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  1. Can you post the first line from the newly created file here? It sounds like you may have caches loaded in your device using something other than GC Code.
  2. It sounds like the file got corrupted or contains a log with a character that is breaking the import module. I would start by making a copy of the file on your computer (just to save any data you may want/need from it) and then deleting the file from your GPS. The device will create a new one.
  3. We did some investigation and it turns out there is no need to be concerned. We have a group doing some penetration testing of our sites and one of them strayed outside of the designated test environment. Here's a quick summary of penetration testing: https://www.techtarget.com/searchsecurity/definition/penetration-testing
  4. The link that Max and 99 supplied above is available from the dashboard here:
  5. You can see how many Favorites you have left in the left-hand panel in the user dashboard at https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard When I view your list of Favorites at https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?u=Triker2&tab=lists#profilepanel, I show that you have given out 86, so it does appear that you are out.
  6. Yep, after all of these years I should know better to respond when in a bad mood; I got defensive and apologize for that. What "triggered" me was yet another over-the-top take about how a tiny element in the app is assuredly to blame for the downfall of civilization as we know it. To better explain my position, as a member of the Data Team at HQ, I know very well the numbers behind these sorts of things. The quantity of people who read those messages and take them to heart is vanishingly small. I can virtually guarantee you that a revamp of the wording on that dialog will have next-to-zero impact in real-world behavior among new players. That said, I agree that the wording could be improved, and will suggest that change our design team.
  7. You're taking a very basic sentence intended to give pointers to a new user and layering WAY too much meaning onto it. It means that if you are stuck, consider these steps that you might not have yet. It's way below the level of "instructions." How one ascribes so much meaning and influence to a simple phrase escapes me.
  8. Which is completely different from saying DON'T read them UNLESS you are stuck.
  9. This might account for 0.1% of all users, and even then it is likely mostly users who already know the value of the description and are viewing it elsewhere (e.g. on their GPS device). Can you tell me exactly where it is that the app is giving this directive?
  10. It actually takes the median, not the average. So, it looks at all of the completion times for all users, sees the point where half of them take longer and half of them take less, and uses that.
  11. There is no process by which logs posted on Geocaching are "fed back" to the NGS. Rather, that user posted their log on both sites. Their photos are in fact available on the NGS listing: That link leads to https://geodesy.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/get_image.prl?PROCESSING=list&PID=KY2911, where you can see their photos. You can indicate that you found the benchmark while geocaching, as this user did, by selecting these options on the recovery form:
  12. Looking in the database, I see a total of 31,995 finds for you, 40 of them from 10/19, and no recently deleted finds.
  13. That is not correct. The NGS site allows photo upload, including a helpful categorization method:
  14. They are survey markers of any type, often brass metal disks secured to the ground or other surface. This FAQ from the US National Geodetic Survey gives more specifics: https://geodesy.noaa.gov/datasheets/SurveyMarks_FAQ.shtml Here is a photo of one I provided to the NGS recently:
  15. For those of us who enjoy benchmarks, you can still register recoveries directly with the NGS here: https://geodesy.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/mark_recovery_form.prl
  16. My personal stats: 26 caches 5,656 Favorite Points 37,161 total finds Cache types: Traditional - 20 Virtual - 4 Multi - 1 APE - 1
  17. Some other fun numbers: 9,719 active caches that are 20+ years old from the moment I ran the query a few minutes ago 5,203 distinct COs An average of 49 Favorite Points each An average of 509 finds each Cache type breakdown: Traditional - 6,859 Virtual - 1,948 Multi - 704 Mystery - 156 LBH - 35 Webcam - 14 APE - 2 EarthCache - 1
  18. Here are the current numbers after the fallout from the expiration issue mentioned in August: 358 "real" Charter Members (not Lackey accounts, test accounts, HQ account, or other accounts granted Charter Membership after the closure of the initial CM period) 363 total Charter Members in the database 5,399 original CMs (best guess) 328 current CMs ever owning a cache 11,995 active caches by current CMs
  19. I'm not 100% sure (I'm not on the mobile team), but I think it's anything that triggers an update to the "last changed" timestamp on a cache, which would also include new logs.
  20. Yes, seriously. It's called an A/B test and is a pretty standard method of testing out these sorts of tweaks.
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