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  1. I don't know a way to do it directly but you can potentially upload your field notes from your GPS to geocaching.com, but you will still need to enter the logs, but this gives you a handy list to work from. Here is an article from the Help Center: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=548
  2. There are enough to warrant a challenge.
  3. Same problem here, after logging the cache. Tried Firefox, IE, and safari (via the iphone) none worked. Finally deleted and logged the cache again checking favorite before submitting the log.
  4. Thanks Jester! I enjoyed reading the updates on your adventure.
  5. This TB is medium in size. (TB40AAJ) The closet one I use is on Whidbey Island GC3V4TA, it is used frequently by other cachers (premium). After that I know one in Vancouver BC, but won't headed that way for at least a month and a half. SEATAC Plane Exchange would probably work. Also how long is your layover? You might be able to find a local to meet you at a closer cache who could work to get the trackable to a better location.
  6. Probably a little too far but I always enjoy caching in Bellingham. Good variety of cache types, hides, sizes and scenery. Great trail system throughout the city. The only parking issues I've had is around the university, but an extra block or two of walking has always solved that.
  7. I'd like to see how many total miles I've moved all trackables that I've picked up (excluding those owned by me of course).
  8. Maybe not unique but different: Grand Theft Auto II
  9. Not at all. Now days you can go back and edit your logs to include the trackable visit. This wasn't always the case and you needed to create new log entries.
  10. I hadn't heard of him until a couple of weeks ago when I came across it. They had a marathon going so ended watching a few while doing other tasks around the house. I found all his 'caches' of goods around the woods the most interesting part. He found some mushrooms in one episode and he states that they needed something. They show him wandering off to one of his 'caches' and he pulls out some ketchup. For those wondering what we are talking about see here.
  11. I have activated over 200 trackables. Around 20 are sitting ready to go. About 50 have had some form of activity this year, and 30 within the last 60 days. Most the rest are missing or sitting in cachers hands. I even have a couple that have been traveling for years with just a small break or two.
  12. Some great pictures others have posted, wish I had more time to travel. I co-hosted an event on Sunday, serving Frito Pies, at the trail head beyond which many have placed memorial caches to a fellow cacher who passed away a few years ago. It was great talking to those who showed up and reminiscing about our friend. It might just become an annual event.
  13. This cache makes me wish I could award a favorite point to a dnf. This is one of best locations I have found while out geocaching. It is very tempting to take the day off but unfortunately I already have an installation scheduled at work for that day. Hope the weather is great for all that go.
  14. Same problem here from time to time, no pattern and not consistent in occurrence. I have not found a solution to it yet, but seems to happen less often if I go through the step of safely removing hardware before disconnecting the GPS from the computer. Have also taken to removing all waypoints before loading. Have friends with other models of the Oregon and it does not seem to happen to those models. Always assumed it was something I was doing. Will be watching this thread to see if anyone else has any ideas.
  15. Removed post, I totally misunderstood the original post. Apologies. But back on topic. One of my favorites was a giant fork and spoon, when you ended up with both you were asked to hang them on your wall and post a picture. Ended up with one and hunted the other one down. Hung them on the wall and as you can see posted pictures. (TBJRGA & TBJYWW)
  16. The Washington State Geocaching Association organized the effort, led by Mc3Cats. Here is the specific forum thread on the WSGA site.
  17. Also you might want to go back and edit that picture, the tracking number is visible. That might get you some bogus discover logs in the future.
  18. I would check with towtrkdug, I'm pretty sure I remember him talking about it at an event.
  19. How far from downtown can you get, just a handful, but outside downtown there are plenty of choices in Seattle? I work in downtown Seattle and would be willing to meet up with you on the 18th during lunch time to trade a few trackables.
  20. Here is a link to the Washington State Geocaching Association recommended caches for the Puget Sound area. I would also recommend almost any cache by Albert&friends, very family and kid friendly caches, and spread through the Bellevue Redmond area, a couple are on the list above. Marymoor Park in Redmond has a good variety of caches and for a slightly more quiet walk check out the Redmond Watershed, this cache starts in the parking lot, a big loop will net you a dozen or so.
  21. jcar

    Missing logs

    Logbooks are missing from caches. Cache is there, swag is present, just the logbook is gone.
  22. Check out WSGA Faves: Seattle for some Seattle area recommendations. The cache really close to you that I always recommend is disabled. Be sure not to miss Kerry Viewpoint Park for a great view of Seattle.
  23. There are so many puzzles in the area and I only have so much time for solving them. After seeing you are in Seattle I had a look at the cache and very quickly understood what I needed to do to solve it. Living in the area I had to take a look. WRASTRO hit the nail on the head, at least in our area. When I started I would travel far and wide for puzzles as there were so few around. Now there are so many, and more coming all the time. A quick count revealed 580 puzzle caches (260 unfound) from my home coordinates before I get to this one, lots and lots of them. I do not recall looking at your puzzle before, maybe I did, but I have now! Reading over the logs I soon had an idea and a little searching and work later I had the solution. Is it more difficult now? I would say no, just a lot of choices for everyone to pick from. Hope to add my name to the list of finders soon.
  24. Add more cachers to the geomobile. Splitting the gas bill makes for a much cheaper day.
  25. You can get your activation code off of geocaching.com now. http://www.geocaching.com/track/ActivationCodeRetrieve.aspx
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