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  1. This might help. http://geology.com/state-high-points.shtml
  2. Just finished reporting 15 benchmarks and had no errors, it seems to be working fine.
  3. Aren't you supposed to extract the Zip file and get a .dat file; then open the dat file with bmgpx Then you get a gpx file that you can drag and drop into GSAK This is what works for me. Nothing happens by dragging and dropping into bmgpx.
  4. Intermountain, The Idaho surveyors have been lacking in participation, I know that they have set various monuments around the state, but even the NGS state advisor has not been able to get their locations to me. The groups have not gotten their bluebook information to him and so he has not been able to locate them. I have been in touch with him to find these disks so that I could stop and see them while I am in Idaho on business. I have had no luck finding any information and any disks. Sorry, CallawayMT You can find some information about the Idaho sites on this web site. http://www.dcouch.com/links2new.htm
  5. Hi Paul, Thanks for the info, been out in the back yard and along the driveway getting lots of pings and beeps. Looks like a lot of loose change buried over the years. Can't wait to get out on the Benchmark trail soon.
  6. After reading this thread and locating several benchmarks lately I stopped by the local Radio Shack to see if they still have the Bounty's on sale. Was surprised to that they had all 3 models still on the floor, so I grabbed the 3300 for the sale price of $111, great buy! Still have a question about headphones, if anyone can suggest what type and where to buy, I would sure appreciate it.
  7. Whew! That was fast ! Got mine today, and they are gorgeous!
  8. Also sent an e-mail to Ladycacher requesting that she keep the money and not refund. She has greatly contributed to the Geocaching community! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  9. Today: 2 GCC April 2 GeoFaex Bronze 2 Canada First Geocache and yesterday: 2 Rhode Island 1 Georgia Micro Copper 1 Georgia Micro Silver Woo-Hoo
  10. 1 Gold Kinzua Geocoin 1 Silver Kinzua Geocoin 1 Copper Kinzua Geocoin and yesterday 1 Nebraskache from a trade thanks to all
  11. Great week! 1 Gold CZ 1 Silver CZ 1 JoeMerchant 1 Native American 2 MOGA 1 GBA Spring 10 California Micros 1 Texas Challenge 1 Cache Run Nickel 1 Cache Gold
  12. Order placed for 2 of each edition. I vote for Gold on the LE
  13. I would like to be added for one gold and one nickel. Thanks
  14. updated just in case there are more of you longing for my excess coins! email sent my list on sig line
  15. Request sent, great looking coin!
  16. Missed out on the Lighthouse V3(fumble finger syndrome) and would like to trade for one. I have Lighthouse V2 bronze to offer for trade or many other coins. Trade list in my sig.
  17. One missing Oklahoma coin that had slipped out of the mailer. Got the mailer on monday with a large enough tear in the end to allow one coin to slip out. After showing the ripped package and a coin to the mail guy on Tuesday, he remembered seeing the loose coin in a bin. He was kind enough to place it in an envelope and send it in today's mail. My lucky day
  18. I got this information from another Calgary Cacher. Don't know if this will help settle the issue or muddy it. #1 - 50 Copper #51-1100 Bronze #1101-1125 Antiqued Gold #1126-1350 (I think its 1350) Antiqued Silver
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