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  1. Email sent. I hope to get more people, it's really fun and it only costs a geocoin to play. A few years ago I was kind of losing interest in Nascar and not even paying attention to where that weeks race was being run. But with the Fantasy League, you make driver picks every week who you think may do well. Not necessarily who you want to win, but who you think will win. It could depend on the track configuration, how a driver did last year, there are even "expert pics" that may help. There's no sure fire way to know who will do well. I was pretty lucky last year, but the name of my team is "Kiss of Death" because there for a while, whenever I picked a driver it was like he was cursed! The nice thing about it, anyone can get lucky and pick a winner. The secret is to be consistent and strategy does play a part. So join us for the fun of it, there's been some great racing (between teams) the last couple of seasons.
  2. Just wondering if we're going to play this year. Daytona is coming up fast!
  3. Wow, I got lucky again this year! With so much of the winners circle made up of the "Big Three" this year, when it came right down to the playoffs I was afraid I had used up most of my winner pics. Luckily, I squeezed through. Thanks for the fun and the beautiful coins Hope to see you all back next year with even more teams. Special thank you to Mauison for managing the league The Teams: Kiss of death Maui Moto Hot Wheels Mattycakes RayCerex RexxRacer Join the League next year to get in on the fun, everyone is welcome and it only costs a geocoin to play! Here are the beautiful coins I won this year:
  4. SWEET! I'm in - thank you! Looking forward to another great year of racing!
  5. I'd like to play again this year if we get some interest. I didn't know there was no more Yahoo.
  6. I had a nice surprise in my mail box yesterday. A pouch full of geocoins from the fantasy Nascar cointest! Thank you everyone who participated, there were some beauties indeed. Thanks for keeping the cointest going Mauison, hope to see you all next year. Merry Christmas!
  7. Congrats to Martin Truex! Close races all year and not too many new rules. The Geocoiner's Fantasy League was close too. I was sure Kensay was gonna catch me on the last race. I checked after it was over, he and I had the exact same roster as I did for the final, what's the odds of that? I tried to login to the Yahoo league 4662 today and it says I'm not a member. I guess when it's over...it's over, just like 2017 Nascar. It's been fun, hope to get in on it again next year! Kiss of Death
  8. Still haven't sent in my coin, be glad to If I knew where.
  9. I need a reminder about the shipping address so I can get my coin sent sent out to you.
  10. Welcome JGR20Fan! Still room for more, get signed up and make your picks for Daytona!
  11. I'm in. That makes six of us. Come on and join the fun! It only takes a geocoin to play. Daytona here we come!
  12. Should we start a new thread for Fantasy Nascar Geocoin Cointest 2017? Maybe we could get more involvement by stirring it up a bit, don't you think? Spread the word!
  13. I received a nice heavy mailer today full of shiney geocoins. Thank you everyone for your beautiful coins! The personal coins and pathtags were a nice touch as well. I also got a neat trackable racer tag from Slowdownracer which I think is a pretty cool prize for a race cointest. I was getting pretty burnt out with Nascar in general until we started the Cointest 3 years ago. Selecting drivers for my roster each week caused renewed interest in the sport even if at times it seemed I couldn't catch a break. That's why I changed my name to "Kiss of Death" this year. It seemed last year if I picked a driver, he was doomed for a tough race. Thanks again Maui Motos for keeping the Fantasy Nascar Cointest going. I hope we can get enough interest stirred up to do it again next year. See ya next season! PaRacers
  14. Thanks kini ont, Kensay was right in there too, and we both had Kyle Bush this week. So when Edwards crashed out at the end, I thought my goose was cooked! Hope we can generate more interest for next year!
  15. I did! Thank you for the very cool racer trackable! Sorry for the late reply - I have not visited these forums in some time. Congrats on the segment 2 win Maui Motos, it's been an exciting season and now we're really getting down to it! I just hope the all the rules don't take away from the action. I like "Let's go racin' boys"!
  16. Is there a density guideline for more than one EarthCache in the same spot? I would think there was unless the other EarthCache could bring up some other aspect of the geology in that spot? I posed this question to my area Geoaware reviewer but have had no response.
  17. I just created a league if anyone wants to join. Group ID #11177 Password: geocoin How about the usual one unactivated geocoin buy-in. Lucky Dog drops worst week per segment. Please message me where to send my coin. Boy, it's been some real nail biters so far this year, huh? Good Racing!
  18. Congrats to Kensay and Hotwheels! You guys are tough to beat. I'm my own worse enemy when it comes to this Fantasy Nascar. I swear if we do it again next year, (hope so)My team is gonna be called "Kiss of Death"! Thanks for the fun!
  19. Last season it seemed that I put the kiss of death to any driver I picked! Truth is this cointest is what keeps me watching NASCAR! Please count me in again this year.
  20. Congratulations to Hot Wheels. See ya next year!
  21. NASCAR: "We're getting an awful lot of tire failures" GOODYEAR: "No, it's not the tires, just a few of the teams are wearing them out." s***ferbrains!
  22. I got 'scorched' mail (with remnants of charred denim)! I guess that's a good thing! Good luck everyone, "Let's go racin' boys!"
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