people start posting pictures of members' kids with...uhm....offensive/sexual comments about them, I do get tend to get upset. I do know if if it had been my kid, I would be looking at pursuing something more than just having the post removed. I didn't see the picture but with the current climate we have today due to all the killing of kids before and/or after sexually molesting them this last couple of weeks, I am pretty certain that any picture of that nature would be investigated if given to the proper authorities. Father? Ever seen a mad momma bear?
  10. Maybe he doesn't want that many showing up because then he would be responsible for making a maintenance visit to see if it's still there.
  11. I like looking at profile pages. I could care less about your cache count or your FTFs. I want to know who you are. What are your interests. Do you have a website? What do you look like?
  12. Have you SEEN some of our cachers? How could there NOT be geolove? Geolust at least....
  13. Also, if you have food in there, you WILL have critters chewing their way in.
  14. I'm getting a new camera in Oct. for my birthday. I'm sure I will feel I need to go back next year for better pictures and a hike into Gates lol. I really like pictures with interesting skies though so this trip gave me so many opportunities.
  15. Egads, you all just blow me away. Congratulations on your milestones.
  16. Postponed and cut short. It rained on the way up, it rained the majority of the time we were there, it rained some on the way home but did dry up some also. It was spectacular! Too bad my camera is sooooo old and held together by duct tape. http://www.cloud9doula.com/brooks_range.htm I actually did get to do the caches on the way up. They were really special.
  17. I'd love to go to Burning Man! Why not just place a permanent cache there? That way it would be legal.
  18. Oh my goodness! I would be quite mad. And just curious, where did he post the message asking about this? And I just wonder what he said. "Hey, do you care if I just keep your tb and give it to my dog? He likes it."
  19. Well I have BEEN in every state but Florida and Hawaii. But I didn't start caching until after I moved here to Alaska. I have no desire to go out of state for even a visit though "they" will try to drag me kicking and screaming onto a plane for a visit sometime, hopefully this winter as it will be easier to make myself go.
  20. Now, let's see how many caches are placed in hopes of getting the GCZZZZ & GC10000.
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