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  1. The Manson GeoQuest is still going strong on the shores of Lake Chelan. Stamp your passport at all 8 caches, and you can receive a trackable Cachekinz tag. Plenty of tags left, and no end date for this adventure. Road trip! - Bookmark list of caches: geocaching.com/plan/lists/BM9HK2N - Download the passport: moretomanson.com/geoquest
  2. After a year of restricted activity, who's up for a road trip? The Manson GeoQuest kicks off Friday, May 28, on the shores of Lake Chelan. Stamp your passport at all 8 caches, and you can receive a trackable Cachekinz tag. The GeoQuest will run through 2022, so no worries if you can't make it over this holiday weekend. - Bookmark list of caches: geocaching.com/plan/lists/BM9HK2N - Download the passport: moretomanson.com/geoquest
  3. Yay! A long-time wish granted for this iPhone user. I've had so many cartridges crash and be unplayable over the past few years....one Wherigo in Utah even says on its cache page "not playable under iOS." Android users had 3P apps, but this is our only option on iOS. Love the new map/list interface, and hope issues with crashing within cartridges (due to some features being incompatible with current iOS) are fixed. But please, please add an option to hide completed Wherigos from the long scrolly list. Thanks!
  4. ...and follow that with GCD, the APE cache, and others at the top of the local favorites list. There are some great ones!
  5. If they don't fix the Wherigo app on iOS, they should retire the Wherigo cache type, since many cartridges are unplayable on iOS Wherigo app. There are numerous challenges, etc., involving Wherigos, and iPhone users are handicapped in completing them due to the many cartridges that don't work.
  6. Very cool, thanks for the personal color about the area! Always glad to have a local to help with these road shows. Yes, I think I parked near where that GR cache was last time I was there, then walked in to the farm / museum area.
  7. This is another cool spot, but concur: answers are inside the museum; cache is outside. Parking fee required on-site, and may be closed at the time we roll through. (I found free off-site parking.) Other nearby caches may have the same restriction.
  8. Caches with potential issues: 013 - HBC06 Mountain View Grange 2 DNFs; hasn't been found since August. 015 - Squishy Cache 2-3 DNFs this month; may be missing. 073 - Cacheholics Anonymous Step 7 - Humbly Ask For Help It's a micro buried in thorns (up to the chest, last DNF says); hasn't been found since February 2019. And these are noted as tricky, with various DNFs, but are there: 035 - Down by the Riverside Difficult (4 stars), but apparently there. 050 - Irvinville Whistle Stop Tricky; wasps in warm weather. 051 - Daisy's Dilemma Tricky; feel around.
  9. Rocky Road is an outstanding virtual, at a unique structure full of unusual collections, built and curated by the father of the two elderly (80s) sisters, Penny and Nancy, who now run it and give tours. This cache is listed late in the route, at 4:54 pm, and not sure the museum will still be open (certainly not after 5:00). And you do have to go inside, as that's where the item is, and you usually need to ask them to get the answer (unless you want to spend time wandering to figure it out) . We should probably contact them beforehand to confirm the open hours that day and warn them of extra visitors, ones who may prefer to cache-n-dash. In fact, I will do that and report back. Penny & Nancy Mackey Living Rock Studios, www.livingrockstudios.org I loved this cache, and got the full tour from Penny and Nancy. Here's my log from 2018: "Fantabulous! This has been on my list for a while, but never in the area at the right times. Sisters Penny and Nancy are a hoot, and Nancy gave me the tour of Living Rock Studios. Their father was clearly an eccentric, but with amazing vision. Everywhere you look, some fascinating element - geology, history, artwork, textiles, wow! Sad that they don't have anyone who will carry on when they are gone." It's really worth spending some time if you can - Travis, I think you'd love it!
  10. Dunno if this is helpful, but since you mentioned Google Maps...if you select a point in Google Maps, and then right-click, you get a popup menu. Select "What's Here?" and you'll get a popup box with coords. If you want geocaching-style coords, you'll need to convert them, tho. But I find this very helpful when I need WPs for an outing. (Caveat: This is in Safari on a Mac. YMMV.)
  11. Notice how the map and features are the same size in both images? Right, same zoom level. I have to zoom waaay in on the List version of the map to get icons (the usual 1 mi level), whereas the icons show at any zoom level on the PQ map.
  12. Another bug: When you click the map icon for a bookmark list, the resulting map doesn't always show all the caches in the list. Argh. If you view a pocket query map of the same list, all the caches do appear AND they have more helpful icons. Compare screenshots: List map and PQ map for the same bookmark list. Another map bug I've discovered, altho not list-related: If I go to the map view from an individual cache page, sometimes that cache doesn't appear on the map! I have to switch to Browse caches to see it. Srsly.
  13. When I edit a <previously edited> cache name or description in a list, the original revisions often disappear in the edit box. The edits to the title are always gone, and the description sometimes is, sometimes isn't. See screenshot. Previous list setup retained edits; you could edit over and over. New iteration is super frustrating, as I want to keep what I'd already added, just enhance it with more info (or whatever). Argh!! Is this a bug or what? Please, please make edits to list items sticky! [If it matters, I'm using Safari 13 on an iMac.]
  14. This sounds great! One key question about the new List Details view: Will you still be able to add a personal description for each list item? I use this notes feature a lot in my lists; very important. I don't see that mentioned in the writeup, just the ability to edit cache names and add an overall list description. Agree with Diamond Head that I'd love the ability to combine lists in a future release.
