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  1. Confused about this feature. I 'like' Garmin Express (had not heard of it before) and it nicely updated my old Oregon 450 firmware, but I'm confused about the use of this with geocaching.com. While I keep lists manually, 99% of the time what I really want is an easy way to load my PQs to the Garmin. All the usual phone apps have this. Is this something doable via Garmin Express (for me, on Mac) because I sure can't figure out any way to do so.
  2. Is there any technical reason why 'every' site nowadays isn't https ?
  3. I have a 3+ hour layover coming up on a flight to the east coast on 11/13, getting in 2:50pm and leaving 6:10pm and I see a zillion power-trail looking caches surrounding the airport. Is it a reasonable thing for me to hail a cab, score one to add CO to my states cached in, and get back through security and to the right Southwest Air gate to continue east ? I did this a couple years ago in StLouis (the cabbie thought I was crazy) but it was $15 well spent for a quick 20 minute dash+cache+return. Reasonable to plan for this one in Denver too ?
  4. Looking at your stats, with benchmarks excluded: 1911+171+107+9+9+190+1+2+10+28+2+5=2445 2445 matches exactly what your total is. If you included the 5 extra for benchmarks, it would be 2450. I'm wondering if it is including 'lab caches' which aren't real caches as GSAK counts them. I have 5 of them, which matches the difference between my GSAK stats and my geocaching.com stats. And why do I continually get asked if I want to show my profile whenever I view my profile page ?
  5. mmmm - lightning bugs - one of the things I miss from Philly. I did View Carre' a few months before the hurricane. The owner's minion was great to visit with. Find a couple hours to do the WW-II museum within walking distance.
  6. Looks like a pretty ugly change in UI to me why do I get an ad in the bottom right hand corner ? what does that ad track (how do you know I play golf) ? how can I clear my browser settings to have you 'not' target the (ugh) ads ? why can't we hide the ugly last-N-visited section ? why do benchmarks found show up in my profile totals now (which totally hoses up my GSAK profile totals which track only caches) ? why doesn't pocket queries show up unless I fight through the 'play' menu to find that pick ?
  7. Please, please, please give us the option of hiding "Recently Viewed Caches." I can find the link at the top of the page. I know what I viewed recently. AGREE - HATE THE ADDITION !!!!!!!
  8. you're premium members it seems - do some custom queries in the areas around where you'll be in port....
  9. I know that i can, I'm even active user of GSAK, but when is possible to change coordinates directly at gc.com website of mystery and multi caches, why not the rest? Especially when it's already programmed. Another reason is, that I don't have my PC with GSAK database (or copied database of GSAK to Locus on android) with me, but servers of Groundspeak are just simply reachable from everywhere... I guess I don't understand why you would want to? I could use it for mysteries to give me the coords for the final, or for a multi to get to the step where I stopped. (But I do that as waypoints on the Gupy.) Once I've found a cache, I'm no longer interested in it. Why would I want corrected coords? For one example, consider the case where the CO has lousy coordinates and past finders have posted the correct coordinates. For a normal hide there is no way in the geocaching.com web interface for you to fix it for your account. It also messes up searching by distance/direction/maps Some apps handle this (namely neongeo on Androids). For neongeo if you put the updated coords as the first line in your personal note area, it supersedes the official coords. Nice feature.
  10. more details - it seems geocaching.com is setting their SPF characteristic in their DNS records such that they don't want mail forwarded, which my ISP zealously honors. Ugh. Kind of kills the whole concept of a well-known central email address that you can forward to the site you want to really read your mail through.
  11. update - it seems any email from geocaching.com is not being forwarded by the forward-all rule I have at my ISP, although my other mail is. Weird.
  12. I recently hid a new cache and have noticed that I am not getting any logs or notes related to the cache itself, nor the TBs that I placed inside. I have checked my spam+trash folders, and there's nothing in there from geocaching.com at all. Is there some new feature that disables these emails that I'm not aware of ?
  13. Jon it's been a little bit since I've upgraded so the 'ol brain cells might have forgotten the answer, but what is the .img version for and how is it installed ? The instructions on the nwtrails page are a bit skeletal. Thanks....
  14. just an update - I got off the airplane 0925 yesterday and noticed the lines at TSA were about 5 people per scanner so I went for it. Got out+back through security easily via a $15 cab ride in 30 minutes. Piece of cake. What I told the cabbie was that I wanted to go near the Denny's across from the Renaissance hotel and he just did a loop up the cargo road, across the highway, waited 20 secs in the parking lot while I logged, and then scooted back to the SW terminal.
