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  1. Here is a great article with photos: http://www.todayscacher.com/2004/nov/olla2.asp If a Travel bug and dog tag won't fit and logbook (not log sheet), it's a micro..and repeat after me: "Altiods containers are micros!"
  2. I too would use an "Ignore all caches by XXX cacher". Here are several caches in my area who's caching style is 180 degrees from how I play this game. These cachers are prolific hiders with 100's (hundreds and hundreds) of caches placed. Yes, I can filter them out via GSAK, but that doesn't hide the caches from the Groundspeak maps when I do a quick search like an ignored cache is hidden on the maps. Yes, I can try to ignore the caches one at a time, but I find myself ignoring dozens of caches a week (plus the hundreds and hundreds they placed before I hit my "can't-stand-their-style limit.
  3. from your profile where it shows the logs click on "geocaches" Those links are nothing more than lists of your log types. If you want to see the caches you logged a DNF on, then click on that list. If you want to see the caches you found, then click on the "found it" list. Seems easy.
  4. I am confused. I looked over the page you posted the link for and nowhere in it do I see anything about an appeal process. What am I missing? 9: A reviewer or site administrator must intervene on your behalf if you absolutely have to restore a log which has been deleted in error.
  5. Ed & Julie


    It would be easier of you gave an example of the log...if we saw how it was used, we could get the context. Ed
  6. I don't want to change the setting (datum) on my GPSr...I just need to know how to translate the given coordinates to the standard used for geocaching on this site so I can enter the coordinates into my GPSr
  7. I need some assistance. I have a set of coordinates I was given: +39° 46' 35.76", -121° 44' 29.93" How do I translate that into something my GPS understands: (xx.xx.xxx, xxx.xx.xxx) Thanks!!
  8. Maybe nosey, maybe concerned. What time of night was it? 300 feet from their property isn't all that far away. 9:30 is late where I am from. Strangers out and about near my property (if I was a non-cacher) would absolutely warrant a call to the police. Look at if from their non-caching view, not from your cachecentric view. Ed
  9. I made a PQ today, and tried to preview it, and it wouldn't load. Although I made the PQ at 9am or so this morning, the list states is was "Last Generated1/31/2010 12:00:00 AM"??? I never got the PQ, either...
  10. So...the OP's original question? Is this something that can be done?
  11. 3-5 minutes, then the NHF (not having fun) rule is called. I want to find caches, not waste time looking for "evil" caches for missing caches.
  12. 10/4/2009 by XXXX #1925. I came back to this after not finding it several months ago. I found the little Zip Lock with log and a [cacher] disc in it. I don't think that's where you hid it--did someone pilfer the container? I replaced where found, but suspect it's more visible than the owner intended. I didn't need to follow the hint because of where I found it. Hope you can check it really soon! Thanks, SL. 10/4/2009 by YYYY Beautiful Autumn day with car show to see too. Yeah, pretty terrible spot. 9/27/2009 by ZZZZ Hmmm....found plastic bag and log but no cache container....needs a bit of maintenance. Cacher XXXX and ZZZZ post "only found plastic bag" finds, and cacher YYYY between them posts full find. All FAIL!
  13. Can't find it, just replace it...oh yeah, the owner already replaced it 30 feet away...now there is two caches there
  14. Can't find it? Just toss a replacement. At least they admit they cheat. August 8 by XXXXX (548 found) took XXXX out on a nice day of caching found 40 caches 7 benchmarks wow what a day. well we found the spot were the cache was and just the hanging devices was there but when went to find the bench mark we also found somthing that with a little modification was able to make a replacement cache (i dont like to admit defeat) that should work for a little while. tftc
  15. I'm down to my last 3 active Tbs from the original 8 I bought years ago. The three in the wild are all from 2003, but I think they will soon go missing, judging form the logs (or lack of logs).
  16. Regular Traditional Mystery alone? Hiding or Finding = both Virtual or Webcam = both Letterbox or Wherigo =neither Favorite GPS = Garmin Social(event) or not? = not FTF'er or not? = not Podcast listener = yes (although not geocache podcasts In state Layed back? Rural?
  17. It's been my experience that very few cache owners ask permission. It's the Big Lie that cachers commit when they check the box stating they have "read and understand the guidelines for listing a cache" which state: The very very small percentage of cachers to take the time to read and post to the forums may take time to gain permission, but the vast majority of cache owners just click the box and hit the submit button, permission be damned.
  18. I love old cemeteries...the older the better. When I'm gone, I won't care who passes my grave, and for what reason...
  19. Cache owner placed a 3-stage multi with bad coordinates. Most are claiming finds for only getting to stage two
  20. I would like to see the .10 mile rule bumped up to .5 miles between caches. This would eliminate the need some cachers have to plant micro power trails involving every road sign and bridge rail in the county, and would cut down on the saturation we are experiencing.
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