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  1. We usually cache as a whole family but every now and then one of us adults will pick one up if we have a business meeting out of town but i think that might be a total of 15 caches, we started the game as something that we could do as a family and the kids liked it because it was hiking with a cause.
  2. Thanks!!!! And as a reward we got to see Eraseek re-enact his accident of two years ago when he broke his foot. Congrats to some of the best people around. The girls and us are very happy for you.
  3. Thanks for the responses vacation is over. will close this topic now.
  4. The4Grays 1000 at Center of the Nation, Great Vacation.
  5. Hi, we're planning to visit the South Dakota (Deadwood, Rapid City, Custer, Hot Springs) area for vacation next week. We want to find some caches while we're here also. The problem is, the wife broke her ankle a few weeks ago and we can't do any of the hikes we were planning on. Does anyone have some suggestions for "crutchable" caches? We're open to regular size caches and micros. We'd prefer to stay away from puzzle caches though. We can sort through the cache terrain ratings, but we were hoping for some local cacher recommendations. Thank you!
  6. Congrats to Hawk And W7WT Way to go guys, Wish we could be out caching. but the wife is finding it hard to hike these days.
  7. We've been wanting to try Colonel Bob for a long time. Our plan this year was to get in some warm-up hikes and attempt the Colonel in August. Unfortunately, our hiking plans have been put on hold this summer. I (the Mrs) decided it would be fun to break my ankle on Memorial Day weekend. It was a doozy! We were bike riding on the north shore of Lake Crescent when it happened. Wouldn't you know it, on the flattest area of the trail, I stopped my bike, put my foot on the ground, and must've stepped on a root because the next thing I know I'm looking at my foot from a whole new angle. After my husband and our friends got me splinted up, they realized that there was no way they'd be able to get me out of there by themselves. They called the Olympic Park rangers who showed up by boat, but quickly decided it was too risky to try to get me down the hillside to the water. They carried me for 2 miles back to the trailhead. They were fantastic! What a great group of people, I just wish we didn't have to meet them under such horrible circumstances. Anyway, the verdict was 2 broken bones, surgery, 9 pins and a plate. Ugh! Anyway, if you guys go after the Colonel - have fun! Maybe next year. . .
  8. Congrates to two great couples. Way to Go.
  9. This is great! We are planning on visiting the area in early July. We were already planning on exploring the park, but this gives us an extra incentive.
  10. Hmmm. We were thinking about going up there last weekend but didn't (kids & sniffles). We want to try the upper trail because we've never taken that route. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  11. We would like 2 please nice design
  12. In September 2003, we were at a family member's lake cabin. We had noticed a trailhead a little way down the road. Since the kids were having fun swimming, we didn't explore the trail. When we got home, we looked up the trail on-line and we saw there was a 'geocache' there. We looked up geocaching and saw that they were all around us! We already had a GPS so we headed out and made our first find. We've been hooked ever since. Oh yeah, we did finally make it back to that trail and found the cache.
  13. Thanks Hawk & Lady Hawk. I need all the notoriety I can get. And I meant what I said about your cache, Farmaceutical Pholly. I know it's been done before but I was amazed at how well it fit the surroundings. The non-geocaching XYL (wife) came up with your Park & Hide cache after I had looked right at it and didn't see it. Dick Just getting back to the forums and wanted to give a big congrats to dick on his 1100th, Great job
  14. Man I wish I found that page a week ago when i was giving a presentation to the Boy Scouts last week. I just used a display board and some hand outs. Is there a way you can make one for Washingtion State? maybe Boy Scout related?
  15. Please add us to the list for two each
  16. Congrats to Hawk I knew he would do it I just asked Lady Hawk earlier this week how close you were and she said if it wasn't down pouring that you would be out. Again congrats always like when a local cachers hits a milestone.
  17. Wow look neat would love to have one
  18. Sounds like fun will mark it on the calander
  19. Team Noltex hit #600 during the Bellingham Cache Machine!!
  20. Congrats to Gordo 1013 on his 500th find. Also I just noticed that Geopoppa racked up their 200th find at "Take me Home Country Club Road." Good to see new caches popping up on BI. Dick,W7WT Congrats to all above really nice to see everyone out and about even in the rain. We just got our 900th today with a 4 mile walk in the rain. again congrats to Seabeck tribe and Gordo
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