  15. I have a Southwest Air flight coming up in a few weeks that has a 2.5 hour layover (9:30am-12noon on a Monday) in St. Louis and was hoping to add MO to my list of states cached in. Given that I 'really' do not want to get stranded, are there any caches that are near the airport that would be reasonable candidates for a quick dash+cache ? I guess I could handle a cabbie looking at me like I was a crazy person on a couple mile round trip run. Not having gone through the TSA fun in StLouis, is that a little too tight a time window to try to score a cache ? Only one that seems close enough is Wish You Were Here STL. Suggestions ?
  16. Woohoo !!!! Looks like the tour is live now - thanks in advance for all the hard work. Now to put the WA State Park license plates on the new geomobile and get planning my road trips :-)
  17. Would it be out of the question to convert it to an earthcache ? Seems like new ones are still being approved and this area might be fair game for one....
  18. Depends on what your geocaching road trip goals are. Do you want to play tourist ? Score caches in all the states ? Concentrate in one area ? You could easily get from NYC to DC in one day, scoring NY/NJ/PA/DE/MD/DC/VA caches. Pretty much my favorite place is the Mall / museum / monument areas in DC. There are dozens of virtuals all through the Mall area, and the Smithsonian is great to duck into when the heat+humidity start to go up. If you want to play history fan / tourist, a nice trip (that would miss DE) would be: - south from NYC, cross into PA on the PA turnpike. Spend some time in Valley Forge that afternoon. - jump back on the turnpike westbound to Harrisburg then south to Gettysburg if you want to see the battlefield. - or keep going out further west then south and you can score the (very funny) 'Evolution of the Rest Stop' cache just over the border in WV (238 favorite points!) - from there, it's a pretty drive south to Dulles airport in VA where there's a Smithsonian Air+Space annex with a space shuttle etc. - the oldest cache in VA is under 10 miles east of there on the way to DC - you could then cross into DC late after rush hour. Traffic is rough in DC. - DC to MD is reasonably quick, you might be able to do it without a car via the Metro I grew up near Valley Forge, so last October I did the VF -> Dulles trip via WV, spent a few hours at the Air+Space, then drove back to PA via Gettysburg. In July you'll have much more daylight than I had. Look at my finds from 10/26/2012 for the ones I went to.. If you just want to score states, go south from NY scoring a rest stop cache or something close to there in NJ, take a bridge into PA then go south in I-95 past Phila into Delaware, then Maryland, then into DC. If you have time, you could probably score a cache from DC by taking the Metro quickly into Virginia. You could easily also get there via the Jersey Shore area. The ferries are fun but you'll miss PA if you stay along the ocean and take the Lewes ferry. You could also work back a little more northbound and take the Delaware Memorial Bridge if you wanted to score PA + DE before heading south to MD and DC. Lots of easy ways to get there, depending on your caching / vacation goals. Play around with Google Maps and see how many hours you want to be in a car and where you want to stay. For example, the most direct route NY to DC is under 4 hours. Going via Cape May and the Lewes Ferry is 7 hours minimum. Going past Valley Forge into WV then south to DC is 7 hours.
  19. ooooohhhh great question - I have the other two dams completed and this one was on my list (if only I could find my passport).....
  20. A Special Memory near the site of Pawn Stars north of the strip has an amazing 48 TBs in it and 412 fave points. It's already on my must-do list for when I visit LV in a couple weeks. The pictures are hilarious.
  21. hmmm - not too bad. yup - did this in September....900 miles in two days partial - got ID but not MT, but later added WV and VA on another trip nope - nothing special, just another one while out and about nope - never got over there this year got two of them, Jan01 and Dec00 finished it late last year
  22. (cross-post here ok'd in advance by TL) For anybody who's looking to do a little winter HOTM training beforehand, I have a Nordic Track Pro ski trainer that needs a good home. Nice unit. Details in the garage sale forum HERE Thanks...
  23. (perhaps minimally caching related - but I got approval to post this) It's winter caching season up here in the Pacific Northwest and all kinds of cachers will be soon pulling muscles they didn't know they even had, trying to snowshoe or cross-country ski. It might be worth thinking about training beforehand. I have a used Nordic Trac Pro cross-country ski machine that needs a new home. Rather than breaking it up and donating it to the local landfill, I thought I'd try to pass it along to an interested cacher. Cost is $50 but you can probably talk me down. Location is Federal Way WA (just north of Tacoma). Contact me here if you have interest. Thanks.
  24. FWIW, they did it the opposite way with the Ape cache near Seattle (the only such cache in North America). It kept getting trashed. It was replaced with a newer cache as a replacement even though it sure looked the same to me. There sure are a lot of 'rules' that you can flip a coin to predict which way they'll go.
  25. I don't think so. Knee high when I did it maybe a month ago.
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