  15. Caches of concern: 001 - Todd The Turtle - cache is missing and disabled by CO. 027 - Holey Rock - per recent log, cache was destroyed in fire last year and hasn't been replaced. 060 - "Sing Like There's Nobody Listening" - one DNF, but it's an easy find and hasn't been logged in almost a year. 091 - Chelan River Trail-Where Glaciers Clashed - one recent (duplicated) DNF, warning of wasps under bench. Cache probably still there.
  16. Yeah, Steamboat Rock is a great place to visit, but not sure it's Cache Machine material. It's a scrambly steep climb up, and as Craig said, the round trip with caches will take 2-3 hours for most folks. (Been there, done that, twice.)
  17. Potential problem caches: 018 - Dipper Crazy #3 - 4 posted DNFs since June 2016, with 1 questionable find in Aug 2017. Before that, last find was May 2016. DNfs indicate that if it's there, it's buried in a massive blackberry thicket. 019 - Sky River Sasquatch 3 DNFs; appears to be missing. Last find Oct. 2018. 029 - His Cache Hasn't been found since May 2014; DNF in April 2016 questioned if it was still there. 044 - Up there Somewhere DNF (1/19) says recent tree fall may have buried cache; hasn't been found since Sept 2017. 045 - Sterling Apparently there, but buried deep in a thicket (Scotch broom, blackberries?). 085 - Hoot!! Recent NM note says "Yellow ‘Caution’ tape strung across stepping off point to bushwhacking section; unclear whether placed by park owner or others." 089 - This Is Progress Four recent DNFs, but in between there's a log from April that says they replaced the log. 1.5D...may be there, or not.
  18. Checking potential cache issues on final draft: New: 076 - 4 Corners- Old School - 2 DNFs; not found in over 2 years but owner indicates it's probably there, just hard (D1, tho). 087 - Picking up Cans. - 4 DNFs, hasn't been found in over 4 years (Dec. 2014). Pretty sure it's not there. Old: 006 - Bridge Over The River Umatilla - Last 2 DNF. Last find 10/18. 013 - Rieth overlook - Last 3 DNF, last find 2/17. Confirmed still there on 3/16.
  19. Well, hey, Jester did part of my job for me. To add and reiterate on possible cache issues: 006 - Bridge Over The River Umatilla - Last 2 DNF. Last find 10/18. 013 - Rieth overlook - Last 3 DNF, last find 2/17. Owner verified it was there 6/18; two more DNFs since. It's D4, so probably just very difficult. 039 - Abby's Hide - Last 2 DNF; hasn't been found since 10/15; probably gone. (My 10k find in 3/14 after the Hermiston CM, and not that hard.) 053 - My My Myrick - Appears to be missing. Last 2 DNF and a NM note. Last found 7/15. CO hasn't been active in 8 years. 055 - Midway to Finnish - Last 4 DNF; all finds before that, last one 2/18. 090 - Picking up Cans. - Last 4 DNF (over a four year period). All finds before that, last one 12/14.
  20. On the final route: 032 - --VERTIGO-- - 3 DNFs plus a note that the cache is likely missing. Most recent DNF is Dec. 24 from Ms. Marvelous. Hasn't been found since Sept 2017. 052 - Seahawk Home SB - several DNFs interspersed with questionable Find logs. Hard to tell if it's there or not. 053 - The Swamp - several DNfs with one spurious find by a teenage n00b. Last confirmed find was Sept 2017.
  21. Scanning through the list (thanks, Jim), I flagged the following: 003 - Addiction Cache #21: Gentle Dove - 1 recent DNF, Sproutter reporting one of those painted rocks possibly replacing the cache. 022 - A river runs through it - looks like this requires water shoes and wading, and it will be really cold Dec. 29. 027 - Skokomish View - 2 recent DNFs. 029 - --VERTIGO-- - 2 recent DNFs plus a note that the cache is likely missing. 045 - Thanks Guys! - archived (as Jim noted). 056 - WSHS 125 - Squaxin Island - 1 recent DNF 057 - Nordquist Quest - 1 recent DNF
  22. The Wherigo app seems to be having issues with iOS 12. While many cartridges still work fine, some are now broken. The issue appears related to specific commands in certain cartridges. Does Groundspeak plan to update the aged Wherigo v341 app? If not, is there another Wherigo app for iPhone that does work consistently? (Android users report the cartridges work fine in their apps.) Plenty of Wherigos are still being placed; in fact, there's been an uptick in new ones and player interest in the past year or so. Disappointed if Groundspeak is no longer supporting a geocache type it created, and that players are still enjoying.
  23. Welcome, Ron! I live in Washington, but still want to welcome you to the Northwest. I've been caching so long I remember when this forum was bustling, but now it's crickets chirping most of the time, as folks hang out in Facebook groups. You can find your local events by searching for them in Montana. Happy caching!
  24. I had the same question as the OP, and this thread gave me the answer, shown above. Swipe left on a cartridge name and you'll get a red Delete button. Thanks for the tip!
  25. A bit late, but here are the potential problem caches. I posted a note on all five pages indicating the CM hoped to find the caches this Saturday. GC2HQDH 003 - Color Crayon Cache-Orange Last 2 DNFs. Last find in April. GC1CN9R 067 - On the Flowery Trail Last 3 DNFs. Last find in May. GC7P1J2 078 - Quartzite Ballers T-Ball League Last 2 DNFs. Owner said 9/15 that it may be missing. Will it be replaced in time? GC3YR6C 091 - In Honor Of Robot Monkey Boy DNF in July, but probably still there. GC75PTE 097 - Gnarly Last 4 DNFs. CO replaced it a year ago, but no finds since. CO says it's still there, but who knows.
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