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  1. I would like one set of four and 5 North 48's Thanks Allanon
  2. The photographer in my pictures are mostly family members or they are a self-photo with the timer on the camera. There are a few other cases, though. Nudecacher I've taken his picture while caching. I have been to several Events NC has attended. Politically we are far apart, but he is a gentleman and my friend. Cache on Gary..
  3. People like this make me puke. And they are teachers to boot. God help us all.
  4. My congratulations to >---^---: ), Anonymous', Hairy Plotter, joinsmith97, Jester and Robinego. Its been a good week. Never thought I would see 400. Maybe in a couple years i'll see 500.
  5. Process Control engineer at a local refinery.
  6. Well the CITO Event is over now. Amazing that over 60 folks attended this fine winter day. Now .5Canadian had made this a challenge between the maggelun users and the Garminites. Several Maggie users did showup, but how do I say ths.... We trashed them. Garmin rules. I especially like the bumper sticker I got "Get A Garmin or get lost" Thanks Laurie and Scooter. Another perfect job.
  7. I also GPXSonar. I'm running it on an Axim 3xi. My 3xi runs PPC203. I am also running the latest version of GPXSonar. I don't know about the error as it was a straight forward install for me. Good luck.
  8. Hey there DeadJim If your 60 has the WAAS turned on. You will need a good veiw South. You are looking for a satalite that is low on the horizon. Just about anything will block it, trees, houses and low hills. Find an open area and it will come up quickly. The D's take a bit longer after your lock. I get 7 ft indicated generally IF I have the WAAS sat. Best to date was 3 ft. Good luck
  9. I had similar problems when I first started. Crawling up hillsides and through bushes. I discovered that the trail would almost allways loop back around to the cache. Try to picture in your head where the cache is and then figure the easiest route to get to it. Seldom will it be the direct way. Happy caching
  10. Oh Myyy You may not want to cache around NW Wa. Seen the spring snake. I just got one of those giant rubber rats to hide under a dark bush. Squirt gun.. Ha! Caching in the rain... I probly wouldn't even notice it. Cache on
  11. Chapter coins. Cool.. Deception Pass would look nice for the 48 North coin.
  12. You get called in for the random piss test and you ask the nurse if they have any extra containers. Hey they are water tight. She gave me three of them. PS: They are unused. I swear
  13. Just tap and hold the text. (highlight blank area to see ) You will get a menu. Tap on Select all text. That's all there is to it..
  14. Congratulations on the FTF. Relax a bit. Printed comments often get misinterpreted. HE/She may have just wanted to pass on congrats to all with one posting. Enjoy the game. It is just a game. Happy caching Shoknaw
  15. Here is a picture of what the wife and I make from some beads and safety pins. We leave them in most of our finds. I suppose it would be my sig item.
  16. Paypaled the dough. Thanks for all your work Shoknaw
  17. My wife says about 16 (mentally) Physically 55.4
  18. Put me in for 5 coins. If you make them out of solid Gold I'd go for 10. Shoknaw
  19. I'm glad I pay for this service. How else would I be able to listen to a freeloader whine.
  20. This Thursday would be good. Next two Thursday's out of town Thursdays for the next ten years OK Sure would be great to get together. Shoknaw
  21. Go to your county assessor or auditor's web site and get the names of the owners of the potential offender. Have people call the firm asking to speak to each so and so. When you find which one it is you put a lean on her property for the value of the lost caches. She won't even know until she tries to sell her home and finds she can't. You could also make a puzzle cache out of it by making people go to the web site and find out how much she paid for the place or how much she pays in property tax. Happy caching
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