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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. Give Cathy a hug from me.
  2. Have you considered hosting your own event? Then you can choose a time and location that is convenient for you.
  3. I have a hunch that like the Fizzy/Jasmer challenges, this is a challenge type that people will try to chase down when they are traveling. I don't see an existing bookmark list of the challenge caches based on this, so I started one. It's hard to track them all down with the current limitations of search tools on geocaching.com, so I probably missed some. If you identify one I missed, email me and I'll add it to the list.
  4. Plaidguy and I plan to join in.
  5. Plaidguy and I are planning to go.
  6. I am SO sad to hear this. Both of them were the nicest, most helpful and good humored people you could ever meet. I hope they are together again with their beloved Maggie.
  7. Holy freaking cow, Craig! Thank God you weren't hurt and that Cathy wasn't with you in the passenger seat. Try burying your electronics in some dry rice for a few days - that's saved some of Phil's wet electronics that we thought were goners. Open up the battery compartments first so you get maximum surface area contact.
  8. Cristy, I have been away and only just heard this horrible news. I am deeply saddened by Bob's loss and my heart goes out to you. He was a wonderful guy.
  9. Utility poles are private property and drilling into them without permission is vandalism. Drilled holes provide an inroad for insects and decay, shortening the life of a very expensive utility pole What do you think the likelihood is of the utility company giving permission for that?
  10. Tee was closer to him than anybody, I think. If she feels he'd have liked Al Borlin Park better, then that is probably the place to go. I remember he had some caches in there. It's still outdoors in a beautiful park that he liked - a good thing.
  11. A memorial is a wonderful idea. I always associate Brian with Lord Hill park - it was near his base of Monroe, we celebrated his #1000 there (see pic earlier in this thread), etc. I agree - Lord Hill Park was the first thing that came to my mind too. It seems very fitting to hold it outdoors in a beautiful park that he liked.
  12. It’s taken me a few days to get far enough past the numbing shock of losing Brian to be able to write about him. I last spoke to him a few days before he went into the hospital, when neither of us knew how sick he really was. He was in a lot of pain, but had begun making some positive changes that made us both think there were better days ahead. That was not to be, but now he is pain free at last and in a better place. Those who love him must now heal the gaping hole he leaves in our hearts and fill it with memories of good times shared with him and be thankful for our good fortune to have him in our lives, though for too short a time. I first met Brian in November 2004, when he had been caching barely a month. A group of us banded together to find Moun10Bike’s Got Coin? Cache and had a tailgate party afterward which also happened to be the debut of the gastronomical abomination that became an après caching trailhead staple during cold weather, Frito Pies. Since then I have traveled all over the PNW with him, worked with him for years on the executive board of the WSGA, and had more good times together than I can ever count. I will miss his biting wit, his unfailing helpfulness, sharing our enjoyment of both the outdoors and geeky things, and talking about anything and everything. When I think of the kindred spirits I would never have met if not for geocaching, Brian is the first that comes to mind. My life is richer for having known him, and I will miss him always. Many great photos of Brian have been posted here. I will add a couple from the early days. The tailgate party after Got Coin! where I first met Brian: He was with me in the spring of 2005 when I found my 1000th cache: And lastly I want to add my favorite log written by Brian, from the Everett Cache Machine in 2006. It still makes me laugh all these years later: Devilish Darlings Night Cache
  13. Me too. I'm beyond words today.
  14. I was driving behind a mystery geocacher for a while today in Seattle. Blue VW Eurovan with a CITO and GPS sticker on the back. I was behind you until you pulled into Dick's - I remember finding a cache in their parking lot several years ago.
  15. You should contact FrodoB, who recently had a total knee replacement on one side and a partial on the other. He avoids forums like the plague and won't see anything posted here but if you email him, he will happily tell you anything you'd like to know.
  16. You should contact FrodoB, who recently had a total knee replacement on one side and a partial on the other. He avoids forums like the plague and won't see anything posted here but if you email him, he will happily tell you anything you'd like to know.
  17. I've been itching to get out on snowshoes, but I work on Sundays so will have to miss this outing.
  18. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express and it was wonderful. The place is brand new and it even smells new - reminded me of doing the walk-through on a new house. Breakfast is included and it is excellent - bacon and scrambled eggs, even. Be careful when you make your reservations though - the least expensive price is non-refundable.
  19. I think one of my most memorable hikes this year was Fortune Cookie by Patudles. Magnificent scenery in an area I'd never seen before, and the hike whipped my sorry under-exercised butt.
  20. Here's some more 2004 (Washington's first official state geocoin) Used to be trackable on the old WSGA website but that function was never restored to the new WSGA website 2005 (Also formerly trackable on the old WSGA website) Here's a few Washington event coins that I haven't seen here yet The Day We Met The Great Rubber Ducky Escapade Spokane Cache Machine 2 WSGA 2007 Campout - Port Townsend A better image of the back
  21. I am so sad to hear that - what a tragedy. Y'all be careful out there.
  22. Here's the Alaska Geocachers website: GeocacheAlaska! The Alaska caching community is WONDERFUL!
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