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  1. I would have no requests for change for Jeremy, it's seems to work fine for me the way it is...simple. Pepper
  2. Well May of 01 a buddy of mine xsintrik offered me his GPS to help me on my navagation to CA, at the same time he told me about geocaching. My first thought was COOL...oh bummer no money for a unit. Less than a year later we finally had the money so we made a trip to fry's in the bayarea bought a unit and maps and did our first cache, I have not stopped since. LOVE IT! Pepper
  3. so true...but it looks as if we still peek in now and again : ) cache on! Pepper
  4. I had one...but I gave it to a dear friend of mine. : ) Pepper
  5. I'm a huge fan of the Holiday type geocoins and will buy them all this season . I ESPECIALLY like the ones that have a small place to run an ornament hook thru some where on the geocoin. My geocoin tree should be looken' good this year! Pepper
  6. Moving to Getting Started. Hopefully you will get some better replies there. Hea MM is that MrGigabyte in the middle...know the other feller. hehehe Looks like the beautiful PNW, Silver Peak, WA to be exact . Pepper
  7. Somewhere around the 10 or 11ish for me : ) (speaking of metal only) correct me if wrong...I just bet somebody out there knows the order, if it really matters? I to enjoyed hte FISUR site and used it all the time...his website was the go to web site for coins and siggies. Pepper
  8. Well I dunno bout that...I was out on 40 + cache run on Sunday and dropped 10 or 11 traveling coins...plus some of my own personals. Now about the photocopy's that just might be a regional thing, I've been down in Southeast TX for over two years now and have never seen the likens of photocopy. Only the real thing down here baby! Good luck on your coin finding ventures...and have great day Pepper
  9. looks like TNLNSL is popular across the states good day y'all Pepper
  10. up for trade one Phantom Cacher geocoin, email me trade offers Pepper
  11. Ok I just have to jump in on this one...remember when? Yup sure do I was there saw it all start. I remember back in 2002 finding a "Joy of Caching" geocoin in California didn't have a clue what it was nor did I know it called a geocoin. I just thought it was might shinney swag, yeah back then swag was called trade items not swag. The folks that made the GreenMan & Joy of Caching geocoins were from none other than Washington and <gasp> they were for sale and they made bunches of them. Reference site www.geocachetreasure.com...which by the way is not responding. I do remember it was fun and still is just in a different way things change geocaching has changed so to have geocoins. I remember when I paid Groundspeak 30 as donattion to the cause, got nothing special in return except a chance to try and help the site stay up and running. I remember when is fun and it is a fact there are those of us that do remember when and one day four or five years down the road the new people now will be saying the same thing. I most certainly am not one to judge what others do it's not my business and I respect the fact that geocoins and geocahing go hand in hand now where as years ago they did not. It just is. have a good y'all Pepper
  12. What? You mean the 4 season closet you have in your trunk at all times, would that be the contents your speaking of? Pepper
  13. OMG I got a coin, I got a coin! hehehe I have captured a picture of the geocoin fairy on my security camera...hmmm can I be bribed? thanks so much little one Pepper
  14. Yeah, he gave 5 to each player who made the final table and 1 coin to just about anyone else in the room who wanted one, whether they played or not. I think he gave several away at the After Bash Party too. He basically was very generous with his winnings. Ditto on what AG had to say about his generousity...AND the man can sing and dance I've witnessed it first had while standing in three states at one time! <picture playing twister> Pure talant I'm telling ya. SuperGenius finished somewhere in the middle of the pack, he had a blast and sends big thanks for the coin gift. Pepper
  15. OMG Sharon the coin fits you to a T...girl lI ove your coin great job! Pepper
  16. So Snoogs I'm looken to get my hands on a few of these beauties at the event on Sunday : ) Pepper
  17. Pepper


    thank you...I'm so happy to have a year advance on the location for TWO I'm making for GW6! I can work with the local flavor on them. : ) Pepper
  18. really cute coin girl... Drama? What drama? I must have missed it...oh yeah I've been out caching, what's with me! : ) Pepper edit - can not type I have stupid fingers!
  19. Pepper


    Avroair...I'm so done with you! Oh my gosh I'm home and I had a blast on that 8 day road trip (3168 miles) . This woodstock ROCKED big time so much room and so many friends. TMA of course out did himself at the tourney and the side party and coin trading just outside the poker tent was fun too. Needless to say that was the by far the largest meet and greet I have ever attended. Oak Coins put on a nice shing-dig at the Ramada afterwards that was fun too and oh by the way thanks for the hot food just what a girl needed after a long day of driving and socializing. The BIG event was off the hook fun, so many people and so many hugs I was a happy cacher for sure. When I finally get around to logging the event I'll have LOTS a great pics to share. A few things come to mide...TB's even TB's you could take a ride in, Coins oh my gosh so many coins (good fun), loads of friends to hang out with and plenty of shade! The quilt I donated to the silent auction went for 550.00 dollars I think the NCGA was happy about that...hopefully it helped out with unforseen expenses. AtlantaGal was a gracious host for a day caching in her area was just what Pepper needed. Thanks girl! See y'all next year in Cali Pepper
  20. Howdy y'all it's 2:13 now and were on I40 right now about 63 miles out at a steady 80mph ; ). It's been a long caching drive from TX, but fun. See ya soon. signing out Pepper and Nov64
  21. Looks like I'm gonna have to make time to get to this little gathering...TSD will have my coins, I gotta track him down! see y'all their Pepper
  22. Oh my gosh freggin cute! Since SOMEBODY, <wink-wink> here in TX thinks I'm a black sheep, I can hang out with your dark knome? Pepper
  23. hea santa don't wear teal green, UNLESS that's his tropical summer outfit...yeah I still thinks is santa! Pepper
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