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A new coin contest for the new year


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I have a coin contest, that I've wanted to try for sometime now...

Richard (GBOTS) drives a 1984 Chevrolet S10 pickup truck.

Red and gray in color....


The contest is to guess how many *actual* miles it has on it's odometer (by actual miles, I mean total miles on the original engine, engine has never been replaced) :)

One guess per day. please <_<

Closest guess to actual miles wins after the contest closes on December 31st. (unless someone gets it correct before then, by correct I mean the exact miles :rolleyes: )

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My 1995 F150 has almost 200K on it, so I will guess




Don't think it really has this many, but you never know. My truck actually has run about 50K more miles than this. The guy I bought it from told me the odometer was broken for almost 2 years or so. Go figure.


Do you think if we drove these old vehicles backwards that the :) mileage would go down and they would last longer? :rolleyes:

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