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  1. I'm up for next weekend (got no caching done in November, so anxious to get a few).
  2. Oh my lord -- over $1000 now. I'd be willing to throw $50 into a pool with others, for an equal chance to win the coin in a fair drawing. (if $2000 final price - at $50 a chance - 1 in 40). I can't front that kind of purchase, but would be willing to throw my money away for just a hair of a chance at this kind of coin.
  3. Thanks -- unfortunately, I didn't match the hide to the paint job, but glad you liked it.
  4. I paint my cans. Here's "Fully Fern-ished", a can I've yet to hide: Acrylic doesn't go on very crisply, but a varnish spray over it seems to keep out the weather.
  5. School Auction (I got volunteered to help with -- set-ups all day Saturday). I'll watch for #4
  6. Will try to get there - otherwise at the cache on an empty stomach
  7. Probably. They run pretty large. And I recounted and have 4 extra sets not 3. I'd also probably love to have a pair, if extras are around. Otherwise, I'm going in with old jeans and very tightly-laced (and worn-out) tennis shoes. Somebody warn me if that's suicide (somebody other than Elly, of course).
  8. May need to miss this weekend, to extent Bloated Head expedition Saturday night will be my one demand for the week. I have Cash Cache, but don't think you'd need help. Also did Son of Gasworks Scrabble, which is fun, but tricky in terms of groping in the right place. For a subsequent hunt, I need help on the South East side of Lake Union.
  9. 8:00? I think I'm good. Plenty still on my list
  10. I like it - especially the focused, limited time aspect. I have a hard time getting dedicated time to join all day or far-away events. Saturday mornings might make a great time -- allowing the group to cache during a quiet period, then to break up and either cache on or get back to family and other commitments.
  11. I have some extra dive weights and they may never find your body. Does that count as "accidental"? I don't know. My employer self-insures. I'm sure they'd drag it out until my wife had the swamp drained (and the belly of the beast pumped, if that's what it took).
  12. I've been meaning to ask if you've talked to OldBaldEagle about Florence Rae. I was itching to go up there last Saturday, but saw his log and exchanged a mail. Unless you told him that he spent 2-1/2 hours in the wrong spot, I'd have a hard time finding 6-7 hours to do a 5 star (even for what was in there). Any word on that one? Never mind - OldBaldEagle got it today. I probably should have just gone for it.
  13. It's amazing sometimes. I had a set of 3 Penguin TBs (Paul, Perry, and Peter -- excuse the lame names) that I released early this year, with a ridiculous mission to get as close to Antarctica as possible. One family ran around the Seattle area, gathered them up, and took them off to New Zealand. They've been bouncing around the islands for 6-7 months now, cooling their feathers in a cache for a month or two, then getting "rescued". It's fun to get a copy of a log out of the blue, totally unexpectedly. Down the road, I think it might be fun to do a blitz of running around trying to recover some of my TBs. The guys "stranded" in NZ are a great excuse for a big vacation....erm, "rescue mission".
  14. I've been meaning to ask if you've talked to OldBaldEagle about Florence Rae. I was itching to go up there last Saturday, but saw his log and exchanged a mail. Unless you told him that he spent 2-1/2 hours in the wrong spot, I'd have a hard time finding 6-7 hours to do a 5 star (even for what was in there). Any word on that one?
  15. "bait[ers]"? I'm sure my wife would be happy to hear that I've become bait. She's been hoping for an accidental death (extra insurance coverage). As long as I don't limp out simply maimed.
  16. Waaaahhh!!! My daughter's homecoming dance is Saturday. I didn't realize it until now.
  17. San Juan Sunset is a long hill climb (after getting coordinates off a park sign), but a wonderful view. If you have time, you should do it.
  18. Oooh --Saturday night might be easier to get permission for (um, I mean more reasonable for someone who should help children get ready for school Sunday night and drive them around Monday morning). Assuming I don't do too many bad things between now and then, count me in.
