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  1. I know the Colorado REI's have a few Items. Also the ONLY REI in NJ has a few items.
  2. I used the SMS for logging caches several times and it worked very well. But not it is not working. I sent an email to TPTB but they were un-helpful. Too bad, it was a cool system.
  3. I have tried the Solio. The good feature is that it charges an internal battery the can then be used at night to charge whatever item you want to charge. Unfortunately it short circuited my GPS. It does not have charge protection that is why I switched to the Brunton.
  4. I have the Brunton SolarPort. Its a bit bulky but less expensive and light weight. It can be easily strapped to your pack while hiking to "charge as you go". It comes with a battery charger, has USB port, cigarette lighter port built in. It does take direct sun, but seems to charge relatively quickly.
  5. My favorate winter hiking pants are the Jackalope pants by Patagonia. Link
  6. Hi Fathergoose. Thanks for pointing out the Petzl Tikka. Do you prefer the Tikka due to its size/weight? Brightness? Focus options? Do you find having only LED bulbs sufficient vs a headlamp that also has a halogen bulb? Thanks again for pointing out the Tikka. Yes size and weight are big factors. I tend not to like extra battery packs. Also with the diffuser you can add a red filter that works well for night caching. As for the LED I have switched to mostly LED even my Surefire is LED.
  7. No snow where we were caching today! The photo for the VC! Welcoming committee Rose Garden
  8. Goose, are you in town THIS weekend? You should come over to the GeoLuau!!! I know it's been ages since we saw you, but we'd still buy you a beer. Looks like a blast, unfortunately I will be in town on business and don't think I will have free time during the day. If something changes I will try to make it. Thanks for the invite!
  9. Looks like I had my dates wrong the movie isn't this weekend...Oh well!
  10. I am going to be in town from Denver this weekend and as it stands now will try to make the 7 PM showing on Saturday.
  11. Speaking of Moose here is the one we saw swimming across Lake Granby last week.
  12. I have heard that is still a good place to spot Moose but have not spent any time there. Is that where the Mob likes to hang out. We spent last weekend at State Forest Sate Park caching and moose watching. In the 3 days we saw 10 moose. Visit GCWFB6 to see more pictures from my log.
  13. While I haven't found any while caching, our cat has been catching many in the backyard. Being the proud hunter, she always brings them in the house to show the family.
  14. Here are two: Trog View Mary Jane Cache
  15. I have an Ipaq 4150. I am not sure if they are still available but I know I saw an updated version at Best Buy last week. I am not sure exactly what it is called now. I used a PALM for about 5 years before switching to a Pocket PC. Switching was one of the best things I have done. I like the interface much better. It works very well with Outlook and Word. For Geocaching all I use is GPXSonar. The SD card the PCP takes is the same as my e600. The PPC also has Bluetooth and WiFi. If you have a Bluetooth phone with an Internet plan it works great.
  16. I also use the Surefire L4 along with the petzl Tikka XP headlamp.
  17. I have noticed that on my 600 it will not always switch from Street route to point-to-point. I know the waypoint needs to be an active POI or Geocache. Sometimes it seems that it will only change when you are off-route, but that is not consistent. Has anyone else figured it out?
  18. I have a Petzl Tikka XP. I like it because its somewhat small has good battery life and has both a flood light and spotlight. Tikka XP
  19. I'm sorry, but this doesn't make any sense. Barometric altimeters need calibration every time you use them because of variations in atmospheric pressure. As an extreme example, if you had calibrated your barometric altimeter using nominal pressure at sea level (29.92 in Hg) and read your altitude using it while sitting in a boat in the eye of Hurricane Katrina, it would have indicated an altitude of around 2700 feet at sea level! Even going cross-country in a plane, the altitude displayed at the destination tends to be significantly off because of differences in atmospheric pressure. That's why airports always tell pilots the barometric pressure correction before they begin their descent. FWIW, I have a Casio Sea Pathfinder, and the electronic compass works fine. I don't use it very often, though, because my GPS usually does just as well. The cool thing about my Pathfinder is that it recharges using light, so it will never need a replacement battery. And it doesn't have a barometric altimeter; it has a depth gauge instead, which I find more useful... As with most things, I don't know how it works only that it does.
  20. I have the NIKE Oregon series watch. It has a compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer. The compass is very accurate, but needs to be recalibrated sometimes after a long flight (But that is very simple). The altimeter is incredibly accurate and Rairly needs to be calibrated even after time on a plane (on flights it never goes above 9,000 ft due to the pressurized cabin but adjusts quickly upon landing). With the thermometer it is the same issue Jeremy mentioned, useless unless taken off for a while. The barometer seems fairly accurate, but I don't really use it that much. I do recommend the watch.
  21. I went from a Meridian Platinum with a gray scale screen to a ex600 with a color screen. It is an incredible difference. The color in my opinion is much better and worth any price difference. If size is not a concern and you want a larger screen you could go for the explorist XL. I think it is the same as the 500 just bigger. Either way color is the way to go.
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