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  1. Latest update- Doobies and dougsmiley just dropped off the package with pictures and a great geocaching story. Thanks again to all that responded!
  2. Hi All, Thanks for the fantastic response to my request. Dougsmiley is on the way to return the instrumentation package.
  3. No but I am open to sending a reward.
  4. Hi All, A group of Engineering students from Valparaiso University launched their senior design project Monday. It is an instrumentation package for our Meteorology Department. The package landed in a field just south of the Richmond Airport at 39.74479, -84.84227 (between the airport to the north, old IN-122 E to the south and 227 and Kitchel road to the east and west). The students need to get it back here, but have the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Saturday and are trying to study for that and write their final reports for their project. Is anyone willing and able to recover the package for us? If so, I can paypal you money to ship it back overnight or two-day. The package is about 6 lbs, and the team needs it to complete their project reports. If you could snap some digital pictures before moving it all the better. Also, please let us know if the two cases broke apart. You can contact me at richard.freeman@valpo.edu or through gc. You can also contact a couple of the students directly- Rick Brogan (rick.brogan@valpo.edu) or Mike Orendorff (mike.orendorff@valpo.edu). thanks!!
  5. I will reply publicly to you because you deserve that much. I emailed you today and I apologize for missing getting your order out. I have been on a work-imposed vacation from the site working on a research project. Today is a very good day to catch up as I have a few hours this afternoon. Again thank you for your patience and I am very sorry for overlooking your order. Richard
  6. WOW! I missed the steam being let off yesterday. Span24, I think you are way out of line for picking at Team Neos. Sheri has done nothing but keep this project moving. Yes, I understand that you have a VALID issue the amount of time I took getting things in line and ordered, and I accept that criticism. You've got a short fuse about this project- join the club, but do not attack someone because you felt your ideas weren't considered!!
  7. I haven't tried to log one yet, but I was charged for a custom icon. Thanks for catching that! I'll contact C&P about that. I did notice that the coins have the "PC" prefix instead of "IN", but did check the icon.
  8. I haven't tried to log one yet, but I was charged for a custom icon. Thanks for catching that! I'll contact C&P about that. I did notice that the coins have the "PC" prefix instead of "IN", but did check the icon.
  9. Here's the update. I have sent out every order but a dozen. I will have them in the mail tomorrow, that means local to Indiana orders will arrive by the weekend!! If anyone is still looking for some of either type, we have extras.
  10. To bring everyone up to date. As of this afternoon all but a dozen orders have been sent out. I'll get that last dozen out in the mail tomorrow. I anyone is looking for additional coins, I have some leftovers. thanks again, Richard
  11. COINS ARE IN!! They were delivered this morning, and I haven't had a chance to look at them. Shipping will commence tomorrow and continue until all orders are filled.
  12. I haven't had much information to pass on. I was expecting the order to arrive late last week or early this week. The good news is the coins arrived this morning. I'll take a look this evening, and start mailing them out tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.
  13. Hi All, I haven't been on vacation (Spring Break is this week and next). After placing the order, I have been neck deep in a research study. I have been off GC and Gmail, so I missed an email from C&P about a problem with the die art and numbering. Elyssa called me and we resolved the problem, but damage done. I am expecting delivery about the 25th. Sorry for the delay.
  14. Hi All, Coins are ordered. I will have updated information tomorrow.
  15. We only got about 3 inches here today. The really good news is the temperature broke 0!!!!
  16. I plan on keeping the sale open for two weeks, about three weeks for delivery from C&P. I estimate five weeks.
  17. The 2006 Indiana Geocoin is ready for ordering. Yes, the coin is a couple of months late, but worth the wait. The coin has the same obverse as the '05 coin, and has a new reverse. The '06 is trackable and has an icon. The coin runs $6 each. Shipping: Coin 1 $1 2-4 $2 5-8 $3 9-14 $6 15-20 $6 20+ contact me You can paypal to ingeocoin@gmail.com Please include name, address and gc username.
  18. I sent the email but haven't heard anything. What's the next step? If I understood correctly, it's "wait for an invoice email"--I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. A post in the forums would be nice too, to let those of us who have to wade through the pages and pages of junk mail know when to look out for the "invoice email" Good point, I'll do that as well!
  19. I have caught up on emails. For those of you that sent emails about orders, I will invoice you via paypal this Friday and Saturday. I will also open a new thread in the Geocoin forum over the weekend as well. In that thread I'm going to have everyone paypal to ingeocoin@gmail.com, and stop invoicing. Thanks again!
  20. It's time! Ordering info Thanks to the good folks at indianageocaching.com for hosting the coin information. When you check out the ordering info, stop by the forums and voice your opinion and ideas on the '07 coin!
  21. I'm working with the good folks at Indianageocaching.com to get up the sale pages now and working out the shipping charges. We should be ready in a couple of days.
  22. Good luck on the '07. Both '06s are done and ready to go.
  23. .................................................................... Good point. C&P is back from Christmas shutdown. Pricing is supposed to be in my hands Friday AM. From there we'll close thread and open preordering for both coins.
  24. As I see it, these coins are about two months behind. I'll take the blame for six of those eight weeks. This has been a very busy time at work for me.
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