  19. I'm also in need of just the Winter coin. I'd trade very dearly for it (5-6 coins - I haven't posted a list, but can PM mail it), but I really hate getting into a bidding war with fellow cachers/collectors. Is there some way to interject some neutral element of chance into it?
  20. What ever it sells for, high or low, I'll at least know that everyone had a shot at it. That's exactly the beauty of it. There isn't a single one of us that will be in a position to be at every event or to be alert to every single sale. The more avenues for acquiring collectible value coins, the better. But if I get out there for Halloween, I still don't want you to mention the E-Bay coin to my wife.
  21. E-Bay? I'm looking for Winter -- I have most of the standard org coins for past year, and would trade 6-7 easily. Rarer ones include NC, Penn, GeowoodstockIII. If this came down to any kind of bidding or chance, count me in as ready to meet price (well, as long as my wife doesn't find out).
  22. What's up with this? On the Way to Florence Rae A M10B coin posted for two days and no logs? Between work, family commitments, questionable hiking skills, and the fact that my wife read the cache description, I've half killed my desperation. The bigger factor was my assumption that there were a dozen teams on the way up the mountain the first night. If no one's going for it, my internal tension won't resolve and I might do something reckless. Good Gawd y'all!!
  23. Glad to hear you're beginning to feel better. I've been feeling really guilty since getting a copy of your post. I'm very happy it didn't wind up worse. It would have been devastating to have you seriously hurt on one of my stupid little hides. Hopefully you can look back on it and laugh . In your place, it would take me a long time to forget it.
  24. Copy of log: Washington Wednesday, September 28, 2005 Moun10Bike found Nine-to-One Reduction (Unknown Cache) E 3.7mi from your home coordinates. I'm logging this now after waking up from a Benadryl-induced haze. More on that in a little bit. This is the closest unfound cache to me at work, so I have been focusing on the series over the last few days. Today I finally finished the last of the Bel-Red caches by completing Bel-Red Walk, and then sat down to figure out the coordinates for this one. It looks like I fat-fingered data entry into the GPSr, as I ended up being 0.1 mile from where the cache actually is (something I found out by phoning a friend). I had the wrong value for "C" entered even though the cache I just found minutes before heading off to this one was the one that gave that answer. The problem with this error was that it put me right on top of a hornet's nest. I was stepping through the woods and watching my GPSr when all of a sudden I thought I had walked through some nettles. I looked down and saw hornets all over my legs. I took off sprinting up the trail flailing to get the buggers off and left a trail of backpack, hat, jacket, et al. in my wake. I even pulled off my shirt and dumped it. After a few hundred feet I finally seemed to be free of the pests and went back to my shirt and put it back on. Whoops, still one in there. Yowch! I watched my jacket from a spot safely up the trail a few yards and saw it swarmed with hornets, which was a little creepy. After waiting for a few minutes I did a quick dash-and-grab and freed it from the swarm, then dumped it a short distance later. I did this a few times until it was clear of bees, then went and retrieved my pack. That's when I realized that I had lost my GPSr in the chaos. I walked the trail a few times looking for it (and hornets), but no luck. I did find my hat, but no electronics. My flailing had apparently ripped the receiver from my lanyard and it must have landed somewhere in the bushes. Thus started a frantic search. I started circling around the hornet nest at a safe distance, scanning the ferns and underbrush intensely for the GPS. After a few minutes of this, I finally spotted it! It was indeed right next to the hornet nest, so I did a dash-and-grab and retrieved it. Yay! At this point, after around two dozen stings, I had lost some of my enthusiasm for the hunt so I phoned a friend for help on the cache and he was able to walk me to it. I grabbed the Lumberjack Travel Bug and left one of my signature pins. Then I headed off to the drugstore to get some Benadryl to aid in dealing with the stings. So, there you have it. I recommend confirming your coordinates on this one before heading off in search of it! Thanks for the fun despite my little incident! (AND HE STILL WENT FOR IT) HE IS TRULY A FREAKIN CACHING GOD!!!!
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