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  1. Rooting for Bonner, Boundary, and Kootenai here! How about favorites per cache as a metric (rather than just total favorites)?
  2. Credit request is done in the app via your profile tab:
  3. Any chance you are running extensions in Chrome that might be interfering?
  4. No. Not only do these sorts of tests not involve a new release (all of the restrictions are done at the API level), but virtually none of the audience it targets (brand new basic members in a select few countries) will ever visit the forums.
  5. There is currently a test underway investigating different restriction levels in the apps. It appears that some of the people in your workshop are in different cohorts of the test. The EarthCache with hit D/T ratings (GC3BPP5) should not be accessible to any of them, though (unless they were looking at things this weekend, when all ECs were made available to all users). There is no workaround for this short of waiting out the test, which should be complete within 2 weeks.
  6. It's been the same since first introduced in 2002. Are you perhaps comparing annual cost to monthly cost?
  7. Thanks, @Max & 99 - I've confirmed that it is 30 days. I have edited my original post to correct that.
  8. If you mean the symbol that looks like a gear, that indicates that the Adventure is newly published (within the last 30 days).
  9. The NGS>>GPX application that can convert NGS datasheets to GPX assigns those cache types to the various classes of benchmarks by default: Adjusted BMs -> benchmark symbol Scaled BMs -> mystery symbol Intersected BMs -> locationless symbol
  10. Writing in via the Help Center is the best way to report such tickets. There's no need for you to do that now, however, as others have already done so and our engineering team is already working on a fix.
  11. The PQ will be available in your list until the download for the PQ expires, which is 7 days following the last time it was generated.
  12. If the name of this list is "Tverstedt," then it is from a PQ. If that's not the name of the list that will not delete, can you share the name so that I can look into this more?
  13. I show you as having that souvenir. It was named "Second Annual International Geocaching Day," so if you were looking at your souvenirs in alphabetical order you may have missed it.
  14. Do you have this checkbox selected in your statistics settings?
  15. This is a known bug with the site that has yet to be addressed. The error message is incorrect. What it should be saying is that the email address you are trying to use is already in use by another account. You should write into our customer support team and they will be able to get you all sorted out. The portal for contacting them is at https://www.geocaching.com/help - just fill out the "Contact us" portion at the bottom.
  16. Other old-timers might recall that we often called it a R.A.S.H. - recreational activity/sport/hobby.
  17. The main search field only accepts locations (city, region, country, coordinates, etc.). If you want to search for a cache name, you need to go into the filters and enter the cache name in the "Geocache name contains" field.
  18. The Nearby Events widget on the new Dashboard (https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard) will show you events up to 100 miles away, although it does not provide automatic notifications:
  19. That's because the limit on the backend for notifications is 80 km, which equates to the value in miles that you are seeing. You will need to set the radius to a value less than or equal to that.
  20. WGS84 was developed in 1984, so they most assuredly were using a different datum - most likely NAD27.
  21. Oops, you are absolutely correct! You can tell where my mind went when reading the title!
  22. They were definitely referred to as "approvers" in the early days. That term went out of favor somewhere in the mid-aughts as HQ decided that "approver" was a loaded term. The community volunteers were not "approving" placements, they were reviewing them for adherence to the guidelines.
  23. There is only one active cache with this attribute: GC684. There are also three archived CITO events with it - GC19X08, GC1BHCR, and GC1BXH4 - which leads me to believe that it was unexpectedly available on CITO events at one time. I don't recall exactly, but I think that the attribute was deprecated early on in favor of the "thorns" attribute.
  24. Looking at our account DB, I see connections between the account you posted with here and the username "wander1ch" that has 6 finds.
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