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  1. Not sure... The Original Stash Tribute Plaque has 981 Favorites as of today with 5547 finds
  2. Not true! You can take your rebate in cash if you prefer
  3. Broke all three bones on my left arm at the elbow while on a geocaching hike with a group. I didn't finish the hike, and I was the organizer of the event But did find 10 more caches and resolved at least one DNF on the way back to town and the emergency room. I'll remember that weekend for a LONG time!
  4. I had a Pet Peeve once, but I didn't feed it and eventually it went away. I've found thats the best way to treat your Peeve's, Pet or otherwise.
  5. While it is true that an officer can handcuff you for "officer safety", he better have a really good reason for the stop in the first place. A "Terry Stop" requires a "Reasonable Suspicion that a crime it taking place". Absent that, you are free to go. Ask the question: Am I being detained? If the answer is no... walk away If the answer is YES... Ask what crime you are suspected of and then say NOTHING... In some states you may be required to provide ID. In most states you do not even need to identify yourself unless you are being arrested or cited. You may say... but I'm not doing anything wrong, I have nothing to hide. While that might be true, anything you say can be used against you, even if you don't think you are doing anything wrong. A lot of people end up talking themselves into jail. However realize that People have been known to end up in jail for what is known as "Contempt of Cop". If you're lucky the city could then be providing you the funds you need to buy you a new house... depending on how good your lawyer is. BTW.. the obligitory: IANAL
  6. I've done the road several years ago, although I did it from the opposite direction - coming UP, which in my opinion is much scarier Your Santa Fe should be just fine. I should add... One can still do China Wall without continuing on and going down the Ruby Grade. The road to China Wall from the south is (or at least was) real good! Edit: I just checked my log... I came up Ruby Grade to find China Wall in the summer of 2004... 7 years ago. How time flies when you're having fun!
  7. I'm seriously thinking about riding my Motorcycle over (55MPG) instead of my Truck (13 MPG). Other than the Ruby Grade, are there any other parts of the route that would not be appropriate for a Midsize Cruiser (VStar-650)?
  8. I've driven the Ruby Grade, and unless they have fixed it, it's not nearly as good as the video shows. It's about 3/4 of a lane all the way up with some narrower patches, and sharp blind corners that scared the heck out of me. The whole road NEVER has a place to pull off to let someone pass, so if one vehicle becomes disabled, or someone comes the other way your screwed. That said, I would probably drive it again, as I like that kind of thing, but I would NEVER attempt it in anything that did not have high-clearance and 4-wheel drive. The China Wall cache is worth it! However it's much easier to approach from the south. Edited to add, there are a number of places where it would be impossible to get out of the vehicle if you stopped as there would be a mountain on your left just inches from your door, and a 1000 foot drop on the right, also just inches away.
  9. I'm going to run out of room on my windsheld for all these permits... 1. Washington Fish and Game Conservation License ($10) 2. Northwest Forest Pass ($30) 3. State Parks / DNR Permit ($30)
  10. I do not beleive that is totally true While it is true no drivers are needed to acces the newer Garmins in "Mass Storage Mode", the drivers are necessary if you want the unit to transmit location data for to a computer for location tracking on a computer, ie Spanner Mode.
  11. When I hosted my CITO event quite some time ago, I called the county Parks Department and let them suggest a park. They were more than happy to oblige.
  12. I'm sure I'm not the first one to post this, but today I received a half dozen email's from people that sent me a message asking a question that needed a response. However NOT ONE OF THEM included their email address in their message. Sure I can spend the time to look up their profile and send them a new message that way.... but be considerate folks... it's much easier to just hit reply to send my response. I get several hundred emails a day... If I have to look up the address of everyone that I need to respond to.. well... forget it... I'm not gonna do it.
  13. While on a geocaching hike I broke my left arm in three places at the elbow... all three bones Found 10 more caches and resolved several DNF's on the way to the ER. One must have priorities!
  14. As a cacher that has spent time in the back seat of a Sheriff's car because I was searching for a cache near a no-tresspassing sign I can state that after that encounter I don't care if the owner had said he had permission to place the cache... I won't be looking for it. Fortunatly in my case the prosecutor declined prosecution. RCW 9A.52.080 Criminal trespass in the second degree. (1) A person is guilty of criminal trespass in the second degree if he knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in or upon premises of another under circumstances not constituting criminal trespass in the first degree. (2) Criminal trespass in the second degree is a misdemeanor. (punishable by up to $1000 in fines and 90 days in jail).
  15. I have not been successfull at finding a National Forest website with this information, however several newspapers are reporting as follows: Per the Wenatchee World: WENATCHEE — The US Forest Service is offering fee waivers to national forests this weekend. “The Forest Service is working to ensure as many visitors as possible have the opportunity to experience the great outdoors and take advantage of the many recreational activities national forests have to offer,” said Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. “By waiving fees, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonder and rejuvenation of recreation on national forests.” The Wenatchee World Per a San Diego Newspaper (San Diego News) Fee waivers for Saturday and Sunday apply at trail heads, parking areas, picnic spots and other places in the forests. Campground charges won't disappear. San Diego News
  16. All national forests, national parks, national wildlife refuges, and many areas managed by the Bureau of Land Management will offer free admission August 14-15, 2010. To locate a recreational area by state, activity, or agency, visit the link in the FAQ at USA.gov. Since the WSGA campout is fairly close to Mt Rainier NP I thought some of our members/campers would like to take advantage of this. I beleive (but have not confirmed) that this also means that the NW Forest Pass will not be required for parking at trailheads this weekend.
  17. Check out a local gun show! I've purchased several at our local montly show for about $6 each.
  18. Lucky for me, I live in a country where the mere possession of a bullet is not illegal. Illegal or not, the cop may not believe you that you are all inocent sneeking around and all when you are carrying ammo around. Not sure why! Perhaps the ammo is for the 9mm thats attached to my hip.... oh never mind... it was a .22 round. That being said... the ammo does not belong in a Geocache. It belongs in my Magazine!
  19. It's a little late now for the Event, but I have an Ape Cache sized ammo can. I do not know if the lid will fit, but if you want it it's yours. I have had plans for years to place it up on the Iron Goat trail as a tribute to the Ape Cache, but have never actually gotten around to it.
  20. Platinum Membership is so lame! It's for those that don't qualify for the real prize.... Plutonium Membership!
  21. Criminal Education Lives. It's no longer in Seattle, and it has a different name, but the cache container still lives in a more northern location. I'm not going to point to it, because it would give the cache away for those that did the original, but look for puzzle caches in Snohomish County.
  22. Pack heat! If they go for the FTF before you, take them out!
  23. Garmin does not own the maps. They pay a rather large license fee to Navtech for every map update that they send out. NavTECH tightened up their policy a while back and Garmin was forced to follow or be sued and possibly lose their supplier. It should be noted that Garmin tried to buy Navtech to get around this problem and was outbid by the folks at another company... I believe it was Nokia, but my memory may be failing me there. It was shortly after the NavTECH takeover that the licensing was tightened up
  24. I had a pet Peeve once, but I forgot to feed it for a long time and it died. Now I just admire other peoples Peeves.
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