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  1. Look on this page and 'hover' over over your user-name. Your userID shows at the bottom left corner of your window, i.e. - 94875 for JV, and 2412531 - G-G.
  2. That's right, it is your perception but not everyone agrees with it. The whole 'Friends' thing is useless and a joke to me. It could go away completely and I'd not miss it let alone even notice that it was gone.
  3. There are already discussions regarding this going on here...For those that don't like hidden links: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=251383
  4. You might have better luck in the NW Forums. There are a bunch of similar questions that we've answered before or you can ask again. You might include in your question what your family might like to do...there's a lot of things going on especially that weekend. Or feel free to email me through my profile and I'll answer.
  5. A big '2 thumbs up' from me...Thanks!!!
  6. Unfortunately, I'm the first (in this thread that I know of) to need some help. Cache ID - GCN7J6 Cache URL - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b9cc0&log=y The cache has been out 5 years with only 60+ online logs, The log will probably survive, but I'd like to replace it to be sure...the only issue is the sciatica I'm struggling with prevents me from getting to that location at this time. Email me or reply here if you can help me.
  7. This may help you and you in your search... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...uery+%2Bkeyword
  8. There's also reading the FAQ...
  9. My guess is because Groundspeak no longer has a Monthly premium membership. Your choices now are yearly and quarterly (every three months)...but as I said it's just a guess...
  10. Why not just make bookmarks for the pages you normally go to?
  11. Allanon

    Going Ape!

    From my watch on the cache and my inbox, it looks like it's pretty popular so far too...
  12. At the bottom of the Compose New Message page, in the Options section (right above the send button, etc.) is "Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder".
  13. Dakboy's solution will work; however, I would prefer that the cache not be "deleted" from the GSAK database. I use the GSAK database for multiple reasons one which is to identify my "found" caches. If you deleted an archived cache that you had found then the information derived from the filter would be incomplete. Use a more complex filter prior to the delete... Last GPX date on or before the last update PQ, and That I haven't found. Will show you only caches you haven't found that were not updated.
  14. Also being discussed over here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...p;#entry4317312
  15. How are you loading the maps? Via SD card or using Mapsource and a computer?
  16. Baring major traffic problems, from my house in Monroe to my work in Totem Lake - 25 minutes. An additional 20-30 minutes to South Center, and 10-15 to SeaTac...roughly 1 hr 10 minutes...and I've done it a few times.
  17. Monroe might be OK, but there's usually a race at the fairgrounds that weekend and that may cause motels to fill up early.
  18. Well deserved indeed!!! Congratulations Glenn!
  19. If I wasn't on-call and in so much pain, I'd love to reproduce the Wenatchee CM...another time... It'd be a blast, but I know what you mean. Since RouteMonkey joined the Marine Corps, I'm needing a new navigator. I almost asked about the Monkey. Tell him Congrats and "Thank You" for his service!!!
  20. If I wasn't on-call and in so much pain, I'd love to reproduce the Wenatchee CM...another time...
  21. Only if you want to try and drink alcohol.
  22. They're obviously 72" widescreen TV monitors...why do you ask?
  23. Actually I can understand that Groundspeak doesn't support IE6. IE6 is old and making things work for it can easily eat up the hours a development team is allowed to spend on a certain release. If you can update or change browser, you should. If you are not allowed to change (e.g. at work), try to get those in power to upgrade. See more here: http://www.bringdownie6.com/ iller Is this Groundspeak's stand: that as of last Tuesday they will no longer support IE6 and that we users will have to upgrade our PCs if we want to use geocaching.com? Have you heard or read that?
  24. I think you have totally missed the point here. Most people who have asked the question 'why not do the things people are asking for?' are not saying that Groundspeak should ask users exactly how they would like the layout of the site and make it that way. They are concerned that Groundspeak uses the (scarce?) development resources they have to do totally unnecessary and unwanted layout changes instead of adding functionality that is much asked for, e.g. geocaching apps for mobile phones with Android OS, Windows Mobile OS. Or make it possible to download spoiler pictures to your GPS without violating the TOU. Or add functionality to PQ:s to make them work like they should (e.g. instant instead of being delivered after a lengthy delay). That would make sense to invest development resources on. But it seems that Groundspeak is not simple interested and instead they let some (inexperienced?) developers spend a lot of resources to make unneccesary layout changes. iller No, I haven't 'missed the point'. I could care less what what Groundspeak uses their resources for...be it iPhone, Android, Wherigo, site redesign or naked hot tub parties on weekends. I'm saying it's their site and they can do what they want. Just because you and others think something is "unnecessary' doesn't mean it's not part of some plan down the road. Personally, I think the iPhone app was a good idea with the first release, but each subsequent release has diminished the experiment. There's no need for all that functionality in my mind, I think you should visit the website to log the cache... but the people in the iPhone forum will disagree with me. As for PQs, I've no idea what you are talking about. I submit a PQ request, I get it within minutes. If you are talking about "scheduled" PQs, then you are keeping an offline DB which are officially not supported and how can you expect GS to support them? Rant all you want, neither you or I will influence what they do unless it serves their purpose. One other thing I should say...maybe two... No, I don't work for them... and I have no idea what their plans are, but I'm 100% sure it's designed for our pleasure and enjoyment and use, no matter what you may think.
  25. Ok, I'll bite. I wasn't sure how I felt about this change yet, although I couldn't see what people were talking about when they say it's offensive. Anyway, I did a bunch of stuff on the site today, and after using it for a bit, I have to say that I really like the "yours" thing. "My" always seemed bland, never caught my eye. For some reason, I guess the way my brain thinks, "yours" catches my eye and sticks out to me. I guess in my thinking, this isn't my website. I'm perusing the site, sharing it with others, etc. Then, I want to check out the stuff that has to do with me, so the site is saying to me, here is "YOUR STUFF". Did they offer you a platinum membership to say that? She's already got one...
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