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  1. We would like to be on the waitlist for two please. Thanks.
  2. Could we get on the waiting list for each if any are left over? Thanks.
  3. We would like to get two of each metal. Paypal works fine for us. Thanks.
  4. Just paypaled for two and added to the pending list on cointracking.com. Thanks.
  5. Once again I am very sad and as with the last machine I will be on call for this one too and cannot make it.
  6. Met you at the night cache QFC at the Gig Harbor Cache Machine. My son, also a cavalry scout is out now but my older brother is over in northern Iraq now. He is flying blackhawks now instead of the corbras he used to fly. He is from the AK national guard. Stay safe and if you get a lift from CW4 Hosack tell him hi from his next younger brother.
  7. I'm not fat, just too short for my weight . But I can still cache the legs off all my grandchildren then take them home to rest and go out and get 15 more myself .
  8. We would like to be put on the list for two coins and a poker chip. Just let us know where to paypal. Thanks.
  9. We would like to be put on the list for two coins please. Just let us know when and where to pay. Thanks.
  10. Thank you for the wonderful job and all the hard work in getting these coins out in such a timely manner. YOU ROCK! Got ours in the mail yesterday. They are wonderful. Zip code 97008. Thanks.
  11. Just to add to the mix it looks like July 23 is the only time this summer I could get off without making some kind of deal at work.
  12. I think this is what you are looking forThe pyramid of Menkaure, an exceptionally evil type of puzzle. I feel very guilty for giving this information but you are out of my area so it is alright.
  13. Perfect. I love it. Cut, print, stamp, order, deliver. Great work.
  14. I haven't seen any word on this yet so I guess I will be the first to say I saw travisl get his 1000th find, Pear-A-Dise at the end of the Wenatchee Cache Machine. It was witnessed by a group of us and it was a multi almost micro and we all made him do it all by his lonesome. I had done this the day before and taken nearly 45 minutes myself to find it and trav did it in about five minutes. CONGRATULATIONS TRAVIS. Also thanks for all the work on the machine and the great job of navigating us through it. Also thanks for the dinner. YOU ROCK.
  15. Just got in from a morning of caching here in beautiful Wenatchee. Could some of you still coming today stop and get me some sunscreen. It has been beautiful and sunny with a few clouds and when I came in a few minutes ago it was 59 degrees. Hope this last through tomorrow. No snow here.
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