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  1. Anyone from Europe who received the BadAndy geocoin set yet? I haven't. Did the coins for outside the US go out on August 4th like promised? In that case the set should already have arrived here in the Netherlands I think. Best regards, JC
  2. I would buy 1 or 2. Would be a great addition to my collection of geocaching related items. Best regards, JC from the Netherlands
  3. I'm wondering how many caches there were in the Netherlands at the time I placed my first cache "Loonse en Drunense Duinen a.k.a. Dutch Sahara" (GC1B73). If I take a look at the listing for the Netherlands I can count the caches that were placed prior to mine, but I also realize that caches might have been archived and are not shown in the listing. Is there a possibility to get a list that also shows the archived caches? Or any other way to find out how many caches there were when I placed mine? Also, my travel bug "Cheechako" (TB1A7E) must have been one of the first Dutch (i.e. released in the Netherlands) travel bugs, maybe even the first? I'm wondering how many Dutch travel bugs there were at the time I released Cheechako. And lastly, the first travel bug I retrieved was Cache Cart 8 (TB536). This was in May of 2002. It was placed in my own cache "Loonse en Drunense Duinen" by geocachers visiting from the US. This must have been one of the first TB's in the Netherlands, if not the first. I wonder how many TB's had been retrieved in the Netherlands before TB536. Is there any way to find out this information about travel bugs? Thanks, JC from the Netherlands
  4. I'm the one involved in the US-Dutch geocache exchange with BadAndy. Below I've posted a couple of pics of my cache (The Dutch Yellowstone Cache) and some of its contents which BadAndy will hide close to Yellowstone Park. I think the exchange idea is great! I hope more geocachers will get involved in exchanging geocaches. As far as I know, BadAndy's cache will be the first exchange cache in the Netherlands (if in the mean time someone doesn't beat us to it). It would be fun if in the future I could go and hunt for exchange caches placed in the Netherlands by others, caches from all parts of the world. Being the first exchange cache and all, I'm expecting BadAndy's cache going to be hugely popular among the Dutch geocaching community. I also think that BadAndy's postcard idea is really great. I will add a stack of pre-addressed/stamped Dutch cards in his cache also, for Dutch geocachers to send their personalized notes to BadAndy. I'm also thinking, wouldn't your own exchange cache be a great goal for one of your own travel bugs! Wouldn't that be something if it would reach the cache someday! Like BadAndy says, we will attempt to keep the caches stocked with trade items. This will keep the caches interesting and the exchange will be kept really alive that way. It's also a nice way for both persons involved in the exchange to stay in contact. I'm really looking forward to receiving the Yogi's winter retreat cache and to our future trade item exchanges. And I'm looking forward to having my own cache hidden close to Yellowstone Park, an area I've always been fascinated by. Regards, Michael aka Johny Cache JC's Geocaching Page
  5. Downloaded the first copy of "Geocaching i Sverige" yesterday. I must say this is great stuff!! Compliments on a job well done. May this be an example to follow for other countries (i.e. Netherlands). I did a ten-day geocaching tour in Sweden last summer, and I hope to be able to go geocaching in Sweden again this summer. Sweden truly is a geocacher's paradise! Count me in as a regular "Geocaching i Sverige" reader (even though it's not easy for me to read Swedish). Looking forward to the next issue. Keep up the good work! Regards, JC from the Netherlands JC's Geocaching Page
  6. I woud like to exchange geocaches with someone in Alaska or the mountainous areas of Montana, Idaho or Wyoming. I was thinking of exchanging a small tupperware-like container containing some goodies including Dutch souvenirs, like lapel pins, patches etc. for something similar with some souvenirs from your place. For more information on the idea of exchanging geocaches, take a look at this thread on the geocaching.com forum. Contact me at polaris@worldmail.nl if you're interested. Best regards, Johny Cache Netherlands (Holland), Europe Jonhy Cache's Geocaching Page
  7. In my car I use a Garmin swivel mount bracket for my GPS12. I have the bracket mounted on top of my dashboard. Problem is that when I use the GPS12 mounted this way, it regularly "loses" the satellites and gives the "Power Down and Re-init" message. I suspect that this is caused by a vibration of the GPS unit which is caused by the vibration of my car. I wonder if there are more GPS12 users who have noticed this problem with their own GPS12 when using it in their car. Does somebody have an idea as to how to fix this problem? I've already tried positioning the swivel mount in all possible positions. I've tried removing the batteries (hoping the reduced weight would reduce the vibration)and now use a cigarette lighter adapter to power the GPS, but also this didn't help. Thanks in advance for your help. Wishing you Happy Trails from the Netherlands!
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