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  1. I know Matt and have met him personally. Never dealt with him on any coin transactions. I'm pretty confidant in saying he don't work for Groundspeak. Some people just like Geocaching as their job since that is all they seem to do. I'm a little confused on the math you posted since the numbers don't add up. But that aside, I can't really help with the situation. I do think it is wrong for him to try and pass on his loss to you. That should only happen if a company files for legal bankruptcy or goes out of business.
  2. I did a car tour for an Australian geocacher a few years back. We stopped for a few caches along the way, but it was mostly tourist spots and sight-seeing. The loop I did in order (starting and ending at LAX)- Venice Beach Santa Monica Pier Mulholland Highway (from 405 to 101) Universal Studios Hollywood Hollywood Sign overlook Hollywood and Highland (Chinese Theatre, Kodak/Dolby Theatre, Walk of Fame, etc) Capital Records Bldg Drove west along Hollywood Blvd into Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive Santa Monica Blvd Then back to LAX. I'm happy to play guide if you are interested and my schedule allows.
  3. You might consider contacting a local geocacher and see if they can help. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=3ccc67d8-3a55-4b83-99e5-c01e3243bdda http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=e73ad560-ed2e-445c-ad87-e08185517de4 http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=e625d677-2745-4cfe-8674-a74469ce43b8
  4. If you get the weekly newsletter, it lists all your nearby events. The event was posted here and on several other local forums. Isn't that enough to let you know it was going on?
  5. You won't be able to list a GC event inside the Coachella event grounds. They would never approve that. Your best best is to create an event like a breakfast meeting at a nearby restaurant or something similar.
  6. Link to the Green Sand beach on Hawaii. It is located near South Point. A bit of hiking involved unless you want to pay for a local "shuttle" service. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1M15H
  7. Lots of caches up there, but snow conditions will make finding many of them difficult. Are you looking for hiking or 4x4 trails? North shore trail for hiking/walking trail. 2N01, 2N02 trails on the east side, and 3N16 on the north side for 4x4 trails. Most of the 4x4 trails on the south shore are closed in the winter.
  8. Hiding a larger size container in such an urban environment is very challenging. Whatever you do, DONT use an ammo can or other surplus military storage box as the container. Be sure to CLEARLY label it as a geocaching container. Obtain permission from the property owner if on private/managed land. These are all to CYA if you have problems with it down the road.
  9. On Hawaii- Akaka Falls Kaumana Caves South Point Waipio Valley Pololu Valley Mauna Kea All the above places have caches nearby to find.
  10. This FAQ link answers your question- http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=8749&st=0&p=767387entry767387
  11. Former Tacoma owners and TTORA members now Geocachers. Nice!
  12. Yes, the Southern California Geocachers group is finally gone.
  13. There are some exceptions like geocaches at local tourism offices. But yeah, I've seen many in businesses and most are not placed there with the reviewers knowledge. Many are moved or the cache description re-worded after the fact.
  14. The OVC (Ojai Valley Cachers) are usually caching in Ventura and Oxnard on a regular basis. You might be able to connect with one of the people in their group. Outside of that, I don't know of any other groups near Ventura. The next closest is in Thousand Oaks and then onto the San Fernando Valley.
  15. Missing travel bugs is not really a good reason to post NM on a cache. I don't really see the problem. I learned a while back to ignore the inventory list altogether. There are a lot of times when TB's are removed from a cache before the person who placed it there even gets a chance to log it into that cache. Perhaps you could post a feedback thread asking Groudspeak to remove the inventory from the cache listing. That should take care of the problem. Exactly. As a geocache hider, I am by default without any control of my own, giving people the option to place travel bugs in my cache. There is no way to disallow this on the site. So even if my cache is in good condition, with a current log book, pen, etc, somebody can some along and post a NM log saying there is a TB listed in inventory but not in the cache. Please don't post a NM for this kind of thing. Just post a note if it bothers you that much for the TB inventory not to be current.
  16. It might be a long shot, but has anybody looked in the area of N38° 26.360 W081° 49.950 for the GC34DR6 Park N Ride cache? As far as I can tell, that is the nearest park n ride to the coordinates posted.
  17. Issues with height or being able to grab the container would be reflected in the terrain rating. To me, I would rate the terrain a 2 star based on what you stated.
  18. I had a couple cop cars pull up to me while I was looking for a cache in some bushes behind a supermarket. DNFed that cache, then chatted with the cops for a while, explaining what I was doing. One cop followed me to the next cache and I found that one. He didn't log his find however.
  19. Here are a few I use- http://www.showstop.org/geocaching/altoids-rules-card.doc http://www.showstop.org/geocaching/ammo-box-rules.doc http://www.showstop.org/geocaching/generic-microlog.doc http://www.showstop.org/geocaching/35mm-log-back.xls http://www.showstop.org/geocaching/35mm-log-front.xls (Right-click, save as) Plenty more are available here: http://geocacher-u.com/?page_id=28
  20. Will you let me armchair log them so I can favorite them? It isn't like it would improve my find count considering I don't track it here. The hides would be pointless if they weren't voted as favorites.
  21. Timing is everything. The biggest challenge is the lag with cruisers posting finds. It is often a week or so before I get the logs as people return home from their cruise and catch up on their logging. So sometimes, as in the most recent case, the cache is replaced before I even disable it and can request maintenance. Thanks for the heads-up on the cache. I didn't realize the NM was still active.
  22. Perhaps the Alaskans should start doing like the folks in Hawaii. Stop volunteering to maintain vacation caches. They're against the rules unless you have a maintenance plan in place. Start putting NA logs on them and let the reviewers take appropriate action. My Alaska cache has been in place since 2004. I live in California. In those 7 years, it has disappeared about 6 times. I have a maintenance plan in place and while the 2 week goal is sometimes hard to meet, the cache is maintained on a regular basis and has over 1000 finds. I take pride in this cache and don't want it to get a reputation of a poor "vacation cache". And ironically, like Palmetto commented, my local cache hides are actually maintained worse then my Alaska cache. Exception to the rule? YMMV... In that case Alaskans not maintaining your cache will have no effect and an NA log would not be needed. If you are in that area regularly there is no reason for a reviewer to deny publishing of the cache. However, the type of cache being discussed is one where locals wind up taking on the maintenance. Then they complain about vacation caches. I'm just saying stop maintaining the vacation caches and once they fall in disrepair put an NA log on them. No need to complain. Just let the system take care of them. My primary maintenance is actually done by a local non-cacher. They don't even own a GPS. However some other local geocachers assist with maintenance when needed or are in the area.
  23. When I would build power caching lists, caches with recent DNFs or disabled notices usually got the axe. I would sometimes look at the disable/enable notes to see if I should add it, but sometimes I wouldn't. This could be one of the reasons.
  24. Sounds like I need to go place some more bush hides around the VKs house.
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