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  1. I've been thinking about this for years, but after a couple half-marathons in the last half year, I almost fell like I could be within the realm of in-shape enough. I will monitor this thread with interest.
  2. I saw Criminal's log at Dream Cache and came looking for his story about running into a coughing Bigfoot.
  3. Anyone considering going by motorcycle? I want to motorcycle down but my wife would feel better if I was partnered with someone. (Because, you know, help is so far away on I-5... )
  4. I've been so busy with the last year of school, I haven't been keeping up on my Kitsap caching. I'm glad that I'll have some motivation to get back into it when I have some time. (Uh, minus Ray's caches, I gather ) Thanks Dick and Hawk.
  5. I'm looking for a street navigator that I can load geocaching waypoints into. Any suggestions? It looks like it might be hard to do easily. I saw the Magellan crossover, but am looking for more of a pure street navigator that I can use in conjunction with my handheld: I more or less want to have it for road trips where I can be driving, spot a cache on the map, and hop out and use my eXplorist to actually find the cache. I'm usually a Magellan guy, but would be willing to go with a Garmin or TomTom or anything else if it is the right unit.
  6. In that case I might beat you to it. I know I'm in shape for it after my Mount Jupiter hike yesterday! I might do the high divide loop for my next day hike. I feel like I'm just about ready to take on anything after yesterday. Find, hide... either way is fine with me.
  7. The problem for me is finding two days. I seem to remember being glad I camped at the pass instead of doing it all in one day. Then again, that could be because I carried 45 pounds of gear to the pass, which I wouldn't have to do if I didn't camp.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the Marmot Pass cache is actually closer to the top of Buckhorn than it is to the actual pass. I haven't been up there since that cache was put in there, but that's the impression I've always had. I suppose Criminal or some finder could clear that up. I've found it, it's not on the summit but about halfway between the pass and the summit. The summit according to my topo map is .4 of a mile way from the cache. Buckhorn would be pretty far up the list in the WA challenge, too. I had thought I wouldn't do Marmot Pass until next summer, but maybe I should hump a cache up there for Buckhorn this year.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the Marmot Pass cache is actually closer to the top of Buckhorn than it is to the actual pass. I haven't been up there since that cache was put in there, but that's the impression I've always had. I suppose Criminal or some finder could clear that up.
  10. That's sad. 35 is awfully young to die. He must have been in fair physical shape to make it to the top. Of course, it could have just been too much. Know your limits, I guess. Some friends and I almost hiked that hill Saturday, but decided to do Mt. Townsend instead. We might have been caught up in the rescue. Wait... That was Friday. So we would have been a day early. What day is it? Where am I? Law school rots the brain.
  11. This is great news! According to my calculations I have about 31,000 feet worth done. Not bad, but I better make that trip to Camp Muir so I can grab another 20,000 feet worth in one afternoon.
  12. Wow! Where was that taken? Are those goats or sheep? They look like goats to me, but I've been told you never get close to goats because they avoid people. In any case, that is an amazing shot. The goats up on Ellinor seem to be used to humans and didn't seem to care that we were there. They were a little more concerned with the dog, however. I had been watching them from a distance from the peak for awhile. But as we left to go down my dog suddenly started to pull me in another direction. I turned to see what had gotten into him and saw those two goats. They cooperated perfectly for the shot.
  13. I guess I'd rather do the Highest challenge than the Lookout Challenge. Though it looks like I've done a fair number of Lookout caches without really knowing it. But in any case, I do appreciate the 100 highest bookmark.
  14. It was a little different yesterday, though, since my ice axe was safely at home in my garage. It was more of a free-style glissading.
  15. Yesterday was so much fun I might have to call it Mt. Heaven-anor. Well, maybe I'll just go back to calling it Mt. Ellinor. There was a lot of snow left. I just put up my log and the pictures should give you a good idea. It won't be gone for at least a couple weeks, even with the hot temperatures we're supposed to be getting next week. The snow made for a good trip down, though.
  16. Well, third time was the charm. It was a great day up there. Goats, snow to slide down, and finally snagging this geocache. I'll get the log up later with pictures.
  17. A friend with the same car loaned me a tire. So I'm off...
  18. Unbelievable! I may not be attempting this cache tomorrow. I just got a call telling me my new tire didn't come in like it was supposed to - I'm driving around on my full-size spare right now - and now I have to wait until Thursday. I'm not going up those roads with no spare. There is some force at work here that doesn't want me finding this cache.
  19. For some reason I've decided to torture myself with a third attempt to find Mt. Ellinor Cache on the 4th of July. Twice I've been to the top of Mt. Ellinor, and twice I've come back empty handed. The first time I was driven off by snow and dark after searching for 30 minutes. The second time, I searched for an hour with another cacher before I had to leave before my dog died of heat exhaustion. It truly has been Mt. Hellior for me. So tilt your ear towards Mt. Ellinor and listen for either a triumphant yell or plenty of cursing coming from the summit. I swear if I don't find that cache this time, they'll be able to hear me in Seattle.
  20. I was just told by my wife that she scheduled something for that day that I need to be at. So looks like I'll be going solo... Darn.
  21. August 12th is my wedding anniversary, so I don't think I'll be able to go... Great idea, though. We've spent many of our anniversary evenings watching this meteor shower.
  22. I second that. Just ask my dog. When we hiked Colonel Bob with a group of cachers, he made it to the summit about an hour before I did. (The traitor.)
  23. Hurry up and melt, snow! I'm not sure any of these are doable over Memorial Day Weekend. I'm really chomping at the bit to get out there.
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